How to Add Your Amazon Fire Stick to a Samsung TV [January 2022]

Video streaming is slowly becoming the world’s most popular way to watch TV. With various gadgets, a user can access streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many others.

How to Add Your Amazon Fire Stick to a Samsung TV [January 2022]

Among these gadgets, Amazon’s Fire Stick is one of the most popular. It is easy to use, and you can pair it with pretty much any TV. If you own a Samsung TV and want to equip it with a Fire Stick, look no further. You’ll get all the necessary info here.

Fire TV Stick Compatibility with Samsung TVs

Amazon’s Fire Stick comes in three flavors: Lite, standard, and 4K, each with an individual price point and specs. If you want to purchase one for your Samsung TV and are not sure which one is right for you, here are your choices.

  • Lite: This new entry-level model for Fire Stick starts at just $29 and makes it easy to jump right into streaming. The remote does not have controls for the Samsung TV, or any TV for that matter.
  • Standard: This model is the classic Fire Stick. It streams in 1080p and includes a better remote with support for controlling your television, and it has a faster processor for smoother operation.
  • 4K: This model is “The king of kings.” The upgraded processor allows for 4K streaming support compared to the standard model. The remote supports the TV as well.

No matter which version you pick, your new Fire Stick is a device that allows you to stream a variety of television content, which is no more than a few clicks away. The device offers services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and much more, all of which are full of amazing content. However, unlike many of its competitors, the Fire Stick comes with integrated voice commands—even on the Lite version. Yes, this means that you can relax and control it with an Alexa-enabled device. It appears that the future of video streaming is at the doorstep.

Samsung TV Requirements and Compatibility for Fire Tv Sticks

1. HDMI Compatibility or Adaptability

Before proceeding to the setup process, you must ensure your TV meets the requirements and compatibility for a Fire TV Stick. For one, your Samsung TV needs to be an HD-compatible TV with an HDMI port to enjoy HD resolutions (1080p, 1080i, 4K, or 8K). If it doesn’t have any HDMI inputs due to its vintage status, you can use an HDMI adapter that converts older signals like S-Video, Component, DVI, or RGB to HDMI.

Take note that an adapter will not deliver actual HD resolutions unless the original input carries high-definition signals (DVI input, for example). Still, it will work to get you going.

2. Reliable Internet Connection

Of course, the Fire Stick needs an internet connection to stream movies, music videos, and TV shows. It also needs to know your location because it offers different features in different countries. If you want to stream HD videos, you need to connect your Fire Stick to a strong and stable Wi-Fi network.

3. Registered Amazon Account

To use your Fire TV Stick, you’ll have to register it with an Amazon account. If you’ve ordered your Fire Stick via your Amazon account, it will come pre-registered to that account, but don’t forget you can change the account used if desired.

Setting up the Firestick on Your Samsung TV

After ensuring that your Samsung TV is compatible with the Fire Stick, it’s time to move on to the actual setup. The whole deal is relatively straightforward and very intuitive.

Connecting The Firestick

  1. First, connect the supplied USB cord to the Fire TV Stick’s micro-USB port.
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into the power adapter. Next, connect the power adapter to a power outlet.
  3. Plug the Fire Stick into an HDMI port on your Samsung TV, or into an adapter like S-Video to HDMI, SVGA to HDMI, or DVI to HDMI. If your TV has multiple inputs, remember the port number, such as HDMI 1, Input 1, PC, etc.
  4. Turn the TV on and navigate to the HDMI input channel selection menu. Select the HDMI port or video port that you’ve plugged the Fire Stick into and wait. You’ll see the Fire Stick loading screen.

Setting up the Firestick Remote

  1. Open the remote’s backplate and insert the two AAA batteries that came with the package. This should prompt your remote to pair with the Fire Stick.
  2. If the devices don’t pair automatically, press and hold the Home button on the remote for about 10 seconds. The Fire Stick will enter Discovery Mode and should pair with the Fire Stick automatically.
  3. Press Play/Pause to get the setup process going.
  4. Select your preferred language by highlighting it and pressing the Select/OK button.
  5. You might have to pair your remote with your television if you want to use power and volume controls.

Connecting the Fire Stick to Wi-Fi

  1. You’ll see a list of available Wi-Fi networks displayed on your TV screen.
  2. Choose the one you want and enter the password. This will connect the Fire Stick to your Wi-Fi network.

Registering the Fire Stick with Amazon

If you ordered the Fire Stick directly from Amazon using an account, it arrives already registered to that particular account. Alternatively, if you’ve obtained the Fire Stick in some other way or want to use a different account, you can easily register/de-register it. Here’s how.

  1. If the Fire Stick isn’t already registered to your Amazon account, you’ll see two account options on the screen.
  2. Select I already have an Amazon account or I am new to Amazon.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen.

Finishing up

After all the setup steps are complete, Fire Stick will offer a few additional options. Here’s what to do.

