The 10 best Windows 10 apps in 2018: Work, fun and creativity apps

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Windows 10 is the most fantastic OS Microsoft has made in a long time – even despite some of the massive problems its subsequent updates have caused.

The 10 best Windows 10 apps in 2018: Work, fun and creativity apps

While Microsoft’s Store is no Play Store or App Store in regards to many apps it has, Windows 10’s software portal still has a few important and useful gems if you know what you’re looking for. From entertainment to creativity, here are some of the best Windows 10 apps that you should download and play about with.

Best Windows 10 Apps: Productivity

OneDrive (free)


If you’re a cloud storage connoisseur then you’re probably aware of OneDrive, one of the best cloud storage services available to use. Microsoft’s OneDrive Windows 10 app makes it even easier to use and access your cloud storage directly from your desktop. The OneDrive app allows you to save Word files, images and other important documents straight to the cloud from your computer, so you don’t have to go through the process of opening the site in your browser to sync them. This saves significant amounts of time if you’re a prolific document user, and gives you some peace of mind if you’re just trying to back up family photos or other treasured files.

Download OneDrive now from the Microsoft Store

Drawboard PDF (£8.39)


If you want to edit PDFs without the restrictive linearity of other PDF editing apps, Drawboard PDF is for you. Drawboard PDF lets you scribble all over digital documentation to your heart’s content, be it annotating written plans, or simply taking notes in an eclectic way, Drawboard PDF is a useful tool for Windows 10.

Download Drawboard PDF now from the Microsoft Store

Trello (free)


Trello is for anyone who understands the mayhem of a modern office. It’s a taskboard app that allows you to easily create project cards, assign members to it, and categorise them depending on its status or project type. It organises the members of your team so you know who’s doing what at all times. The Trello app makes that even easier by making the task board part of  Windows 10 — you can easily attach files, access them on various devices, and complete work offline to be synced when you get an internet connection.

Download Trello now from the Microsoft Store

Best Windows 10 Apps: Entertainment

Minecraft (£24.99)


Minecraft needs no introduction. The game is now so big it’s been ported to anything with a screen, has clothing ranges and spin-off games, and has even been adapted to a theatre performance. Minecraft’s hefty price tag on Windows 10 is for the “Starter Collection” which includes the game as well as a selection of texture packs and skin packs. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the game without these, although a free trial is offered.

Download Minecraft now from the Microsoft Store

TuneIn Radio (free)


Are you even really working if you’re not ignoring to the radio in the background? TuneIn Radio lets you listen to radio stations while you work. You can tune into music, news or sports stations from around the world, as well as listen to podcasts and audio. It can be really useful for listening to stations you otherwise would miss, and click between them a lot easier than on a typical radio.

Download TuneIn Radio now from the Microsoft Store

Duolingo (free)


You’ll remember from your school years that learning languages is, maybe, the most miserable experience one can have in life. Duolingo changes that.

It’s a free app with a huge number of languages to learn, each of which is divided into bite-sized lessons based on difficulty and topic. Most importantly, it’s actually fun to use, playing more like a game than a lesson. Duolingo is constantly adding new languages — it now offers Hungarian, Vietnamese and even Valyrian. 

Download Duolingo now from the Microsoft Store

Star Chart (free)


An ultimate time-wasting app, although a fun and informative one, Star Chart lets you view the night sky around you, charting constellations or spotting planets. If you have an AR device you can use its added functionality to point to an object in the sky and find out what it is.

Download Star Chart now from the Microsoft Store

Best Windows 10 Apps: Creativity

Polarr (free)


Polarr is a photo editing app with a huge number of features, from blending and filter modes to a wide array of adjustments available. This means it’s useful for amateur editors as well as seasoned professionals. A “pro” edition is available for £20 per year, but even the free version has enough features to be worthwhile and is customisable in terms of layout and appearance to suit any kind of work attitude.
Download Polarr now from the Microsoft Store

Adobe Photoshop Express (free)


As is apparent from its name, Photoshop Express is a simplified (and free) version of Adobe Photoshop, the expensive but powerful image manipulation app. While it doesn’t have all the features of the original, it has enough to be a powerful and worthwhile alternative to those who don’t want to shell out hundreds of pounds. Its features include contrast, saturation, exposure and temperature control, as well as various effects and fixes for images. It supports a wide array of file types from various cameras and sources too, making it perfect for professional photos that need minimal edits.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express now from the Microsoft Store

Music Maker Jam (free)


While Music Maker Jam isn’t quite a professional sound mixing app (of which there are few good free apps), it’s great fun for jamming and mixing from predetermined elements. You can choose between three free music styles and combine various sounds and effects on top of them. There are enough functions and controls to make it a fun way to mess about and create music — if it inspires you to make your own music, that’s just a bonus.

Download Music Maker Jam now from the Microsoft Store

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