The Best CapCut Background Music

Digital creators are always on the lookout for background music to enhance their CapCut videos. However, it’s crucial to find a music provider that offers original high-quality royalty-free music in a variety of genres, tones, and styles.

The Best CapCut Background Music

This article will review the best CapCut background music apps.

The Best Background Music Services

Here are the top five best background music apps available as of 2023.

Envato Elements Al

Envato Elements is one of the best sources for creatives who require an all-in-one package with shared resources. When you sign up for a plan you get affordable access to royalty-free music and sound effects, as well as stock videos, graphics, and web templates.

Envato also offers Individual, Student, and Team member deals.


  • Seven-day free trial
  • Offers 137,622 music samples and 611,139 sound effects
  • Unlimited downloads to any channel
  • Simple royalty-free license
  • The annual personal plan is 57% cheaper than the monthly individual plan
  • Offers legal coverage equal to the amount of the last six months of your payment plan
  • Music to be used commercially can be purchased separately as “an asset”
  • Offers 12 free creative assets per month including bonus audio


  • No refunds for canceled monthly or annual subscriptions
  • If you cancel, you can’t use any musical assets
  • Less music is offered than on other sites

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a paid service that offers users an extensive catalog of original compositions and sound effects. It is known for its always-growing feed of eclectic, original music that is perfect for videos that require background music. It offers both personal and commercial plans.


  • Free Trial in the form of uploading 12 music files over one month
  • Unlimited access to 35,000 tracks
  • Unlimited access to 90,00 sound effects
  • New material is constantly added to the music library
  • Search tools with extensive filters
  • Unlimited downloads for both plans
  • Affordable Personal Plan


  • You can only monetize one channel on the Personal Plan
  • Monetization is limited to three channels on the Commercial Plan
  • The commercial plan is expensive
  • Music can’t be used for ads or business without buying the Commercial Plan
  • Monthly plans are more expensive than annual plans


Artlist is an inexpensive source of music, sound effects, and stock videos for creatives that offers unlimited downloads, as well as monetization on five channels. You can buy an annual bundle, or acquire an annual stand-alone music and sound effects bundle.


  • Lifetime use for a single license
  • No extra charge for corporate or business use
  • Monetize the material on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, YouTube, and Podcasts
  • Offers personalized bundles
  • Low annual price
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Simple attractive interface
  • Original human-written songs
  • High-quality sound effects
  • The pro license offers sponsorship


  • No indemnity
  • Fewer offered tracks


PremiumBeat is owned by Shutterstock. Like its royalty-free photo site, it offers single-purpose licenses. The standard license can be used in web advertisements, podcasts, or personal use projects. A Premium license buys you broadcast rights to use the music for broadcast on TV and film.


  • High-quality, original produced music
  • Simple royalty-free license agreements
  • Material with both standard and premium licenses can be used as CapCut background music
  • 37,000 music samples and 16,200 sound effects
  • Excellent filters and search engines
  • Enables searching for music by mood or genre
  • Many “instrumental only “ choices
  • Podcasts, both personal and revenue-generating can use the music
  • Offers a discounted yearly subscription for 60 Premium tracks a year
  • Offers a three-month subscription that offers a 15-song download
  • Offers access to their popular blog called The Beat that offers video creation advice


  • Expensive even with discounts
  • Acquiring a sound effect costs extra
  • A standard license doesn’t allow public broadcasting or advertising
  • A standard license doesn’t allow broadcasts at trade shows
  • A premium license limits you to 1,000 copies or downloads
  • Music files disappear if you don’t stay subscribed


AudioJungle is a popular bargain basement site that is owned by Envato. It offers individual pricing for royalty-free music clips and over 6,500 royalty-free “genre packs.” It is an affordable option for digital creators who want to brand their videos with music.


  • Select from 778,700 royalty-free music tracks and 920, 300 sound effects
  • Offers single downloads with three tracks at an affordable price
  • Offers 23 curated genre categories including pop, rock, soul, folk, cinematic, atmospheres, and more
  • Audio packs often go on sale
  • Excellent search engine with tags
  • Sounds are nicely categorized with filters
  • You can browse for music with a specific tempo
  • Offers musical logos and musical idents to brand your sound
  • The platform is regularly updated with new content
  • Each clip comes with a detailed description and a preview
  • Offers training videos


  • The quality of each track varies because it isn’t monitored
  • Some tracks may not sound original
  • You may not use one license on multiple projects
  • Your project may not be played more than 10,000 times on YouTube
  • The track isn’t exclusive to your project


Does the CapCut have an in-app music library?

CapCut does have its own in-app music library with a mix of both free and copyrighted tunes. The free music is licensed under the Creative Commons label, which means it can be used without permission or payment.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music isn’t free. It means the music can be licensed for a one-time fee. The buyer can use the music as many times as they want, while the creator retains some rights.

What is Creative Commons music?

The Creative Commons is a site that allows musicians and copyright owners to offer music downloads for free to filmmakers as long as the creator of the music is credited for their work in the movie. Some musicians ask for a link back to their website as a thank you for their work.

What is a sonic logo?

A sonic logo, also known as a music ident, is a music clip that sounds out your logo. It’s a form of musical branding that may be crucial for users using their CapCut videos as a sales tool. It can be one signature riff or even a series of noises. These sounds can also be used to create a soundscape for your video.

The Best CapCut Background Music

CapCut creators can find a plethora of royalty-free music, be it laughter for a humorous short, a sound-scape for an experimental art film, or a catchy ear-worm for a business ad. Often the best background music provider is the one that allows you to be true to your sense of artistic expression without spending too much money or violating copyright. A great music download site will also provide you with high-quality sound effects and sonic logos.

Have you ever used a third-party app for background music on CapCut? If so, are any of the options reviewed in the article of interest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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