How to Add Private Images on POF

Plenty of Fish is an excellent dating website. It allows you to get in touch with other people of similar interests. You don’t necessarily need to use it for dating, as it is also a cool place to meet new friends. Once you get closer to some POF members, perhaps you’ll want to share pictures with them.

If you are wondering how to add private images on PDF, you are in the right place. Read on to find out how to do that. Also, you’ll learn about the differences between private and public images on POF. Let’s get right into it.

Public Images on POF

There is a massive difference between public and privates images on POF. Private photos are ones that you only share with a particular person. Public photos are publicly displayed, and anyone on the platform can view them.

Here is how you add a public image on POF:

  1. Log into your POF account.
  2. Select Edit Profile at the top of your screen.
  3. Then, choose to Upload Images.
  4. You can upload as many public images as you please. They will be visible on your profile.

Having several public images on POF is not a bad idea. That will let other users see how you look like, and assure them that your profile isn’t fake. Unfortunately, there are many fake profiles here, like on any other dating site. We also have an article with more details on that very topic.

How to Add Private Image on POF

Private Images on POF

Private images are what they sound to be. You don’t want to share them with just anyone on POF. Only share them when you trust the person enough. Adding and sending private images is not difficult, follow the steps:

  1. Log into your POF profile.
  2. Find the profile of the person you want to send private images to.
  3. Click on Message Username Now.
  4. Click on Attach Images. Choose an image you’d like to send (locate it on your computer).
  5. Once you send the picture, only this person will see it.

Be careful about sending your private images to strangers. We’re not going to judge you about their content. However, make sure not to post anything that could harm you if they decide to share the picture elsewhere (say on social media).

Alternatives for Adding Private Images on POF

Besides the method mentioned above, you can also try using an external image-sharing service to add your private images to POF. Make sure that the service is safe to use. We recommend using Imgur or Gyazo.

These are both free image services that let you add your images to an external URL. You can share the link you’ve created in the service with the trusted person on POF. There are many other excellent free image sharing services online.

We also recommend deleting the image shortly after they’ve seen it. This way, you are making sure that they won’t be able to share it with others. If you are leading a real-time conversation with a person on POF, only have the picture up for a minute or two.

Of course, if you trust them enough, you can take the conversation elsewhere. Add the person on Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. There it will be easier to share private images and talk more freely, with voice or even cam conversations.

Only do that if you are 100% sure that their profile is authentic, and you know the person long enough to make a conversation out of POF.

Add Private Images on POF

Incognito Mode

Sharing private images can be fun, but remember always to stay safe and protect your privacy. If you trust someone enough, you can share your other means of communication with them.

We suggest staying on the site until you get to know someone better. Did you have luck finding someone nice on Plenty Of Fish? Let us know in the comments below if you want to. Feel free to ask any questions related to the topic.

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