What Are All the Facebook Badges – A Full List

Facebook Groups are one of the mainstays on Facebook. This option allows users in groups and organizations of all sorts to announce events, have discussions, and even provide each other technical support (if the group focuses on something technical). Facebook groups are more informal than Facebook Pages.

What Are All the Facebook Badges - A Full List

The recent Facebook facelift acknowledges this fact by allowing its users to foster a more fruitful communication within a particular group. However, group badges on Facebook are not a new thing.

Since mid-2018, group administrators and participants are allowed to assign and receive different badges based on user interactions. Needless to say, this is one of the best ways to single out top group users if you are a moderator or admin. On the other hand, they might encourage the receivers to interact with their groups even more.

At the end of the day, Facebook badges are a great tool to reward group members for dynamic online communication and to help prospective Group members get a feel for what the group is about.

The Available Facebook Group Badges

all the facebook badges

The badges are designed to help you identify different group members, such as moderators, admins, and the most active users.

Assigning the Badges

Thanks to recent communication from Facebook, group admins now have the ability to set and change their badge preferences. To set up your preferences do this:

  1. Go to the Group you’re managing
  2. Click ‘Settings’ in the left-hand menu
  3. Click the pencil icon next to ‘Badges’
  4. Choose the badges you’d like to enable
  5. Click ‘Save’

From now on, your badges will automatically assign to the user they’re intended for. If you’ve earned a badge you’d rather not display (like the ‘Top Fan’ badge) it’s probably not permanent.

Many users had concerns about top fan badges in the beginning and the introduction of the feature was quite a source for trolling and light banter. Most top fan badges are updated weekly, before displaying yours a notification will pop up asking if you’d like to display your badge.

If you’d rather not display the icon don’t accept, otherwise, you may not have the option to remove it. Before the recent update, you could click on the community option and turn your badge off, now you’ll have to contact a group admin to have it removed.

The badges show up right next to the user’s name and profile when he or she comments or makes group posts. Here are all the available Facebook badges:

New Member

To create a great Facebook group, it’s important to strike the iron while it’s hot. Getting a new member’s badge means that you haven’t been in a group for more than two weeks. This simple tag might make the new members feel welcome and supported by the group.

Rising Star

facebook badges Rising Star

If you are really active during your first month in a group, you might receive the rising star badge. But it takes more than just being active to qualify for this badge. Your posts or comments need to spark reactions and other comments to earn a rising star.

Conversation Starter

This one is similar to the rising star badge. If your post received the most comments and likes over the past four weeks, the group might acknowledge your contribution with a conversation starter badge.

Conversation Booster

If your posts or comments generate valuable discussions time and again, you might be awarded a conversation booster badge. This means your posts encourage others to interact, share, and comment more. Conversation boosters facilitate and encourage more engagement so recognizing “Conversation Boosters” in a Facebook Group can be very helpful.


It’s always nice to show some love to new group members if you are a veteran member. With that in mind, those who often interact with new members get the greeter badge. The benefits are twofold. The new members feel accepted and you get recognition with the badge.

Greeters make people feel welcome and typically help newbies, so it can be very valuable to give newbies a way to identify the Greeters in your group.

Visual Storyteller

facebook badges Visual Storyteller

Sharing videos and photos that other members frequently comment or like might land you the visual storyteller badge. And again, these need to be unique and of value to the group.

Link Curator

The link curator badge is designed to recognize those who share external content and group-specific news. As you might guess, the links and news need to receive a lot of likes or comments to make you eligible for the badge.

Founding Member

During the first few weeks of creating a Facebook group, you can use all the member support you can get. This is why it’s a good idea to acknowledge their efforts with the founding member’s badge.

Those who join in the first 3 days and post and invite others might receive the badge. You should know that the founding member badge is only available to new groups.

Admin and Moderator

Designed to help other members to identify the group leaders, this badge always appears next to the admin/moderator’s name. This allows for better group management and keeps the entire community safer and more engaged.

The admin/moderator badge also gives moderators more credibility when they must step in and make a moderating decision such as removing a post or comment that doesn’t fit with the group’s policies.

Group Anniversary

Group anniversary badge celebrates the date when a user entered a particular group. It shows up next to the member’s name on that particular date.

Things about Badges that You Should Know

The badges might not appear in all groups. The admins can control their availability and disable or enable them via Settings under Admin Tools and Insights. And to be eligible badges, a group needs to have at least 50 members.

Badges are also available on Facebook Pages. You can simply turn them on by going to your page’s Settings menu. Click on Facebook Badges and toggle on Top Fan Badges.

all the facebook badges - screenshot 2

Congratulations! You’ve Got a TechJunkie Badge

Good communication is at the core of any social network. Unlike other platforms, Facebook has found a cool way to support valuable interaction between its users.

It’s up to you to contribute with engaging comments or posts, and soon enough you’re going to start receiving those badges. Just remember that they might not be available or have the same criteria in every group, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive a badge right away.


14 thoughts on “What Are All the Facebook Badges – A Full List”

Steve says:
Is it possible for the group admin to add a new, custom, member badge? For example a group of photographers. SOME would like Critique…some, not. How can we mark/flag/brand some users so others always know which member wants suggestons?
Amna says:
I want to a top fan with in 2 weeks . Its a contest so am visual storyteller now is it possible that i will be a top fan in a group 7 days are left now
David J. Child says:
I have recently been having “author” badge attached to post comments that I make.
I dont want the damn thing, and FB does not or will not explain what it is, nor what it is used for, nor who attaches it and why?
Is it FB doing it? an FB Capo doing it? and why? keeping track on some of us users and why?
Or is it some outside user formed group doing it… and why? And why do some of us get it attached and others not?
Sara says:
I’m pretty sure it’s displayed when you’re the author of the post. So when you respond, it displays it to signal that you are commenting on your own post.
Susan Hawthorne says:
I have a group with about 5k members. The only available badges are admin, moderator, and new member. Where are the rest. I’ve reported the problem but fb just keeps showing it as “closed”
Saul Hudson says:
I started a new group last month. Has 50 members at the moment but cannot see any badges apart from ‘founding member’ in the badges option. I thought the others were supposed to be available once you hit 50 members?
Leona says:
As a group admin, you have to turn this on in your admin console. They sent out a weird little notification about a month ago.
Auri says:
What does the author badge mean? Can it be changed to say something else? Or is that a default for everyone?
Jjk says:
I have this badge On myself in fb Called “author” badge. What does it symbolize?
Arlene Manduca says:
I have that badge now too. I don’t know what it means but I’m an admin of multiple groups and I do post a lot.
jody aveline says:
I believe founding member badge goes to anyone who was invited to the new group by the original admin who created the group
Cookie says:
I received a founding member badge for assisting in creating a group.
shelah says:
Why would any one wont or need badge one. It just seems gimmicky
Gabriel Anthony Hanna says:
I think that makes you the owner…notice how it says “member”. From my experience, I’m pretty sure that founding member badges go to early members that invite a certain number/percentage of people to the group.
Michelle Schaffel says:
I created a group and don’t have the founding member badge. I’d like to. How can I add it?
Kanneh says:
Founding member badges only come to those who join the group within 3 days of the group being made. You have to share the group, invite people to join and send the group link to other pages, profiles or other groups. Then you will get the founding member badges. This is how I get it in groups.

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