The Best Elden Ring Builds

Elden Ring is incredibly fun, but it can also be frustrating. You try to defeat an enemy over and over again, but you die every time. So, what’s the problem? It may have to do with your build.

The Best Elden Ring Builds

You’re about to learn how to overcome the obstacle. This article will recommend the best Elden Ring builds. Not every build works great for all players. Some prefer maximizing their Strength, whereas others enjoy casting Spells. Also, you shouldn’t run the same weapons and sets from start to finish.

Our list considers all these factors. One of the following builds should suit your playstyle perfectly.

The Best Elden Ring Builds for Beginners

If you’re an Elden Ring newbie, you need a build that will help throughout the vital first sections of the game. Here are a couple of options.

Mage/Caster Build

One of the best and easiest builds for novice players is the Mage/Caster build. When starting your journey, select the Astrologer class because it has more Intelligence and Mind than other groups. These two will be your primary Attributes.

Speaking of Attributes, you want to put the most points into Intelligence, Vigor, and Mind.

The main weapon you should obtain is the Meteorite Staff. You can find it in Caelid, east of your starting place. Explore the area until you locate the Street of Sages Ruins, which is where the Staff lies.

The Meteorite Staff has higher damage than other early-game Staffs and “S” scaling for Intelligence, making it powerful for Casters. It’s not upgradable, but the superior damage output more than makes up for this. It also increases the intensity of Gravity Spells.

As for the Armor, you should choose from these four sets:

  • Fire Monk
  • Sage
  • Perfumer/Traveler
  • Astrologer

Combine elements from each set to get the best stats and looks.

When it comes to Talismans, you won’t have many Slots in the early game. If you have only two available Slots, use them for the Radagon Icon and Graven-School Talisman. They increase spell-casting speed and increase the potency of Sorceries, respectively.

Colossal/Strength Build

The Colossal/Strength build focuses on wielding the heaviest weapons that excel in melee combat. If you opt for this class, you’ll be dealing super-heavy blows.

Start the build by selecting the Vagabond or Hero class. Most of your Attribute Points should go to Strength, Vigor, and Endurance.

The best weapon for beginners is the Heavy Greatsword, which comes with excellent Strength scaling. It also lets you perform forward jumps that put out a ton of damage. You can find the weapon near Cealem Ruins, lying in the chest of the black carriage.

Regarding armor, consider the Kaiden Set. It’s a heavy armor set that complements your style and provides good early-game stats.

Finally, equip the Arsenal Charm to raise your maximum equipment load and the Green Turtle Talisman to raise stamina recovery speed.

The Best Elden Ring Builds PvE

PvE combat is not just about skill; a player’s ability certainly makes a difference. It’s also about equipping a build that lets you cut through your enemies like butter.

Try the two following builds to improve your performance.

Arcane/Rivers of Blood

The Arcane stat is essential for PvE battles. The Rivers of Blood build lets you maximize it.

It features the Rivers of Blood Katana, one of the mightiest swords in Elden Ring. Used appropriately, it makes your enemies bleed with every strike. It also has a powerful ability – Corpse Piler. This rapid slash sequence doubles down on the hemorrhage damage.

You can equip another Katana for dual-wielding, but one should be more than enough.

In terms of stats, you should prioritize Arcane and Dexterity to boost bleed damage and mobility.

Armor isn’t critical for this build, but make sure to get the White Mask. It raises your damage by 10% for 20 seconds after triggering Bleed.

Likewise, the Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman raises your attack power by another 20% for 20 seconds if Blood Loss occurs near you.

Faith Build

Another build you should try for PvE skirmishes is the Faith Build. It’s pretty aggressive, centering on magic and offensive tactics. Supportive and passive powers aren’t important for this build.

The weapon of choice here is the Winged Scythe. Use it to slice through your foes and perform Dark Magic to land the final blow.

This item has one of the most powerful abilities in the game – Angel’s Wings. It keeps the enemies you’ve hit from healing.

Alternatively, you can equip a Greatsword if you’re into brawnier encounters. You can buff it with the Black Flame Blade ability that envelops your weapon in an intimidating black flame to increase your damage.

Mind and Faith should be your primary attributes. You can also leave some points for Strength and Endurance.

For armor, you can go with the Haligtree Knight Set. It’s a high-quality armor set that dramatically increases your Robustness and Immunity.

Some of the Talismans you can use include Faithful’s Canvas Talisman, the Winged Sword Insignia, and Godskin Swaddling Cloth. They raise potency, ramp up attack power, and restore HP with successive attacks.

The Best Elden Ring Builds for Late Game Play

Early game builds can only get you so far, and some lose their potency later on. At times, you might need to switch tactics and adapt. Here are two builds most commonly considered to be the strongest for the late game.

Lord of Blood

Update 1.03 introduced several massive changes, but perhaps none was quite as impactful as the buff to bleeding. It made several weapons overpowered, including Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear. It features high base stats and an impressive ability called Bloodboon Ritual. Performed successfully, it gradually deals over 10,000 damage, which can quickly kill most bosses.

Your main Attributes should be Vigor and Arcane.

Armor isn’t crucial for this build, either, but White Mask is a must-have.

As for Talismans, you can equip Lord of Blood’s Exultation and Shard of Alexander. The latter increases the attack power of your weapon’s abilities by 15%.

Unga Bunga

This is another Strength-based set with the Giant Crusher at its core. This weapon deals heavy damage but requires a lot of Strength. As a result, prioritize Strength and Vigor over other Attributes.

Additionally, equip the Bull Goat Set. This armor has staggering stats (e.g., 100 Poise) and one of the highest damage mitigations. It lets you take on enemies head first.

The main Talisman you want to acquire is Radagon’s Soreseal. It raises Strength, Dexterity, Vigor, and Endurance by five points. Plus, obtain Great Jar’s Arsenal to increase your equipment capacity by 19%.

Become a Legendary Warrior

Elden Ring foes are unforgiving, exploiting all your weaknesses. The only way to avoid becoming a sitting duck is to run a powerful build. We’ve given you many great options – select one and start your battle confidently.

What’s your go-to Elden Ring Build? How often do you change builds? Tell us in the comments section below.

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