  1. The Firestick prompts you to save your account login information to your Amazon account.
  2. Select Yes to save login details to use on all Amazon devices, or choose No if the Fire TV Stick is the only one you use or you don’t like your login information in the cloud.
  3. The Firestick prompts you to turn on parental controls. Choose Yes if you have children and want to restrict usage and content, or select No if you don’t want any restrictions in place, then skip to Step 5.
  4. If you turned on parental controls, the Firestick prompts you to set up a personal identification number (PIN). Follow the prompts to add a PIN to the Firestick.
  5. If you chose to not set up parental controls, the firestick skips the PIN option, then displays the remaining setup prompts.
  6. The Firestick asks if you want to view the tutorial. Choose Yes or No to finish the setup process.

Enjoy Streaming on Your Samsung TV

As soon as the setup process gets done, you’ll gain full access to the benefits of your Fire Stick. It may take some time to get used to initially, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly. As you can see above, installing a Fire TV Stick to any Samsung flat-screen TV is possible, as long as you have an HDMI input or an adapter to get one. You may also use a USB port (if available) to power the Fire TV Stick, but the adapter is the best option for maximum power performance.

20 thoughts on “How to Add Your Amazon Fire Stick to a Samsung TV [January 2022]”

Dot says:
Can anyone advise how to set up my Firestick to my Samsung – Details are Samsung-52″ Class / 1080p / 120Hz / LCD HDTV-LN52B630. When I plug
Steve Larner says:
The rest of your comment is missing, so we cannot provide suggestions.
Charles Whitman says:
I have an older samsung tv. I would like to use the fire stick on m# Bo2m3cey8012385j. I have a dvi connection. it is a older tv the connection is a plug in with 2 screws top and bottom does anyone know if there a adapter for this model.
Steve Larner says:
I cannot find anything that model number, but there are adapters that convert from DVI to HDMI.
Linda says:
I have a curved screen Samsung tv and Hulu was just removed. I bought a fire stick but the curved screen does not allow me to plug in due to the curve. Any suggestions
Steve Larner says:
Get a USB extension/HDMI extension or a right-angled adapter if that will work.
Ronnie Smith says:
I was wondering which Curved TV you have the TV I purchased has a flat box aprox 2″-5″ maybe. But the box has 4 HDMI ports that I believe also would suffice with the Firestick.
But I purchased a FireCube it works well and has no issues, if I remember the firestick when plugged into that box it kind of covers another HDMI port. It’s been few years since my purchase, sorry if I confused anyone.
Cathy Jones says:
I have the lite version. With all the online tips, my remote will turn the TV on and off, but absolutely no remote connection to set up the device. It just shows the firetv logo with a screen saver blush that swoops behind it. That’s it. Either the lite version is not compatible or the devise is defective. Hours wasted.
Steve Larner says:
It sounds like you need to reset the remote.
Nolan J Leba says:
i have a 2008 samsung tv it has a u s b port, what kind of an a adapter do i need to set it up to a fire stick?
Steve Larner says:
I’m not sure you can if you don’t have any video inputs, and the USB on many old TVs is just a service USB.
David McCann says:
Can’t get off the language choice to install Fire Stick.
What am I doing wrong.
Jack Lockhart says:
I have a Samsung UN43TU7000 smart tv. I had my fire stick able to turn on my TV and surround sound bar.
now it does not work. the stick is plugged into the tv and the same surge protector. if turn off the
protector of course both units turn off. when I turn it on walla! they both power on and work together. the exception is the sound bar must be powered on and controlled by its own remote.
Now…. I don’t know what I did that allowed the fire stick to control both of them
Steve Larner says:
It sounds more like the TV responds to the sound bar to turn it on, not your Firestick, but I don’t know what sound bar you have. If it was the firestick, you need to go into the settings to add another device for remote functionality to work. It can control more than one device, such as TVs, sound bars, receivers, cable boxes, etc.
Sheryl Stookey says:
What power adapter is this referring to? What micro USB port? Is that something that comes with the Firestick? I’m trying to figure out if I can use a Firestick & I need pictures or a video. This is just confusing to me. Do I need a wireless Wi-Fi Lan Adapter in order for this to work because I don’t have Wi-Fi on my TV & the Etheret is on another floor so no cable is connected between the two.
Steve Larner says:
If you don’t have Wi-Fi on your TV, that is OK, as long as you have Wi-Fi to connect the firestick to. The firesticks often include a USB cable for powering them, but they need to be plugged into a phone charging base or a USB port on the TV. Sometimes, the USB port on a TV is too weak and causes the firestick to repeatedly turn off/restart. As for a micro USB port, all firesticks have one, which is where you plug the USB cable in to give the stick power to function.

So, you need wi-fi for the stick (via a router or LAN-to-Wi-Fi adapter) and a source to power the stick via the USB micro-to-USB A cable (TV USB or power adapter). Then, everything should work. If you need video, try searching for how to set up a firestick in YouTube or a search engine.

