How to Beat Daelin Proudmoore in Hearthstone

In late 2020, Hearthstone introduced another adventure mode aimed at new players. The new adventures, collectively titled Book of Heroes, put you in charge of unique decks for each class to provide a fresh challenge. The Hunter’s 8-mission track starts off with straightforward battles and minor strategy elements but quickly ramps up in difficulty. The seventh boss, Daelin Proudmoore, can be a particularly challenging opponent but isn’t impossible to beat.

How to Beat Daelin Proudmoore in Hearthstone

Here are our tips on how to beat Daelin Proudmoore.

How to Beat Daelin Proudmoore in Hearthstone?

Daelin Proudmoore features a unique boss deck with cards and hero powers that aren’t encountered in regular gameplay. The cards are more powerful than ordinary cards and can be more difficult to beat if you get particularly unlucky.

To counteract this, your Hunter hero also starts with a few tricks up his sleeve. Your hero power is incredibly useful and is one of the most crucial ways to victory. Before we delve into the strategy, here are the decklists for both heroes. Cards in the list are the same as their normal counterparts unless specifically mentioned.

Daelin Proudmoore Deck List

  • 2x Marshspawn: 3-mana 3/4 with “Battlecry: If you cast a spell last turn, Discover a Spell”
  • 3x Kul Tiran Footman: 5-mana 4/4 with “Spell Damage +2” and “Deathrattle: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero”
  • 3x Monsoon: 7-mana spell that deals six damage to all minions, and then three more damage to your (Hunter’s) minions
  • 2x Water Elemental
  • 2x Kul Tiran Chaplain
  • 2x Forked Lightning
  • 2x Stormforged Axe
  • 2x Far Sight
  • 2x Dread Corsair
  • 2x Recruiter
  • 2x Shattered Rumbler
  • 2x Walking Fountain
  • 2x Eye of the Storm

Hero Power: Costs 4 mana. Creates Kul Tiran Warship, a 4-mana 2/6 minion with Taunt and “At the start of your turn, summon 2 random minions from your deck.”

Daelin’s deck primarily relies on using the hero power to cheat out powerful minions directly from its deck into play. It also has a nigh-unbeatable late game presence with powerful board clear in Monsoon and overwhelming Eye of the Storm taunt production.

The Player’s Hunter Deck List

  • 4x Power of the Horde: 4-mana spell that summons a random Horde Warrior:
    • Frostwolf Grunt
    • Tauren Warrior
    • Thrallmar Farseer
    • Silvermoon Guardian
    • Sen’jin Shieldmasta
    • Cairne Bloodhoof (regular version)
  • 1x Cairne Bloodhoof: This version has Charge in addition to its other effects. The player is guaranteed to draw it by turn six.
  • 1x Huntmaster Bow: 7-mana 5/2 weapon with “After your hero attacks, Summon three 1/1 Snakes.”
  • 2x Explosive Trap
  • 1x Freezing Trap
  • 2x Misdirection
  • 2x Pressure Plate
  • 2x Snake Trap
  • 2x Snipe
  • 2x Venomstrike Trap
  • 2x Deadly Shot
  • 2x Eaglehorn Bow
  • 2x Kill Command
  • 2x Hyena Alpha
  • 2x Unleash the Beast
  • 1x Masked Contender
  • 2x Lifedrinker

Hero Power: Costs 2 mana and deals four damage to a random enemy minion.

The player’s deck revolves around maintaining board control through the removal of their hero power while using disposable minions to finish off opponents and pressure the enemy life total.

Beating Daelin Proudmoore

At first glance, the battle is severely lopsided in the AI’s favor. The hero power alone is powerful. Factor in the primary source of board, card advantage, and the unique cards and it becomes a challenge for any player. The whole fight revolves around answering the AI hero power and prolonging board presence throughout the early game.

Once the enemy reaches enough mana to deploy additional threats to the board or remove minions with Monsoon, the fight will usually turn in their favor. It’s best to press your advantage as quickly as possible and use proactive cards.

Your deck is loaded with Secret cards and has two Eaglehorn Bows at its disposal. Usually, the most straightforward tactic is to equip the bow and play as many Secret cards, and keep up the Bow’s Durability to have something to attack with.

Unfortunately, most of your Secrets are not effective against the enemy hero power. If they trigger in the late game, their effects usually won’t be enough to give you an effective avenue of attack. The bow is a useful removal piece for warships (in conjunction with your hero power), so don’t hesitate to use the final charge if it means stopping the devastating effect.

