How To Plant Carrots in Valheim

Whether you want to maintain your stamina and strength or tame and breed boars for food and leather, planting and growing carrots is a valuable skill in Valheim. These healthy snacks boost your energy and serve as a means of befriending the boars.

How To Plant Carrots in Valheim

In this article, we’ll teach you how to plant carrots in Valheim, and show you how to get the most out of them.

Although planting carrots in Valheim is simple, you’ll need more than just carrot seeds. Getting the required equipment is a bit complicated, but we’ll walk you through the process.

Required Items

  • Carrot seeds – you can’t have carrots without carrot seeds. The seeds can be found in the Black Forest biome. When you’re in the Black Forest, search for blue flowers, and you’ll get yourself a handful of carrot seeds.
  • Cultivator – this is the tricky part of planting seeds. You might think it’s enough to just dig a small hole and plant the seeds. In Valheim, however, planting carrots requires a cultivator. With a cultivator, you prepare the soil for planting. A cultivator isn’t just something you stumble upon in the game; you’ll have to make one yourself.

How to Make a Cultivator

Making a cultivator requires equipment and materials:

  • Workbench
  • Forge
  • Core Wood x 5
  • Bronze x 5

A workbench in Valheim is used to craft different items, repair your equipment, or build a shelter. Building a workbench is simple; you need Wood x 10. You can collect wood by picking up branches from the ground. Our recommendation is to make a Stone Axe (Wood x 5, Stone x 4). It might take a bit longer, but you’ll be able to chop trees much faster with the ax. Plus, you’ll certainly need the extra wood later.

Besides wood, you’ll also need to build a Hammer to make a workbench. The Hammer requires Wood x 3 and Stone x 2. Once you’ve built the Hammer, the workbench recipe will appear:

  1. Switch to the Hammer.
  2. Tap the middle button or the wheel on your mouse.
  3. Go to the Crafting tab.
  4. Tap “Workbench.”
  5. Find space to build it.
  6. Soon after making the workbench, you’ll need to build a shelter for it.

A Valheim forge is where you smith and repair your tools and weapons. After building a workbench, a forge is one of the first structures you’ll need in the game.

Here’s what you need to build a forge:

  • A workbench.
  • Coal x 4 – you get it by overcooking meat or placing wood in a kiln. You can also find it in chests.
  • Copper x 6 – you get it by mining and smelting copper ore. Before mining copper, you’ll need to defeat Eikthyr, the first boss monster. By defeating him, you’ll take his antlers, which you’ll need for making a pickaxe. Also, you’ll be able to access the Burial Chambers, where you’ll find the Surtling Cores. To build a smelter, you need five Surtling Cores and 20 Stones. Smelt the copper ore into six copper bars required for the forge.
  • Stone x 4 – pick it up from the ground in the Meadows biome.
  • Wood x 10 – chop down trees or pick up branches from the floor.
Core Wood

Get Core Wood by chopping Pine trees in the Black Forest biome.


Bronze is a combination of copper and tin. Tin can be found in the Black Forest, and you can mine it using a hammer or a pickaxe. Create bronze by combining two copper bars and one tin in the forge.

Once you combine copper and tin and obtain core wood, you’ll unlock the cultivator recipe.

How to Plant Carrots

  1. Tap on a grass tile and use the cultivator to prepare the ground for carrot seeds.
  2. Once the ground is ready, right-click your mouse and select the carrot seeds. One carrot seed equals one carrot. Since plants require space to grow, don’t plant them too densely.
  3. After you’ve planted the seeds, check to see if they’re too crowded.

How to Protect Carrots

Since boars and other animals enjoy eating and destroying your crops, it’s a good idea to build a fence around them. You’ll need Wood x 1 for a roundpole fence which is enough to protect your crops. You can also build a stakewall, which will require Wood x 4.

How to Harvest Carrots

Once your carrots have grown, harvesting them is simple. Just walk over to the carrots and tap “E” on your keyboard. If you have several rows of carrots, hold the letter “E” while walking over your vegetables.

When you harvest carrots, it’s good to save some. These are called “seed-carrots,” and by re-planting one, you’ll get three carrots. We recommended re-planting every third carrot to keep your supplies growing.

Additional FAQs

How long does it take carrots to grow in Valheim?

It takes about three in-game days for carrots to grow in Valheim. This is between 65 and 90 minutes. You have to wait until they’re fully grown; otherwise, you can’t harvest them.

What are some popular carrot recipes in Valheim?

Fresh Carrots

You can consume carrots as a quick snack to boost your health and stamina. This will take up one to three slots in your stomach.

Carrot Soup

By making and eating a carrot soup, you’ll boost your stamina and health for a longer time.

Here are the ingredients:

· Carrot x 3

· Mushroom x 1 – collect the mushrooms in the Meadows or the Black Forest biome.

1. You’ll need to craft a cauldron to make the soup. This requires a workbench, which you’ve already crafted for making the cultivator, and Tin x 10. Collect tin in the Black Forest biome and smelt it.

2. Build a campfire with Stone x 5 and Wood x 2. You can pick up stones from the ground or mine rocks with a pickaxe. Find wood by chopping down trees or picking up branches.

3. After you’ve placed the cauldron on the campfire, stand close to it and tap the letter “E.”

4. Tap “Carrot soup” from the list.

5. Tap “Craft” to start making it.

6. Wait until it’s done. You’ll get one cup of carrot soup.

Here’s the breakdown of consuming carrots and carrot soup:

· Carrots: Max Health – 15, Stamina – 15, Healing – 1HP, Duration – 600.

· Carrot soup: Max Health – 20, Stamina – 60, Healing – 2HP, Duration – 1500.

Although carrots are a great snack to quickly boost your strength, making carrot soup will maintain your health and stamina for a longer time.

Where can I find carrot seeds in Valheim?

Carrot seeds can be found in the Black Forest biome. Look at the forest floor and search for bright blue flowers.

Besides collecting them in the Black Forest, once you’ve planted and harvested carrots, you can use those as seeds. They are “seed-carrots,” and by re-planting one of them, you’ll get three new carrots.

Up Your Game With Carrots

Planting and harvesting carrots in Valheim allows you to improve your health and stamina and tame boars. Although planting and harvesting are simple, the hard part can be getting the required equipment. Besides learning how to plant carrots in Valheim, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the game itself.

Have you ever played Valheim? Did you find planting carrots challenging? Tell us in the comments section below.

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