Apple Car price revealed: Will Project Titan cost $55,000?

The Apple Car is one of the most anticipated vehicles ever, blurring the line between devices and cars and due for release in 2019. We still know almost nothing about what it will look like and what features it will have – but we now have a better idea of how much it might cost.

Apple Car price revealed: Will Project Titan cost $55,000?

According to technology analysts Jefferies and Co, the Apple Car will cost an average of $55,000 (£36,000). What’s more, the 68-page note produced by the firm goes on to estimate that Apple will sell over 200,000 units of its first vehicle.

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That may seem expensive, but it’s not when you compare it to the $42,400 starting price of the BMW i3. Jefferies and Co claims this is an average price, and it’s likely that – just like the Apple Watch – the Apple Car will be available in a range of premium and budget trims, with different price points to match.

Taking on Tesla

Interestingly, Jefferies and Co’s forecast of 200,000 sales suggests that the Apple Car will be far more successful than Tesla’s current line-up: despite being in business for ten years, Tesla is forecast to sell 55,000 cars in 2015.

So why the difference? It’s possible that the technology analysts are taking two additional factors into account. First, the electric car is already experiencing huge growth, and it’s likely that by 2019 the electric vehicle (EV) market will be much larger, with more potential customers.tesla_model_x_1

Second, it’s important to remember the “Apple factor”. Simply put, this is Apple’s ability to enter somewhat niche markets, and make them mainstream. Tesla is already showing that electric cars are viable, and we’d expect Apple to enter the fray with an even greater game changer – much as it did with the iPad in the tablet market.

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