The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions

Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) gives players ten companions that can help on their journey. However, you can only select three to keep in your party. All companions have unique background stories, abilities, and attitudes. While the best choice for a companion may vary depending on the playthrough you’re pursuing, some top the list regardless of the game style due to their versatility and utility for both combat and interactions. So, who are the best allies in BG3?

The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions

This article highlights the best companions you can team up with in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Top Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions

It’s impossible to play BG3 without companions. But, you’ll need to select the right companions to build a strong party.

As a general note, take stock of your own character first. If you’re playing as a Rogue, then you won’t need a second one in the party, so you can cross Astarion off your list, for example. For best results, stick to one melee martial class (Fighter, Barbarian, or possibly Paladin), one support spellcaster (Cleric, Druid, or Bard), one offensive spellcaster (Wizard, Sorcerer, or Warlock), and a secondary martial or general utility class (Rogue, Monk, Ranger). Since classes are more fluid than in most other RPGs, some classes can serve multiple roles, so the ideal class composition can change based on how you build the team.

Below are some of the companions you should prioritize recruiting in your team.


Race: Githyanki

Class: Fighter

Gender: Female

Background: Soldier

Most BG3 players develop a love-hate relationship with Lae’Zel. This can be attributed to her outwardly hostile nature. But, this Githyanki is a valuable asset to have in your party. If you’re looking for a companion who isn’t afraid to go into battle, Lae’Zel is one of your best bets.

This Githyanki warrior is a heavy bruiser who will more often than not lead your party to a crushing victory. Even though she faces stiff competition from Karlach, Lae’Zel still carves out space for herself on this list. This is because she can be recruited earlier (shortly after the tutorial) and offers better DPS. Take note that Lae’zel’s conversation skills can sometimes be lacking. However, choosing to be patient with her will reward your pursuits in BG3 in unimaginable ways (all good, of course).


Race: Lolth-Sworn Drow

Class: Paladin – Oath of Vengeance

Gender: Female

Background: Noble

Deity: Lolth

This Drow Paladin is an invaluable ally and regularly appears in many teams. Minthara boasts incredible melee powers. She also has amazing healing abilities. These powers make her one of the most versatile companions you can have on your team. She can tank and still deal damage simultaneously, ensuring she keeps her team safe through any battle. But Minthara can be a complex character to recruit, which is why some players opt to kill her. If you add her to your party, you may lose some of your companions. It’s best to pick her up only if you’re dedicated to pursuing an evil playthrough.


Race: High Half-Elf

Class: Cleric – Trickery Domain

Gender: Female

Background: Acolyte

Deity: Shar

Shadowheart is versatile and helpful in various situations. Clerics are frequently considered one of the best BG3 classes. As a High Half-Elf, Shadowheart also gets one Wizard cantrip, making her even more adaptable in battle. Since she is the only companion in the Cleric class, adding her to your party is a smart choice. She’s also the first to join your party if you decide to save her in the tutorial, giving your party a much-needed healer and survivability booster early on.

Shadowheart is also one of the most common romance choices in the game. Yet, the most endearing thing about Shadowheart is her enriching backstory. Even if you’re looking to pursue an evil playthrough, you should try at least one gameplay with her to understand why she’s so popular and a must-have character for your party.


Race: Human

Class: Wizard

Gender: Male

Background: Sage

If you’re focusing on a martial class, then your party will likely need a good spellcaster like Gale. But magic isn’t everything there is to Gale’s character. His high Intelligence and Charisma are handy during social interactions where you don’t know what to say since he is also proficient in Persuasion, History, and Investigation. They are also helpful in role-playing.

Gale’s character can seem cumbersome during the early stages of the game since spell slots are limited and magical effects more hit-or-miss. Eventually, his spell list becomes invaluable for every encounter you can imagine. If you spend more time with him, you’ll quickly realize that his constant wish for good can prove invaluable.


Race: High Elf

Class: Rogue

Gender: Male

Background: Charlatan

Astarion’s charm and charisma are enough to captivate any Dungeons and Dragons player. As the only companion naturally belonging to the Rogue class, he becomes indispensable in some encounters if you want to play without respecting companions. Rogues deliver high damage per round (DPR), especially if he can stay in the back or hide from enemies. He’s also a master in looting and lockpicking. The only downside to Astarion’s Rogue class is that his full combat potential is unleashed in the game’s later stages. But he still offers incredible traits and unique attributes that are handy in the game’s early stages.

Astarion is a great companion for conversation, and he also holds a captivating background, which is never truly what it seems to be. While he enjoys evil or malicious acts more than other companions you can recruit, he is more mischievous than anything else.


Race: Zariel Tiefling

Class: Barbarian

Gender: Female

Background: Outlander

If you don’t want to handle Lae’Zel, then Karlach is an excellent martial class pick. As a Barbarian, she’ll frequently be the tankiest character on the party. She can provide invaluable support even during the game’s early stages. But it’s Karlach’s beautiful personality and charm that draw most players toward her. If you do decide to make her your companion, you’ll quickly realize that there’s some darkness beneath the light she carries, which arises from her past.

Be prepared to frequently break into laughter with Karlach. Unlike other companions, she opens up really fast, and even though she portrays herself as morally righteous, she isn’t as restrained as she seems.

Find Your Party

Baldur’s Gate 3 companion system is one of the best among recent RPG games. Not only is the number of companions substantial, but their backstories are as intriguing and complex as they are captivating. Yet, in the course of the game, there are some characters you’re bound to love more than others. Given that you can only have up to three companions at a time, selecting which ones to recruit for your party can be challenging. Be aware that for the best success, you should pick characters of a different class than your own.

Who’s your favorite BG3 companion so far, and why? Which new character are you now willing to try out as a companion in BG3? Let us know in the comments section below.

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