How To Get More Followers And Fans on TikTok

If you’ve already got TikTok on your phone, you know how addicting this hot new app can be. You could be scrolling through hilarious couple-second long clips for hours on end. It’s endless entertainment and there is some real talent on TikTok!

However, what if you wanted to be one of the next TikTok users to go viral with a great clip? Or maybe you’ve already created some hilarious clips, only for them to gain no traction. How do you get your videos in front of more eyes? Obviously, you will need to increase your TikTok follower and fan count to make this happen.

That’s easier said than done, of course. There are lots of services that can bring you a bunch of fake followers and fans, but those will get you nowhere, and could potentially even get your TikTok account banned. Like earning followers on any social media platform, acquiring them takes a lot of hard work and persistence, and perseverance over time.

As a TikTok user, it’s unlikely you’ll gain a large, vibrant following overnight. Getting a fan base will most likely take some time and hard work.

However, there are ways to get followers and fans faster. Here are a few tips to start getting people to follow you and then you’ll start building momentum toward having a large base of followers and fans.

Fill Out Your TikTok Profile Completely

There are a lot of TikTok users that are trying to create viral content, but they don’t have their profile filled out or they only have it partially completed. You just aren’t going to attract a lot of followers to your TikTok feed if you don’t have an attractive profile — one that isn’t filled out often looks uninteresting, almost like a bot, and will tend to not want to follow.

The first thing you should do is spend some time and energy on completing your profile, making your profile as good as you can make it. Build it paying attention to the quality and caliber of content and they will come.

By filling out your profile, you’ll be able to get people visiting your profile for the first time to press that “follow” button. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure you have a good profile photo in place as well as a custom username to make your profile more appealing to potential followers!

Use Hashtags in Your TikTok Content

You’ll want to make sure that you’re using hot and trending hashtags when you’re creating content for TikTok. If you use hashtags that people aren’t interested in, you’re not going to get a whole lot of views on your video, and even fewer potential followers.

Use trending hashtags (i.e., hashtags going up in popularity), and you’ll get your video in front of a whole lot more eyes. Learn to monitor what hashtags are trending at any given time.

Create Original Content

One of TikTok’s biggest problems right now is that there’s a large population of users that are simply creating lip-sync videos or are copying other users’ content, but with their own twist. This might be a neat way to get a couple of likes, but it’s not going to get you followers and fans in a hurry, that’s for certain.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re creating original, unique content that people haven’t seen before. Paired with using relevant and trending hashtags, this has the potential to “wow” your viewers and subscribe for more content later.

You don’t always have to have something completely unique on TikTok — a lip-sync video or a spin-off of another trending video can work just fine, but make sure that you’re re-using that premise with content that can surprise and impress your viewers. Generating new content is your chance to be creative and have some fun.

Stay active on TikTok

One of the best ways to gain followers on TikTok is consistency and persistence. Your new followers want to see new content from you on a regular basis — that’s why they subscribed. To gain quick followers, it’s usually good to post a new video at least once a day; however, you don’t want to sacrifice your quality for quantity either. If once a day is too much, make it a set schedule, like every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, or Tuesday/Thursday. That way you can form a regular fan base that continually checks in on your content.

If you can only post three, unique and high-quality videos a week, that’s fine! Those three will get more likes and net more followers than five to seven low production videos. The key is to post high-quality content on a regular basis not just occasionally.

Engage With Your TikTok Followers

Like you’ve been told on every social platform, one of the most important things to do when gaining followers and subscribers is to make sure that you regularly engage with them.

Followers love being able to talk and speak with their favorite content producers, especially when you take suggestions or ideas from them. It makes you more personable, approachable, and a more attractive TikTok user for people to follow. That being said, make sure you stick to your “brand” when speaking with them, and remember, anything said online WILL NEVER GO AWAY.

Collaborate with others

Collaborating or doing duets with other TikTok users can be an excellent way to get your page in front of more people. It’s always a good idea to start out by dueting with others in your follower range (e.g., you have 100 followers, and the user you duet with has a similar amount of followers), but as you get better, you can duet with some of the TikTok power users and get your content in front of even more eyes, even their own follower base!

The ideal situation is to duet with users that can help you, while at the same time you help them. Reciprocity is a powerful force on social media as it is in real life.

Take advantage of your social platforms

If you already have a decent amount of followers on other social platforms like Twitter and Instagram, share your TikTik content to those profiles as well.

It’ll get your videos in front of more eyes, and might even encourage people who are following you on other platforms to follow you on TikTok as well. Fans might even share your TikTok content, and make it go viral on another platform!

Take part in challenges

Going along with using trending hashtags, easily the best way that you can gain followers on TikTok is by doing your own challenge videos. For example, there have been popular challenges like the #InMyFeelingsChallenge — the craze based on Drake’s hit song— as well as the #unmakeupchallenge, which is about taking off makeup. These are great opportunities to create unique content that everyone is looking at, and might even have followers coming back for more after hitting subscribe!

The “For You” Page

The “For You” page on TikTok is the main page where TikTok users go to discover content. This is a constant stream of videos that TikTok has chosen to highlight for a number of reasons. We don’t know the factors that TikTok uses to highlight videos, but eventually, by posting great, regular, and high-quality content, you could eventually end up on the For You page to get your content in front of more eyes, and naturally, more followers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a surefire or magic solution to getting on the highlights page.

Some final words about getting more TikTok followers and fans

Gaining tons of followers on TikTok just doesn’t happen overnight, unfortunately. As with any social media platform, it takes a lot of work, a lot of quality content, and sometimes even a lucky break! However, by staying consistent and posting great, quality content on a regular basis, you’ll start upping your follower count slowly but surely.

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