Apple iPhone 6s Plus review: Big, beautiful and still fabulous (but still no bargain deals)

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Apple iPhone 6s Plus: Performance

The iPhone 6s Plus has the same performance-sensitive components as the iPhone 6s. That means the next-generation A9 processor takes pride of place, accompanied by 2GB of RAM – a pairing that’s fast enough to significantly outgun its predecessor.

Put the iPhone 6s Plus next to last year’s model and the comparative speed of the two devices is noticeable. Apps launch quicker, animations happen with a little more snap, and the fingerprint reader unlocks the phone in a trice.

In benchmarks, the 6s Plus is way ahead:

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6s

Geekbench 3 – single-core




Geekbench 3 – multi-core




GFXBench 3.1 – T-Rex HD onscreen




GFXBench 3.1 – Manhattan onscreen




What’s interesting here is how the Plus compares with the smaller iPhone 6s when it comes to graphics and games performance. There’s no difference in the T-Rex HD test – because that’s now too easy – and the 6s Plus is capped by the refresh rate of the display.[gallery:5]

The Manhattan test, which is far more demanding, proves a tougher task for the A9 processor. This reveals that, although the 6s Plus is quicker than its predecessor, it’s slower than the standard 6s, and that’s because its Full HD display gives it more than twice the number of pixels to draw per frame.

Clearly, the iPhone 6s is the slower performer, but what does this mean out in the real world? Exactly what you’d expect. Most titles, like the T-Rex HD test, won’t stretch the iPhone 6s Plus at all and they’ll run at 60fps. More demanding games will see frame rates fall a touch, but not to the point at which games will be unplayable. It will be a good few years before we see the iPhone 6s Plus struggle to run apps or games.[gallery:2]

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