Patricia Gibson says:
Until a few days ago I could use either my Samsung remote or my firestick remote to turn my TV on and off. I could also use my Samsung remote to use the smart TV options at the bottom of the screen now now my Samsung remote is not working only the firestick remote is working. This is a problem because I used T you have additional paid stations on my television that are no longer there. I have a Samsung curve TV and AA4K fire stick which are compatible because my TV is very new and so is the firestick
Steve Larner says:
The Samsung TV remote needs reset. Something happened that caused it to misbehave/fail. The firestick remote is totally separate from the TV remote, and both should still work.
Janet says:
Has anyone got the 4k fire stick working with the one box I cant seem to get it working.
Tawni says:
Samsung UN55JU6500F is not allowing set up for Firestick 4K. Went through all basics troubleshooting, updated firmware on both TV and (the one time it did allow Firestick to connect) . (Amazon even sent replacement firestick.) What is the issue? I think it’s software. Spoke to Samsung tech, who removed in for about an hour. Said it’s an issue with my TV & TV needs repair. ???Funny, it works just fine with Roku. Even disabled Anynet. Should take 5 minutes. This has taken 3 days! Please help
Sekhar says:
We can use mobile hotspot for the Amazon firestick after connecting to TV?
Steve Larner says:
Yes, but it will eat up your data limit in a hurry.
stephen Danner says:
I have a samsung Model UN65MU8000F which offers an external hub referred to as a “One connect” after plugging the fire stick into HDMI port 2, the TV does not recognize the fire stick,
any suggestions?
barry boshart says:
Has anyone been successful with the fire stick working with Samsung 4k that has already Prime video built-in the tv
Todd says:
Hey Barry… any luck on getting the voice remote to work with the Prime app on the Samsung Smart TV? If you know how please share the knowledge.
Nam V says:
My firestickremote used to operate my Samsung TV and stopped after rebooting. I just tried removing the battery from the firestick remote and putting it back in. Volume and Power button now work.
Nam V says:
I just tried removing the battery from the firestick remote and putting it back in. Volume and Power button now work.
FarmerBob says:
Why would my 1080p Samsung TV “Not” be compatible with the FireStick 4K?! It can be res’d all the way down to 480p50/60. Although it’s gorgeous in 4K. I need it for a 2K TV.
Carol Dipple says:
Do need my TV remote or can I use the xfinity remote to get to HMDI settings?
Lauretta Davies says:
We could not have gotten this done without this explanation. Thank you!
Rudi van der Vyver says:
I am having the same problem, went through all your trouble shooting and nothing works. I think a refund is best, this is insane to struggle with a supposed plug and play device like this (hours of getting nothing done, and worst is this was a gift and now just an embarrassment). What is wrong with your product, seriously??? See you also don’t answer comment above…??
Steve Larner says:
We are not Amazon. This is a tech information website.
Rose says:
I am having a terrible time setting up my firestick! The set up keeps asking me for the IR Profile number. It says the IR number is #744. When I enter the 744 because there is no option for #, it goes back to the beginning what am I doing wrong?
Sean says:
Try 0774 instead of 774
Gaby says:
To me is happening the same is showing me IR number # 744 , and I don’t know what number to write, what can I do?
Steve Larner says:
That could be a default error code number, but it is not guaranteed. I believe it should have four digits to enter. Search the internet for your TV brand and model followed by the words “IR code” to see what come up. You can also check the manual for an IR profile code.
Maria says:
Hola, tengo el mismo problema que Rosa, su pregunta fue en diciembre 2019, pero no hay respuesta, si yo hago la misma pregunta, me pasara igual, porque entonces para que vale que dejemos preguntas?. Gracias anticipadas

English Translation: Hello, I have the same problem as Rosa, her question was in December 2019, but there is no answer, if I ask the same question, the same thing will happen to me, because then why is it worth leaving questions? Thanks in advance

Steve Larner says:
As far as I know, the code should be four digits after the “#” sign. Also, Amazon states that not all TVs will work, and they suggest searching Google or another engine for “[tv brand, model] TV IR Profile.”

You can also look in the TV’s manual for the IR profile. I assume that the Firestick is not finding a correct code for IR support, especially if it only shows 3 digits.

You can also try to find a serial number/model number on the TV’s remote, often inside the battery compartment and search for it online to find another TV brand that uses the same remote, then try searching for its codes on the Firestick.

One person recommended on the “r/fireTV’ Reddit page for finding correct IR code for my tv to try the codes found in an All In One remote manual. That solution has worked for many.

Also, you can try the RF (radio frequency) method that uses Wi-Fi/Bluetooth by making sure the TV’s HDMI control and communication function (sometimes labeled as CEC) are enabled, and that the HDMI cable is also CEC capable.

Many TVs are cheaply made and exclude certain features or benefits, which can include Firestick remote capabilities.

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