How to View Ring Doorbell on Computer

If you decided to improve your home security and got yourself a Ring Doorbell, there is a lot you need to learn. The Ring Doorbell has many uses and it is very practical, though it may take you a bit to get the hang of it. Did you know you can view the Ring Doorbell on pretty much any computer?

How to View Ring Doorbell on Computer

Actually, you can view it on all Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. Download links will be added further in the article to save you the trouble of looking them up online. Read on and find out how to view the Ring Doorbell video stream using your computer.

Getting Started

First of all, you need to download the Ring app suitable for your device. Simply click the link to download the Ring app for iOS devices, Mac devices, Android devices, and Windows devices. Although it should be self-explanatory, the Mac and Windows apps are primarily made for desktop computers or laptops. Android and iOS apps are for tablets and smartphones.

The Ring app is totally free on all platforms. Of course, you need to install your Ring Doorbell device manually and connect it to the app to be able to watch the video feed on your computer. Once you have installed your Ring Doorbell both physically and on your computer, move on to the viewing tutorial.

Before you continue, here’s an extra security tip. Since you will be using Wi-Fi to connect your Ring Doorbell to the app, it is advisable to have a separate network just for that. The home network is there for your phones, tablets, computers, and it is vital that you keep it safe. This will add another layer of security, just in case someone breaches one of the networks.

How to View Your Ring Doorbell Using a Computer

Viewing the Ring Doorbell video footage on your PC is often a better solution than using your smartphone or tablet. If you are working on your computer or gaming a lot, you are more likely to see and hear alerts from the Ring app on your computer.

If you have your headphones on a lot of the time, you will hardly be able to hear your phone, no matter how loud it is. Here is how you can view the Ring Doorbell on your computer:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the appropriate app and the updates from the official app store or website.
  2. Open the app on your computer.
  3. Log in with your credentials.
  4. Close the app. This will minimize it and keep it active in the background.

From there, you have two options. You can use the notifications to watch the Ring Doorbell, these pop up when something happens – e.g. someone rings on your door, or Ring Doorbell sensors detect movement.

Or you can directly watch the live feed from your Ring Doorbell to monitor the situation in real-time. Let’s discuss these features separately in more detail.

Ring Doorbell Alerts

The Ring Doorbell will give you automated alerts whenever it picks up movement or someone rings on your doorbell. You can actually adjust the device’s sensitivity using the Motion Settings menu. What’s great about these alerts is that they send push notifications to the device of your choice.

You can’t miss a notification, because it pops up in the top right corner of your monitor. It reads something like “motion detected in your backyard.” You can choose to ignore it or click on it. Once you click it, you will access the Ring Doorbell live feed. The same will happen if someone rings on your doorbell.

Not only can you see what’s going on, but you can also talk to your visitor using the microphone installed on your computer. You can also use your headset to communicate with those outside your front door.

motion alerts

Ring Doorbell Live Feed

You can watch the live video feed from your Ring Doorbell whenever you please. You can shrink it and place it in the corner of your computer screen while you focus on something else. However, if something happens the video window will pop into the center of your screen to bring the matter to your attention.

You can keep your Ring Doorbell live feed on when you are expecting guests or food delivery. This way, you can answer the door as soon as they arrive, which will save you time and lower anticipation. Anyone who has waited for pizza while they were hungry will agree that the feeling of anticipation is not pleasant.

While viewing your Ring Doorbell live is great, it does take its toll. Doing this will consume data and your doorbells battery. If you have an older computer, it will also have a significant impact on your computer’s performance.

If you don’t mind recharging the battery often, and you have an unlimited data plan, then you can leave the live feed on permanently. Otherwise, it is not advised. Finally, viewing the Ring Doorbell live feed can also be very distracting and obstruct your work if you work from home.

live view

Keep a Lookout

Extra caution is never a bad thing, especially when you are protecting your home. The Ring Doorbell is there to aid you with live video and alert notifications when something moves around your house or when the guests arrive.

Do you use the Ring app on your computer to view your Ring Doorbell? Leave us a comment below.

11 thoughts on “How to View Ring Doorbell on Computer”

Philip says:
Doesn’t the live feed end automatically after 10mins? Will it come live again on either, motion detected or someone at the door? Or do you physically need to press live feed again.
Peter says:
It’s a p.i.t.a. – my main desktop machine is a Win7 Ultimate box; the win 10 machine is almost never booted up. The Ring app will not download or install on Win7. Meh.
Keith T says:
I can’t find any instructions on what the various functions of the windows 10 app are. For instance, If I right-click on the live feed the speak, hang up etc icons disappear from the on screen display, but what is that for? It would be helpful if some documentation was available for this app.
Joe says:
Is it usable on windows 7?
Joe says:
Can it be used with windows 7?
Beth eldridge says:
I have set up my security cams and can see all on my phone. I have downloaded the ring app on my windows 10 pc. I want to see my live views. My concern is that the software is requiring me to set up my device, looking for flashing light etc. I don’t want to mess up what I’ve done because I am out of state and using it from my phone. How do I import my cameras to the desktop without a new setup?
Jim Wood says:
The app for Windows 10 for the pc still wants us to put everything on a phone; thus, I do not see how to make Ring work on my pc! Thanks for your effort, tho.
Art Aranda says:
Jim, add the ring app using Microsoft Store. I kept having the same problem and finally figured it out on my own. Click on the windows start button, click on Microsoft store, then on the top right corner enter “Ring”. Download “Ring Always Home”. It’s a great app for the PC. You can then pin the app to the task bar for easy access.
Lee Bennett says:
same. it loops me to use my phone. trying to avoid that but don’t see any way to setup my ring on pc. it’s as though the desk app is completely dedicated to simply getting you to not use it for anything other than getting the phone app XD what is this?
Robert Fister says:
I have a ring pro doorbell, we have it on our I phones we have had these items for several years. I am wanting it on my computer with windows 10. I thought that I downloaded it but it does not show up but says it is if I try to download it again. The question is how do I find It on my computer? I want to be able to access it when I am on the computer. Any help will be appreciated.
Lucien den Arend says:
I just got in on W10 and couldn’t find a shortcut on my desktop; so I searched it under the start button and fount the familiar blue Ring shortcut there (I pinned it to the start bar, but can’t get it on my desktop.
George Murray says:
Just drag it from start to desktop.

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