How to Get Drops in Unturned

Zombies and survival are Unturned’s central themes, where players get to thrive and kill. As you traverse the world space, you may notice that standard weapons can look dull. No problem, right? That’s why you get cosmetic skins for items. However, how do you get drops in Unturned?

How to Get Drops in Unturned

Unturned has changed the past few years, but you can still get cosmetics by playing the game. Other in-game items qualify as “drops” as well. Keep on reading to find out more.

How to Get Drops in Unturned

Cosmetic drops in Unturned will only change the appearance of ranged weapons, melee weapons, or the cans of beans you may find. Try the following methods to get your hands on one of these cosmetic drops:

  • Playing the Game

By playing the game, you’ll have a chance to receive a cosmetic drop. There isn’t a fixed time to get them, but you’ll receive a notification when you get one. The drops vary in rarity, so you may sell them to earn some money.

Turning the game on and letting it sit is called” idling.” Idling doesn’t count towards gameplay, which negates all possibility of receiving cosmetic drops. Only by playing the game in single-player or multiplayer modes will you qualify for the cosmetic items.

To check if you received a drop, disconnect from the server you were playing on. You’ll know when the notification appears.

  • Opening Boxes or Presents

Boxes or Presents used to be part of the game. Sadly, these drops are now no longer part of the random drop table. Players who owned them before they were removed will still have them in their inventories.

The rarest drops in Unturned are Mystery Boxes, and they drop some of the best loot. However, even if you get one, you need to spend $1 to open them. This money is for buying a Key, which can’t be obtained for free in-game.

Presents were part of events, but like Boxes, are now primarily unobtainable. You can still buy Boxes, Presents, and Keys from the Steam market.

  • Buying From the Unturned Stockpile

While you can take your chances with the Mystery Boxes you buy from the Unturned Stockpile, the cosmetics themselves are also available for purchase. You can equip them after purchasing because they’re unlocked.

Due to the lack of methods to obtain Boxes and Presents today, the prices may increase over time. Make sure you think hard before buying Skins or Boxes you like.

  • The Permanent Gold Upgrade DLC

This DLC costs $5, and it comes with exclusive skins and various cosmetics. There are also other benefits for buying the DLC, such as Premium Gold servers and extra customization.

Loot and Enemy Drops

Loot and enemy drops aren’t cosmetics but valuable items you’ll need when surviving the various Unturned maps. There are seven types of drops, including:

  • Civilian Items

This category includes food, clothing, and a few melee weapons. You can find them easily in towns.

  • Military Items

As the name suggests, Military Items include military-grade weapons and gear. You can find them in Military locations, such as bases.

  • Medical Items

If you want to heal your character, Medical Items are the only option you have. Find these in hospitals, pharmacies, or even military facilities. Gathering them is highly beneficial for your survival.

  • Ranger (Militia) Items

Ranger weapons are powerful but distinct from Military Items. They also use their own attachments and ammunition. These weapons tend to have higher durability.

You may find Ranger items in Militia locations, which may be within or near Civilian areas. Make sure you look hard because sometimes they’re difficult to spot.

  • Police Items

Also faithful to the name, Police Items usually drop-in Police locations like stations, checkpoints, and near their vehicles. They have their own attachments and ammunition as well.

  • Agricultural Items

You’ll want to scavenge for Agricultural Items, too, as they help grow plants. They spawn in farms and campgrounds. This category also includes some tools like axes.

  • Construction Items

Construction Items are mainly crafting materials but may also include tools such as axes and saws.

All of these items may appear as loot scattered around the area or as part of Zombie drops. Zombies also let you know what type of items they’ll give you, depending on their location. An example is Mega Zombies in a military base dropping Military Items.

Crafting items is also another way to get them. Each item has a recipe, and you’ll get the item after expending some materials.

May Lady Luck Smile on Me

If you’re lucky and manage to get a cosmetic drop early on, make sure to tell your friends and celebrate. Some players are still waiting for their drops even after many hours of playing. You can always buy drops, but the feeling of getting random rewards is always fantastic.

What’s the rarest drop you had in Unturned? Have you sold anything for an enormous profit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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