How To See your Watch History in TikTok

TikTok users know the pain of watching an exciting video on TikTok, accidentally pressing the wrong button, and losing the video. In those situations, you’re probably wondering how to see your watch history and return to your video. Fortunately, we have a solution!

How To See your Watch History in TikTok

In this article, we’ll discuss the possible ways to view your video history. We’ll also introduce you to what you can do to always have your favorite videos available.

How to See Your Watch History in TikTok on the iPhone App

Unlike other social apps, TikTok doesn’t have a “Watch History” button. However, there is a way to access your history: you can request your data file from TikTok. This file contains information related to your TikTok account, such as your bio, comment history, followers list, login history, likes list, settings, etc. It also contains a list of videos you’ve watched, i.e., the “Video Browsing History” list.

Here’s how to request your data file:

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the three lines at the top-right corner and tap Privacy.
  3. Tap Personalization and data.
  4. Tap Download your data.
  5. Tap Request data file.
  6. You’ll get a confirmation that the file has been requested and you’ll land on the Download data tab. Here, you can see the status of your request. For now, it says “Pending,” which means TikTok is processing your request. It usually takes about 24 hours to get the approval.
  7. When the file is ready, the status of your request will say “Download” instead of “Pending.”

Now that your file is ready, follow these steps to download it:

  1. Tap the “Download” button. You’ll be redirected to your browser, where you’ll have to log in to your TikTok account. You might be asked to verify it.
  2. After TikTok has verified your account, you’ll see a pop-up message asking you if you wanted to download the file. Tap “Download.”
  3. The file will be downloaded to your “Files” app as a zip file. If you can’t open it with your iPhone, you can transfer it to your computer and open it there.
  4. Once you open the zip file, you’ll see several .txt files. Look for the one named “Video Browsing History.” When you open the file, you’ll see all the videos you’ve watched on your profile. The list contains the date, time, and a link to the video. If you want to watch a specific video, copy the link and paste it into your browser.

Tip: Keep in mind that when your file is ready for download, it will be available for up to four days. After that, the file disappears, and you’ll have to send another request.

How to See Your Watch History in TikTok on the Android App

The TikTok Android and iPhone apps are very much alike. TikTok doesn’t have a “Watch History” button, unlike many other apps. If you want to access watched videos through your profile, you’ll have to request a data file from TikTok. This data contains all the information related to your profile, including a list of all videos you’ve watched. This process can take up to 24 hours.

Here’s how to download the file and see your history:

  1. Open the TikTok app and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the three lines at the top-right corner and then tap Settings & Privacy.
  3. Next, tap Privacy.
  4. Tap Personalization and data.
  5. Tap Download your data.
  6. Tap Request data file.
  7. You’ll get a message informing you that your request has been received, and you’ll see the current status of the process in the Download data tab. Once the file is available, the “Pending” status will turn into “Download,” and you can now save it.
  8. After you’ve downloaded the file, you can access it in “My files.” Since this is a zip file, if you can’t open it on your phone, send it to yourself and use your computer to access it.
  9. The zip file contains multiple text files. Find the one named “Video Browsing History.” When you open it, you’ll see all the videos you’ve watched on your profile. The list contains the date, time, and a link to the video. You can just copy and paste the link into your browser or share it with your friends.

How to View Your Watch History in TikTok on a PC

As previously mentioned, the TikTok mobile app has the option to download a file that contains your profile information, including the watch history. It’s just that this is not available on the PC.

You can use your phone to download the app and request access to your file before using your computer to open the file. In addition to your watch history, you’ll get access to your likes history, bio, followers info, etc.

If you’re looking for a liked video, the good news is you can view all your liked videos using your PC:

  1. Open your browser and go to TikTok.
  2. Tap your profile picture at the top-right corner and tap View profile.
  3. Tap Liked.

By default, your account is private, so only you can view the videos you’ve liked. If you want, you can set your account to public, where everyone will have access to the videos you’ve posted and liked.

Here’s how you can switch your account to public on your PC:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Under Privacy, switch the toggle button next to Private account. Once your account is set to public, the toggle button will be grayed out.

When it comes to adding a video to favorites, this option isn’t available in the web version of TikTok. Since this option doesn’t exist, it’s no surprise there’s no way to view them either. If you want to check out the videos you marked as favorite, you’ll have to use the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to TikTok or you want to learn more, keep reading for more help finding TikTok videos.

How do I find a video that I commented on?

Unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t have an activity feature like Facebook, so you can’t go straight to a video you’ve commented on. But, there are still ways to track down that video (aside from the methods above).

When you comment on someone’s TikTok video, others will likely see the comment and like it or respond to it. Fortunately, when they do, you’ll receive a notification. If you tap on the message icon at the bottom of the TikTok app, you can tap on the video to the right of the notification.

However, if you didn’t receive a notification, there isn’t a direct way to go back to that video. You’ll either need to use the Discover feature to search for it, go to the profile of the person who posted it, or follow the instructions above to sift through your watch history.

What can I do to find videos I want to watch again easily?

TikTok gives users many methods of retrieving videos later on. But, you do have to take deliberate action to easily retrieve your videos in the future, meaning, if you accidentally refresh your TikTok feed, you likely won’t have the option to perform any of these actions.

TikTok users can easily find any videos they’ve liked by visiting their profile pages, tapping the heart icon, and scrolling through the list to find the video they’re interested in.

Another option to easily retrieve videos is using the Favorites function. The liked videos folder can become overwhelmingly full, making it difficult to find a favorite. Fortunately, users can tap the Share icon on the video and add it to their favorites. Favorite videos, sounds, and hashtags can be found on the profile page. Simply tap the flag icon located to the right of the Edit Profile option to find the favorites folder.

Lastly, users can download the video to their own device. Again, users can download another person’s video by tapping on the Share icon. Do beware; the original creator may have this function turned off, so it may not work all of the time.

TikTok Around the Clock

With millions of new videos every day, it’s easy to lose track of stuff on TikTok. Although TikTok doesn’t have a “Watch History” option, there are a few ways to re-watch your favorite videos.

We hope that we’ve clarified how to see your watch history. Now you can enjoy scrolling through TikTok without being afraid of losing the videos you love.

Are you an avid TikToker? What TikTok feature do you like best? Let us know in the comments section below.

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