How To Attach an Email to a Text

If you have a business or are a part of one, you don’t only interact with partners using text messages or voice calls. Emails are also an important factor in communication between business and their clients.

How To Attach an Email to a Text

Sometimes there is an email that you have to forward to one of your clients or colleagues, and you can only do it via a text message. You can try and retype it or copy and paste it to a text message, but it is not always possible. It also takes a lot of time.

Maybe you didn’t know, but there are ways to attach an email to a text message and forward it in textual form to another recipient.

Forwarding an Email

Forwarding an email as a text may sound complicated. First, you should look to send only short emails that have less than 160 characters. If needed, you can trim them before you forward them as a text. You also have to know the phone provider’s email address.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do to this:

  1. Open the email which you want to forward to a text message.
  2. Click on “Forward”, same as you would with a regular mail. If you’ve never forwarded a message before, the icon resembles an arrow pointing to the right.
    Attach an Email to a Text
  3. If needed, trim your email to make it shorter. Though some carriers may allow up to 200 characters, text messages are usually limited to 160 apiece, so try to get rid of redundant text to avoid complications.
  4. Check the general email address of your recipient’s provider. You can find it easily on Google for any service provider in your country. For example, to send an email to a T-Mobile user, you would address it to: [phonenumber], AT&T’s would be [phonenumber], etc.
    Email to a Text Message
  5. Once you’ve found the desired email combination, type it in the address field of the message.
  6. Hit Send (or Submit).
  7. The recipient should soon get your email in the textual form.

Note that none of the email formatting (color, font, size, images) will exist in the text message. Furthermore, you can’t send any of the attached files via text.

This method is useful if a person is not available to check their email and the matter is urgent.

Sending a New Email to a Text

In addition to knowing how to forward existing emails to text messages, you may find it helpful to know how to send a new email using this method.

The principle is the same: you should know the phone number and the provider’s email.

Click on ‘Compose new mail’ in your email application and type your message. Again, make sure to keep the text around 160 characters and not to exceed the 200-character mark.

When you finish, type the correct phone number/email combination in the Recipient field and press Send or Submit. The person should receive your email as a text.

Send an Email as a Text Message

If you can’t reach your email app from a phone device and you need to send it to an email recipient, you can do it with a text message, too.

In this instance, you don’t send a text to a phone number, but to the desired email address.

For example, instead of sending a text to a number 012345678 you will send it to [username] That person will receive your text message in their email Inbox.

You may have to enable Mobile data for this to work.

How to Determine My Phone’s Email Address

To ensure that you can receive emails via text, you can check your phone’s address in a few simple steps.

  1. Open the messaging app on your phone.
  2. Type your email in the recipient field instead of a number. Write anything in the body of the message just to avoid leaving it blank.
    How to Attach an Email to a Text Message
  3. Send the message. (Make sure Mobile Data is turned on.)
  4. Open your email. (That’s the same email that you’ve sent your text to.)
  5. Find the message that you’ve sent.
    Attach an Email to a Text Message
  6. The sender address for that email is your telephone’s address.

This may be useful if you want to set up your email app to forward your mail from important addresses. That way, you can get a copy of your mail to your phone as well and avoid inconvenience if you are unable to access your email account or if your email notifications are turned off.

An Important Note

When forwarding an email as a text message, make sure to double-check the providers’ and carriers’ conditions. Some providers require their users to manually set up the possibility of receiving email via text. You should look into this in time. That way, you can prevent your clients or colleagues from not getting their emails at all.

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