Is Wickr Secure?

Wickr has the reputation of the best, most secure ephemeral messaging app in the world. It means that the messages you send on Wickr self-destruct, after the timer you (the user) set, runs out.

Is Wickr Secure?

There are various situations in which this can come in useful, but we live in a time where privacy is very fragile. Anything that helps is a good thing, and Wickr helps. The short answer to the question in the title is yes, Wickr is secure. Keep reading to find out why and learn how it works.

Why Wickr Is Useful

If you are wondering why you should use a service such as Wickr, there are plenty of reasons. For one, we all know about the scandals and data reveals that keep happening all across the globe.

Famous people are getting shunned by society when some very private images and videos leak. In reality, this could happen to everyone, not just celebrities. Taking care of your privacy and your public image should always be a priority.

Millennials have been familiar with ephemeral messaging for a while now, while the older generations are slowly catching up. If you are a teen, you are familiar with Snapchat. However, Wickr is like a much safer and more private environment, with a similar concept.

Some people even abuse Wickr for getting in touch with their illegal supplies dealers, which is the gray area of the app. We’ll discuss Wickr’s cooperation with law enforcement later.


How Wickr Works

A great thing about Wickr is that anyone can use it. You need to download the Wickr Me version of the app and install it on your device. It is available on all major platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and even Linux).

There are even other versions of Wickr tailored for various businesses. These have subscription fees but offer many benefits, and overall are very much worth it if you value your company’s privacy.

Let’s talk about the security features of Wickr, i.e., how they make your account and message secure:

  1. They make your ID (both of your device and the app), and username safe with multiple layers of encryption. The technology used for this is called SHA256.
  2. They encrypt the data using AES256 at all times (while it’s sending, and when it’s successfully delivered).
  3. Wickr never accesses your device’s unique identifier, which keeps your anonymity intact.
  4. The data gets permanently wiped without a trace when the message or file expires.
  5. Every message has a new encryption key.
  6. Wickr never saves or shares any of your passwords.
  7. Only the receiver of the message can see it because each one is tied to their device and their app.

Wickr’s Cooperation with the Law

Wickr claims to be fully in line with the law, simultaneously maintaining transparency and not harming its users’ “rights.”

They only allow the government and law enforcement to collect their data when they present a valid warrant. Still, the law won’t get much information because the company stores none.

Furthermore, Wickr will notify their users about someone looking into their account, alongside a copy of a document stating so. However, Wickr won’t do that if the law prohibits it. In that scenario, Wickr will inform the user as soon as they are allowed to, according to the law.

What we mentioned here applies to the Wickr Pro and Wickr Me versions of the app, and everything here is a retelling of the official Wickr statement on their cooperating with the law. From our perspective, Wickr seems very fair to its users, while respecting the law and the government at the same time.

Wickr Secure

Can You Trust Wickr?

Instead of taking our word for it, there is a better way of checking Wickr’s safety. Wickr earned a nearly perfect score by the EFF in the past. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization that fights for free speech and digital privacy.

However, the app’s excellent score was confirmed in the past. There wasn’t a more recent dive into Wickr’s security by any official, trusted organizations. Currently, Wickr seems like one of the best options for those who want a private and secure online messaging app.

Do you believe that Wickr is still as good as it used to be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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