If possible, mulligan away any Secret cards in your opening hand. You have so many of them in your deck and your chances of drawing some are significant. Other cards take precedence, and most of your other cards only require one Secret in play.

Early Game

In the early game, focus on establishing the board and using your hero power to clear any early plays. The best early game sequence you can make is usually:

  • Turn two Secret
  • Turn three Masked Contender, Eaglehorn Bow, or hero power if the opponent put a 2-cost creature in play
  • Turn four Hyena Alpha or hero power + Secret

These cards will allow you to prepare for the inevitable turn four AI hero power. You should be able to clear the board from all enemy minions except for the warship on the fifth turn. A hero power will lower it to two Health, which is enough for the Masked Contender, Bow, or the Alpha to finish off. You will have three mana remaining to put something else on the board.

Mid Game

When possible, use higher Health minions to trade up and let smaller ones deal damage directly to the opponent.

You’ll always have Cairne Bloodhoof in your hand by turn 6, making it a relatively straightforward play. It has Charge to immediately pressure the enemy minions, and its Deathrattle will keep a 4/5 minion on the board once it dies.

The best Secret to use is the Venomstrike Trap. The 2/3 Poisonous snake can kill two Warships on its own. In lieu of the Venomstrike Trap, the next best option is Snipe because most creatures the AI plays from their hand have four or fewer Health.

If you draw Pressure Trap or Misdirection, save them for after the enemy has played Eye of the Storm.

Once you have established a clear board presence, your 2-mana hero power can pressure the opponent’s 4-mana power, allowing you to make easier trades and pressure the AI’s life total.

Late Game

Your deck only has a few options to damage the enemy outright, namely Kill Command and three weapons. Most of your damage potential will come from minions. If the enemy is at 10 or less Health, two Kill Commands will be enough to finish him off, so don’t waste one early.

If you haven’t managed to deal enough damage to the enemy before he starts deploying high-cost spells, the AI can stabilize within a few turns, making victory out of reach. The game is usually over or near the end before your 10th turn.

You might not be able to defeat the enemy on the first try. The game has a few random components, which can be pretty stressful if you’re not used to them. One example is with the starting hand you draw and the cards you draw each turn. Sometimes, you won’t get the cards you need to pressure the enemy early.

Other random effects include four copies of Power of the Horde, which can grant you minions anywhere from a simple 2/2 (which is woefully inadequate for the cost) up to Cairne. The AI also has random-oriented cards, such as Forked Lightning, which can make board states unpredictable.

Additional FAQ

Why Is Daelin Proudmoore So Tough?

The solo player adventures are usually tuned towards the AI favor to bring more challenge. If all the missions were easy, you wouldn’t feel as much of a reward once you eventually beat them.

The game also has a heavy random element, since you can’t control how you draw your cards and what options are available to you at the time. Other random effects, which this particular boss fight has a few of, can quickly shift the advantage between players.

This boss isn’t impossible to beat on the first try, but you might just get unlucky with your initial draw.

Who Is Daelin Proudmoore?

Daelin Proudmoore was the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, and Jaina Proudmoore’s father. He was one of the most prominent alliance members in World of Warcraft lore. His inclusion in the Hearthstone solo adventure signifies his importance to Rexxar’s (the Hunter basic hero) background and story progression.

Who Is Lady Jaina Proudmoore?

Jaine Proudmoore is best known by Hearthstone players as the basic Mage hero. In the Warcraft universe, she is one of the most important Warcraft franchise protagonists. She’s considered one of the most powerful mages in the story universe, and a pivotal character throughout many stories and media.

Who Is the Mage Hero in Hearthstone?

The current roster of mage heroes includes:

• Jaina Proudmoore: the basic Mage hero and the first hero players will encounter in the game’s tutorial. Players can obtain a few alternate Jaina portraits depending on their class progress.

• Medivh: one of the game’s first purchasable alternate heroes. Medivh is currently not available in the shop, but that might change someday.

• Khadgar: first available as a part of an iOS promotion. He was last available for purchase in early 2020.

• Kel’Thuzad: initially introduced as a final boss in the Naxxramas expansion, Kel’Thuzad became an alternate mage hero in the “Scholomance Academy” expansion. You can obtain him by purchasing the expansion’s Mega Bundle, only available for real money.

Hunt for the Next Opponent

Daelin is the seventh boss in the Hunter’s Book of Heroes adventure. Once you defeat him, only one boss remains between you and the class pack reward. Hopefully, our tips and strategy will be enough for you to prevail.

What is your hardest adventure boss to beat in Hearthstone? Let us know in the comment section below.

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