Twitter Bookmarks finally lets you save tweets without liking them

Twitter has finally answered the prayers of its users by rolling out a new “Bookmarks” feature to iOS, Android, and Twitter Lite users.

Twitter Bookmarks finally lets you save tweets without liking them

Twitter Bookmarks has been in testing since the tail end of last year, but now it’s finally here so you no longer have to hit that favourite button to save something. It may sound like a small addition, but Twitter Bookmarks is something users have wanted for a very long time. Not only is it a handy way to save something to read later, it also isn’t posted publicly – and that’s a great thing for Twitter users.

Aside from letting you indulge in your guilty pleasures without anyone else knowing, it means all those posts you like so you can read later aren’t appearing in other people’s feeds. It also means you no longer have the awkward moment of liking a post you haven’t read yet, and then the poster engaging you in a conversation of the topic. Being British – and thus terribly polite – it’s an absolute relief to now avoid awkward Twitter interactions.

The new Bookmark button appears next to the heart-shaped Favourite button, replacing the envelope-shaped DM one. Tapping the share button then brings up an option select where “Add Tweet to Bookmarks” comes up as an option.

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You’ll find your saved Bookmarks in the sidebar of the app, sat snugly underneath the “Lists” option. In there is every Bookmark you’ve saved and left in there.

Twitter says that Bookmarks is a direct result of user feedback around wanting to save tweets for later without sifting through their Favourites. The Bookmarks functionality came as part of a Twitter hack session that took place last year and evolved into the tool it is today.

While I’m definitely happy to have Bookmarks on Twitter, it’s rather annoying we still don’t have editable Tweets, but oh well.

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