How to Watch MTV Without Cable

Is your teenager hooked on cool TV shows? Do you like to have a music program running in the background while doing your daily chores? If so, MTV is probably a must-have in your household.

How to Watch MTV Without Cable

Luckily, your favorite music TV channel isn’t only reserved for those who have cable. There are several ways to access MTV content online. Keep reading to find out which one suits your needs.

Can I Watch MTV for Free?

Unfortunately, you can’t watch MTV for free or over the air.

MTV does have a free streaming app, but it’s only available to subscribers to particular cable providers. On the other hand, you can check which streaming services offer a free trial and include the MTV channel in your area. That way, you can watch MTV content for free for a few weeks. Note that streaming services typically offer one-week free trials.

If your device is compatible with more streaming services, you can install the apps, use them for a week, and then cancel the subscription before you’re charged.

And there is a way to watch MTV live TV for 24 hours on a one-of basis. If you visit the official website and click the Live TV section, you can choose your cable TV provider to access the stream. Just below the list of providers, you can get a one-time 24-hour pass when you click on Start now. You need to sign up or log in using your Facebook credentials.

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What Streaming Services Carry MTV?

Streaming services that carry MTV range from the cheap to the more expensive. Therefore, you can easily find something to suit your needs.

Currently, you can watch MTV on the following streaming services:

  1. Philo
  2. Sling TV
  3. AT&T TV Now
  4. Fubo TV

If you have Netflix, you may be a bit disappointed because you can only access a limited number of episodes of older shows. If you’re a Hulu user, you’ve probably noticed that you can stream some popular MTV shows, such as Jersey Shore or My Super Sweet 16.

How to Watch MTV on Philo

Philo is called a skinny bundle for a reason. It only costs $20 per month and gives you access to more than 50 channels. You can stream live and watch content on-demand. Philo’s package features four MTV channels: MTV, MTV2, MTV Live, and MTV Classic.

The best thing about Philo is that you’re not obligated to stick with it till the end of a contract – in fact, there’s no contract at all. When you sign up for Philo, you’ll need to enter your card information, but the app will also provide the date when your free trial ends. Therefore, you can cancel it if you’re not happy with the service. You can also redeem a coupon here if you have one.

Visit the official Philo website to register and start streaming. You can download the app to a large number of devices and stream on three screens at once. Also, you can record your favorite episodes, thanks to the unlimited DVR.

how to watch mtv without cable - philo

How to Watch MTV on Sling TV

MTV is included in Sling TV add-ons. You can’t find it in the basic Orange and Blue packages. But if you pay an additional $5 a month for the Comedy Extra add-on, you’ll be able to enjoy this music channel as well. Before you sign up for the free trial, remember that you won’t get MTV if you don’t opt for add-ons and include them in your subscription.

Sling TV currently has three plans – Orange and Blue are both $30 per month – whilst Blue boasts a few additional channels and can stream on more devices.

To sign up for this streaming service, visit the official website, and enter your email address and zip code. After that, follow the steps to complete the registration and start your free trial. After a week, your add-on will be available, and you’ll be able to watch MTV and MTV2.

How to Watch MTV on AT&T TV Now

The former DirecTV Now has a spectacular offer for everyone’s needs. The number of channels ranges from around 45 to over 125, with prices between $55 and $135 per month. Depending on what channels you want and your budget, you can opt for one of their six packages.

MTV live stream is a part of the cheapest plan, called Plus. With this service, you can also record up to 20 hours of MTV shows and music. One account lets you stream on two devices, but if you need more, you can add them by paying an additional $5 a month.

How do you sign up for a free trial? It’s simple.

  1. Go to in a web browser.
  2. Select the Sign up button at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose a plan that you find suitable.
  4. Select an add-on you want to be included.
  5. Scroll down and select Create Account & Checkout.
  6. Create a user ID and type in other necessary info.
  7. Choose a payment method, and you’re all set.

How to Watch MTV on FuboTV

FuboTV is another excellent option if you want to watch MTV without cable. It may be known for its excellent sports coverage, but this music channel is also included.

FuboTV is compatible with plenty of devices, and you can use the one-week free trial to see if it’s right for you. The cheapest package is Standard, which costs $54.99 per month. It includes a DVR Cloud for recording shows, and you don’t need to sign a contract. This means that you can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

MTV Classic, MTV Live, and MTV2 channels are available in the FuboTV Ultra Package, which costs $79.99 per month. This doesn’t make it the most affordable option. However, you also get a wide variety of entertaining, educational, and kids channels, as well as some additional DVR hours.

You can quickly sign up for FuboTV by visiting the official website and entering the necessary information. Be aware that you can also register via Google or Facebook.

how to watch mtv without cable - fubotv

How to Watch MTV on Different Devices

The four mentioned streaming services are compatible with almost all devices available today.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon App Store allows you to download AT&T TV Now, Sling TV, Philo, or FuboTV and stream MTV after you log in using your provider credentials. As for AT&T TV Now, you can also install it on your Amazon Firestick.

Apple TV

On Apple TVs, you can stream MTV using Philo, AT&T TV Now, and Fubo TV. The Sling TV app has also been recently introduced, and now all the streaming services that feature MTV channels can work with Apple TV.


All of the mentioned streaming services and apps also work on most Roku models. Just visit the Roku Channels store and find the app you want to download.

Mobile Devices

If you have an Android device, or an iPhone or iPad, you have multiple options if you want to watch MTV. Most models support Philo, Sling TV, FuboTV, and the AT&T TV Now app.


You can use all the mentioned TV providers to watch MTV on a Chromecast device. Download the app, connect it to your TV, sit back, and enjoy your favorite channel.

More Music and More Fun

You can spend a few weeks using all the free trials streaming services provide for new users. After that, you’ll need to choose one paid plan to continue watching Jersey Shore, Catfish: The TV Show, and more. However, you can still cut the cord and not worry about losing access to this channel as you have plenty of options.

How are you going to watch MTV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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