How To Tell Who Liked You in Badoo

Badoo is like a modern-day Cupid, it matches people of similar interests and opens up many new possibilities. If you feel lonely and need somebody to talk to, Badoo is a great place to hang out.

How To Tell Who Liked You in Badoo

You can also find a date, and the odds are in your favor. According to the latest information, Badoo has over 400 million registered users all across the globe. You’re bound to find someone you’ll enjoy spending time with.

Has somebody on the app liked you already? That is great news, but how do you see who this person is? Read on and find out.

Badoo Preferences

When you first start up your Badoo account, they will ask for your preferences when it comes to finding people. You will be asked to choose the sex, location, and age of people you want to meet.

Follow these steps to change these parameters at any time:

  1. Open the Badoo app.
  2. Select the Globe icon on the bottom left.
  3. Tap on the Preferences icon in the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Here you can change any preference, and also filter people who are Online or who are New users of the app.

Liking on Badoo

Once you are all set up, you can start liking people. To access the matching screen, tap the second icon on the bottom left part of your screen. A new profile will appear every time you swipe. Swiping left or pressing X means no. Swiping right or selecting the heart emoji means yes.

Badoo swipe

You can also select the heart pierced with an arrow, which is located between X and <3. This sends a Crush to someone, which lets them know you really like them and are eager to meet them. Note that this feature costs some Badoo credits. You can learn more about this and other Badoo premium features down below.

You will be notified when somebody likes you, but their picture will be blurred out completely so it will be impossible to find out who it is. You will only know the town they are from.

Badoo crush

You can see your likes when you tap on the All Connections dropdown menu, located on top of your chat section.

Badoo likes

Benefits of Badoo Premium

Badoo Premium is for users who want to stand out in the crowd, and it lets you get dates and meet more people in a shorter period of time. There are daily, weekly, and monthly premium plans, but you can also purchase in-app credits if you prefer.

When you become a premium user, you can:

  1. See who likes you – Instead of blurred pictures, you can see the person who liked you clearly. Then, you can decide if you want to like them back and start chatting. This makes the matching process much easier and faster.
  2. See who likes you the most – You will gain access to the favorites list under All Connections.
  3. Revert your votes – You can easily change a “No” into a “Yes” on the matching screen.
  4. Enter incognito mode – You can browse Badoo and appear offline to others.
  5. Send highlighted messages – Put your message on the top of the chat window if you really like someone.
  6. Send stickers.
  7. Connect with the most popular users – You will be able to chat with the app’s “celebrities”.

You can increase your popularity and get more visits by using the app credits.

Badoo is Free, Right?

Signing up for Badoo is free and everyone can download the app. You can use it completely free of charge, but you will come across some difficulties.

You can upload pictures and videos without any limitations, but finding a match is slightly more challenging for basic users. Everyone has access to the matching part of the app. However, it might take a very long time before someone you like gets matched with your profile and likes you back.

Me Gusta

Now you know about the free and the paid features of Badoo. Unfortunately, there is no other way of knowing who liked you than paying for a premium service. This is not too costly and it opens up more possibilities, making it easier to find dates and friends within the app.

Our final advice to you is to use your best pictures, which you can import them from other social media. Or find your best angle and make some new ones. Your bio is important too but a good photo is the best way to gain likes.

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tell says:
It is just rubbisch and it is not free to chat, you can like many persons you want and others can like you but you are unable to see or chat with them who you liked cause you need to pay for it, so it;s a worthless to swipe and like whatever you want but you will never get further without paying, junkapp

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