How to Add a Subscribe Button in Twitch

A “Subscribe” (sub) button allows other people on Twitch to donate money to your channel. Donating Bits is another way your fans can express their satisfaction with the content you’re offering. Both are great ways to earn money while playing games and being creative on Twitch.

How to Add a Subscribe Button in Twitch

Keep reading if you want to know what requirements you need to fulfill to get a subscriber button if you’re starting your streaming career or have been on Twitch for a while and still don’t have the sub button.

How to Add a Subscribe Button

Streamers who have Affiliate and Partner status on Twitch will automatically receive the “Subscribe” button after accepting the emailed invitation sent by Twitch. After you get the invitation, you only have to input the information about your taxes and add two-factor authentication.

Subscribe Button Conditions

The only way to acquire the subscribe button on your channel is to earn an Affiliate or Partner status.

Affiliate Status Requirements

Affiliate status is easier to achieve and offers some benefits to the owner, apart from getting a “Subscribe” button. It allows you to earn money on Twitch wish subs and Bits and revenue from some ads. Obtaining an Affiliate is necessary if you want to grind to become a Partner.

Some conditions must be met to become an Affiliate on Twitch.

  • You need to have at least 50 followers.
  • An average of three viewers must watch your channel simultaneously in the last 30 days.
  • You have to stream for 500 hours in the last 30 days.
  • You must stream for more than seven days in the last 30 days.

It’s advisable that you stream at the same hours and same days. This way, your viewers can get used to the schedule.

Furthermore, Affiliate status doesn’t last forever, and you can lose it if you stop streaming and become inactive on Twitch. In addition, Twitch rules don’t allow sharing your streaming content with other platforms until a specific period. Otherwise, this will lead to you losing your status.

Partner Status Requirements

Partner status represents a higher tier and comes with more benefits and ways of earning money than Affiliate. When you reach Partner, you can control your ads, resulting in higher earnings. The status also offers plenty of options to customize your stream and add custom emotes to your channel, like unlocking up to 60 slots. Furthermore, you must be an Affiliate first to become a Partner and fulfill the increased viewership requirements.

To obtain Partner status, you must:

  • Have at least 1,000 followers
  • Average 75 viewers who must watch your channel at the same time in the last 30 days
  • Have at least 25 hours streamed in the last 30 days
  • Stream on 12 different days in the last 30 days

You can’t obtain Affiliate or Partner status on Twitch if you don’t follow Twitch guidelines and rules, and you must be 18 years old to become eligible.

Adding Subscription Link

If you want to add another way to allow your followers to subscribe, you can add a subscription link in your panel. Besides the subscription link, you can also add links that lead to your social media or affiliate links. Here is how you can add a link to your panel on Twitch:

  1. Open Twitch.
  2. Tap the profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the “Channel” option.
  4. Open the “About” tab on your profile.
  5. Toggle the “Edit Panel” button.
  6. Choose a panel window you want to edit or click on the empty panel window with a plus in the middle.
  7. Click the “Add a Text or Image Panel” option.
  8. Input the link.

After you open the panel to add links, you also have the option to add an image and add a description. If you want to add a description, you have to use “Markdown,” which allows you to input text links. This is how you can do it:

  1. Put the text link into [square brackets].
  2. Without space, input the URL into (round brackets).
  3. Tap “Submit.”

Besides the subs, Bits, and links, there are various ways to earn more money and subscriptions on Twitch. Some streamers use the Prime Sub extension, reminding people on your channel to subscribe with Prime accounts. Choosing a popular and enticing game is another way to gather more fans.

Furthermore, many streamers organize cosplay contests where they play games dressed up as their favorite characters or manage a Subathon setting a sub-goal they must achieve. Adding merchandise or sub and donate links on the panel also might result in increased subscriptions.

Tips for Reaching Affiliate Status Faster

Gathering followers at the start can be challenging. It’s essential to know how to attract viewers and start earning money. There are a couple of methods you can use to gain followers faster.

Prepare the Channel

Before you start streaming, you should know what your channel will look like and what kind of streamer you want to be. Organizing your channel is essential to show viewers you’re a serious streamer. Customize it to your style, and come up with a brand, sub emojis, logo, and other unique characteristics.

Ensure your equipment is working. Check your video and audio features set up, and pick a background and lighting.

Furthermore, you should add information about yourself and links to your social media, where you can post your streaming schedule and share your streams when they are live. This way, you’ll attract more people who follow you on other platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Attracting Audience

Tell your friends and family about your stream and ask them to share it on social media. This way, more people will find out about you and maybe check out what you’re streaming. On that note, picking the perfect content can be challenging. Many streamers are out there, so creating a unique approach is essential to gaining more followers.

Try new and popular games with less competition. Furthermore, interacting with the audience and answering their questions is also beneficial.

Tips for Reaching Partner Status Faster

Since there are around 60,000 Partner users on Twitch and more than a million Affiliate streamers, reaching Partner status can be challenging. For this reason, knowing which section you can improve to become a Partner quicker is essential.

Expanding Your Community

Communicating with your fans and viewers is the first step to expanding your community and gathering more subscribers. Many streamers keep healthy interactions with their fans on Twitch chat. Some go the extra mile and organize events where fans and followers can participate or play games with their favorite streamer.

Moreover, creating a fan base on social media and building your Discord channel allows your fans to interact with you on a platform other than Twitch.

Provide Quality Streams

Providing quality content on your stream is an essential factor when you are going for the Partner program. Even though the requirements for viewers are high, it’s equally crucial that required streaming hours are filled with quality content. Customizing your stream, and adding unique HUD, emotes, overlays, and other elements increase your chance of becoming a Partner.

Earning Money on Twitch

One of the benefits of Twitch is earning money by receiving subscriptions and donation Bits. Tapping the “Subscribe” button is all it takes to donate money to someone you enjoy watching or have others contribute to your channels. Setting up and personalizing the channel, creating unique panels, and interacting with the community are good ways to earn subs.

Do you have Affiliate or Partner status on Twitch? How often do you receive subscriptions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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