The Best Business Intelligence Platforms

Business intelligence (BI) platforms are essential for growing any enterprise. These solutions collect, process, and analyze relevant data and identify new opportunities to progress.

The Best Business Intelligence Platforms

Utilizing a powerful business intelligence platform can help you predict future business situations. Moreover, gaining insight from BI-generated analytics leads to a considerable increase in ROI (return on investment) and a competitive advantage.

Business intelligence tools can significantly boost your workflow. They can help you make clever decisions to achieve higher business goals. Read on to learn more about the best business intelligence platforms.

The Best Business Intelligence Platforms

There are many business intelligence tools on the market right now. Choosing the best software isn’t a simple task since every business has different needs. However, most business intelligence platforms share the same essential set of features:

  • Data visualization
  • Advanced analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Reporting
  • Data and performance management
  • Data integration

Business intelligence platforms process structured and unstructured data using these functions. Once the data is processed, users can harness it to simplify decision-making based on precise KPIs (key performance indicators) and market shifts. A good BI platform is easy to navigate and allows you to create a complex data structure.

Zoho Analytics

Starting off this list is Zoho Analytics. An efficient all-around player, this powerful self-service business intelligence and analytics platform connects, processes, and analyzes data. This tool provides all the essential features a complete BI platform needs and makes an excellent choice for any business.

Zoho Analytics creates visualizations from raw data, allowing you to easily read the insights. The platform turns processed information into detailed reports and dashboards. These features provide a clear overview of your KPIs, current trends, and future predictions.

Data management is another strong point of this tool. It features an augmented self-service data processor, allowing you to transform, enhance, and sort the data you want to examine. Detailed data preparation is mandatory for generating a thorough report, and Zoho Analytics provides you with an excellent dashboard. This feature for building interactive reports uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to construct various charts and tables.

You can also generate automated insights using a built-in AI assistant. Conversing with a chatbot allows you to see future trends and analyze what-if situations.

The cloud-based version of Zoho Analytics offers a 15-day free trial and a yearly plan which starts from $24 per month, billed yearly. The platform also has a free forever plan for on-premise personal use, which allows one user and essential features.

Microsoft Power BI

Needless to say, Microsoft Power BI is an exemplary business intelligence platform. Coming from one of the biggest tech companies in the world, this tool lives up to the expectations. It perfectly combines a user-friendly interface and powerful advanced analytics features. Power BI discovers hidden insights in the analytics and allows you to make confident decisions regarding your next business steps.

One of the best features is the exceptional data visualization capabilities. It’s a fantastic tool for converting data into visuals and graphics to analyze and explore. The program also allows for collaboration on interactive dashboards and reports, making it a superb choice even for more prominent business organizations. The app will enable you to use natural language processing for visualization tools.

Microsoft Power BI is straightforward regarding ease of use. The highly intuitive user interface makes it reasonably easy to learn and the perfect choice for novice business analysts.

Since it’s a Microsoft product, you can easily integrate it with other services, including third-party software. You can connect the platform with Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, data streaming services, and on-premise databases.

Microsoft Power BI fees $13.70 per month for a single user. The premium version’s pricing includes all the features available with Power BI Pro, with an additional special price for licensing organizations.


Tableau is another excellent business intelligence tool. Mainly focused on data visualization, it comes with plenty of additional BI-relevant features for discovering patterns and business insights. This tool is an excellent choice for more data-driven businesses that rely on statistics for decision-making. Moreover, it’s incredibly customizable and usable across various industries, including communication, marketing, banking, healthcare, tech, and more.

The desktop version of Tableau connects directly to a large number of data sources, including on-premises and cloud-based. The program makes analysis quick and straightforward with interactive dashboards and natural language queries. These allow for examining sets of data to produce relevant insights and predictions.

Tableau provides live visual analytics, allowing you to create interactive maps for analyzing data regarding geo-specific criteria. It can analyze data regarding regions, demographics, and more, creating an interactive visual narrative. The program offers excellent filtering abilities, allowing you to quickly find areas of high impact.

The collaborative features of this app are another strong point. You can create and share data on the Tableau dashboards and collaborate on reports. You can use server-generated links to compare data sets and manage access permissions to edit the dashboard. Finally, Tableau has extraordinary integrative abilities, easily connecting with Periscope, Iterable, and other third-party software.

Tableau offers three plans for individual and business use. It also provides cloud and server-hosted options to best suit your business.


Last on our list is Sisense, one of the leading business intelligence tools on the market. This software is packed with great benefits for its users. Sisense goes above and beyond classic business intelligence tools with its ability to collect analytics for various aspects of a business. Embedding data analysis in both customer applications and employee workflows, Sisense gathers information from all your sources.

Powerful visual reports are a vital asset of this business intelligence tool. They aim to generate intelligent analysis and easily share insights and predictions with your team. As a result, Sisense is a useful collaborative tool that encourages business analytics teams to work as one. Report visualizations are truly eye-catching, and the program allows you to export them to PDF, Images, Excel spreadsheets, and other formats.

Sisense is a fast 64-bit system using multi-core CPUs. It has an intuitive, scriptless user interface, making it easy to navigate and suitable for less advanced business analysts. However, it offers plenty of business analytics essentials, such as the unique Sisense Fusion dashboard.

This AI-powered cloud platform is highly customizable. Many of the world’s top companies use Sisense as their preferred BI tool. It has been on the Forbes’ Cloud 100, The World’s Best Cloud Company for five years now.

Finally, Sisense is reasonably priced for such an extensive set of features. You can get started with a free trial or contact the developer team to buy the official license.

Empower Your Business With Analytics

Most successful enterprises use business intelligence platforms to gain insight into their performance. Analytics is an essential part of running a company. It allows you to quickly access and analyze large chunks of data. Having a tool that helps you speed up this process and present it in an immersive way will help facilitate your business growth.

Do you use a business intelligence platform? Which solution has proved most beneficial? Let us know in the comments section below.

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