How to Make Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

Bows are some of the most reliable and useful weapons in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (TotK). They’re perfect for picking off enemies from afar or dealing with flying creatures. Unfortunately, bows are useless without arrows, so you’ll need to maintain a healthy supply of ammunition over the course of your adventure.

How to Make Arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

This guide will look at how to make and find arrows in TotK.

How to Make Arrows in TotK

Here’s the bad news: you can’t simply make or craft arrows in TotK. Even though the game has a pretty in-depth crafting system for making meals and potions, it doesn’t allow you to create arrows. Instead, you’ll have to find arrows in the world.

Fortunately, there are lots of arrows out there to be found and numerous ways to collect them:

Defeating Enemies

Many enemies you encounter in Hyrule use bows and arrows in combat, like Bokoblin Archers. When you defeat those enemies, there’s a chance that they’ll drop some arrows for you to collect. This won’t work with every enemy, but it’s always a good idea to see what the bad guys leave behind after beating them.

Picking up Stray Arrows

Even if you’re an excellent shot, you might miss the target from time to time with your arrows. And, unlike in other games where missed shots might simply disappear, those arrows stick around for a while in TotK. So, at the end of each battle, walk around and pick up any arrows lying on the ground before you move on.

Chests and Containers

You’ll find all sorts of containers around Hyrule, many of which contain arrows, among other items. It’s worth smashing every crate and barrel you see in camps and other areas. Also, don’t forget that those crates respawn after each Blood Moon, so you can revisit camps and find even more arrows each time.


If you can’t find enough arrows out in the wild, you can always buy them from vendors and merchants. Most of the merchants in the game will sell arrows, including the traveling merchants you meet while adventuring from place to place. However, this isn’t the best method, as arrows are pretty pricey, and you can find tons for free just by scavenging.

Farming From Archers

You can also use a farming trick for an almost infinite supply of arrows. To do this trick, find a group of enemies with at least one archer. Kill the others and leave the archer(s) alive. They’ll keep firing arrows at you, and as long as you’re able to dodge each one, you can simply pick them up from the ground. It takes time, but it’s a very reliable method.

How to Fuse Special Arrows in TotK

TotK may not allow you to make your own arrows, but it does allow you to modify and enhance them in a variety of fun ways. Through the game’s new Fuse system, it’s possible to combine ingredients and monster parts with your arrows, giving them new effects and appearances.

Before being able to fuse anything to your arrows, you’ll need to access the Fuse ability. This is obtained in the In-isa Shrine during the tutorial stage of the game.

Once you’ve got the Fuse ability:

  1. Equip your bow and hold the “ZR” button to draw an arrow.
  2. Press and hold “Up” on the D-pad to reveal a menu of materials you can Fuse with your arrows.
  3. Use the right stick to navigate the list and select a material, letting go of the “Up” arrow to confirm your choice.

Whichever material you selected will be combined with your arrow, ready to fire.

Examples of Special Arrows to Fuse in TotK

Once you start playing around with the Fuse ability, you’ll see that there are countless different materials you can attach to your arrows. This leads to all sorts of interesting effects, from standard flame and shock arrows to ones that can confuse your enemies and even make them attack each other.

Here are just some examples of the best special arrows to Fuse in TotK:

  • Homing Arrows: You can create homing arrows by combining one with a monster eyeball, like a Keese Eyeball. These arrows can lock on to enemies, bending and curving in the air to make sure they hit the target.
  • Freezing Arrows: Fuse your arrows with icy materials like White Chuchu Jelly to give them freezing powers. When you fire this kind of arrow at an enemy, it’ll freeze them solid, giving you an opportunity to heal up or get some free hits.
  • Shock Arrows: Try combining your arrows with electrified ingredients, like Yellow Chuchu Jelly or an Electric Keese Wing, to make shock arrows. They’ll jolt and zap your enemies and are even more effective when used in the rain.
  • Flame Arrows: Flame or fire arrows can be made using fiery ingredients, like Fire Fruit. These arrows will set enemies alight. Plus, if you aim well, that fire will spread to other enemies in the area, dealing tons of damage with only one shot.
  • Flashbang Arrows: You can make your own flashbang arrows in TotK by using Dazzle Fruit. Upon impact, these arrows create a blinding flash of light, dazing any enemies and giving you a chance to plan your next move.
  • Light Arrows: If you want to survive the dark of The Depths in TotK, you’ll need a good stock of these arrows. Make them with the aid of Brightbloom Seeds. They’ll make a big dome of light, letting you see clearly in dark spaces.
  • Long-Distance Arrows: If you want to make your arrows fly further and hit things that are far away, attach enemy wings, like Keese Wings, to them. The wings will help your arrows travel longer distances, helping you hit long-range shots.
  • Bomb Arrows: Bomb arrows are some of the most devastating of all, capable of wiping out whole clusters of enemies in no time. To make them, combine arrows with Bomb Flowers and then watch the sparks fly.
  • Muddle Arrows: If you want to cause chaos in the enemy ranks, try fixing a Muddle Bud to your next arrow. Fire it into a group of foes and watch as they suddenly turn against each other, letting you sit back and relax as the enemies take themselves out.


What’s the best way of getting max arrows?

It takes a lot of time, but the most reliable method to get maximum arrows is the farming method. Find an archer and let them shoot at you for a while. Dodge as many arrows as you can and pick them up to fill your inventory.

Do arrows have any other uses?

Arrows aren’t only good for killing enemies. They’re also useful for navigation in the world of Hyrule and for completing puzzles. You can use illuminating arrows to light up the dark in The Depths and other arrow types to complete Shrine puzzles.

Which enemies drop the most arrows?

Lots of enemies are capable of randomly dropping arrows in TotK, but you’ll have the best chance of looting arrows from archers.

Fire Away With Endless Arrows

By searching every container you find, looting enemies, and scanning the battlefield for leftover arrows, you shouldn’t worry about running out of archery ammunition. Keep these methods in mind to stay stocked up during your adventure, and experiment with fusion arrows to do even more damage.

How have you found the archery in TotK? Have you discovered any awesome arrow combinations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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