The Best Instagram Stories Examples

Instagram Stories are a significant feature that you can’t ignore. Regardless of whether you’re using a personal or business account, they give you a higher chance of interacting with new and existing followers. This means that you can significantly increase your brand’s reach and engagement by using it constantly.

The Best Instagram Stories Examples

Instagram Stories are easy to use. That said, you must share engaging content to keep your audience hooked. In this article, we’ll list the best Instagram Stories currently available to view.

MKBHD: Behind-the-Scenes

Marques Brownlee gives his followers a look at his studio and the filming process. If you’ve watched him, you’ll know that his videos are sleek. You’ll appreciate it even more by seeing the amount of work that goes into making the videos.

Your followers are eager to know what it takes to produce content or a product or what it’s like working in your company. Depending on your industry, the behind-the-scenes content will vary but the idea is to give them an insight into your brand. It creates an intimacy that can build trust, transparency and loyalty.

Apple: Product Promotion

Apple is one of the best smartphones in the market. Even after the launch event of the iPhone 15, Apple still uses its strong presence on Instagram to talk about the phone. This Instagram Story shows users the capabilities of the phone. The quality of the camera, its storage, and the range of colors at your disposal.

Every business should use Instagram Stories to showcase their products. Take your followers through your items and explain what they should expect. If you have a new product coming up, talk about it in your stories and let them know how they can access them. You can make this fun by adding stickers or emojis.

The Cut: Q&As

The Cut is an American lifestyle publication that covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrities. One of its writers Amil Niazi who writes its parenting series did a Q&A and talked more about her niche and life experience as a mother. This allows readers to understand Amil’s writing process, how she gets ideas, her opinions on the topic, and other issues. This engages the readers and creates intimacy because they can reach out to the writer and talk to her.

Q&As are fun. It’s a must-use strategy to help your audience learn more about you. Simply ask them to send you questions using the “Ask me a Question” sticker.

Mercedes Benz: Run Fun Quizzes

Mercedes Benz uses quizzes in an excellent way. They wanted to know whether their fans understood the functions of the features in the new E-Class range. Afterward, they ask them for their score and give them an immersive look into the car.

People love to rack their minds over things they enjoy. This is why any brand should consider running a quiz on Instagram Stories. Inducing fun is a great way of breaking the monotony of your posts. It increases fan engagement and awareness of your brand.

H&M: Product Buying Guide

Your followers never want to feel like a product which is why you should create a buying guide. Show them different items you have to lure them to buy. H&M is a leading fashion brand. They used their Instagram Stories to showcase all their latest arrivals and used models so that you can see what they really look like on the body.

Premier League: Promote Your Posts

Instagram users are spending more time looking at your stories than your grid. Take advantage by updating them on your most recent content. The Premier League has over 70 million followers but still reuses its grid posts on its Instagram Stories.

Before two of the league’s most high-profile managers compete with each other, they took viewers on a journey between the two of them. This increases the excitement for this particular post and chances are users will pay more attention.

NBA: Countdown

When you have an event coming up, a launch, a live session, or a client event, make use of the Instagram Story countdown sticker to generate excitement around it. For instance, this NBA countdown of a match in Abu Dhabi gives the viewer a chance to keep up with what’s happening. They can turn on their reminders and receive notifications before the event starts.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Late: Instagram Takeovers

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert invited A-list celebrities to take over their Instagram. Alicia Keys, Dania Gurira, and Jessica Chastain gave fans a look into their show prep before going live.

If you have access to influencers, celebrities, and public figures, ask them to do an Instagram takeover. They can make content about their travels, day in the life, best meal or anything your audience will be interested in that fits your brand.

Glamour South Africa: Sharing Tips

Glamour South Africa, an online publication is giving its followers ideas of what they can do with their denim pieces. Anyone who enjoys fashion content will find this valuable.

If you design an Instagram Story poster with practical tips, your audience can apply them in their day-to-day lives. Sharing advice is a great way of staying on top of your audience’s mind. Make sure the graphics you use align with your brand, are vibrant, and catchy. Don’t overpopulate it with many words. Keep it simple and straight to the point.

Reuters: Redirect Users to Other Platforms

Reuters teases the story to its readers and then embeds the link to its website so that anyone who’s interested will read the whole story there. This helps them get more people to use their site and potentially, other social media networks.

Leverage the visibility your Instagram Stories offers by attaching links to other social media platforms, websites, newsletters, and content sources you have. Your Instagram Story is a great place to place additional links so maximize it.

Coca-Cola: Brand Updates

In 2021, when Coca-Cola offered the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), they posted it on their Instagram Stories. This was a way of communicating their interest in the metaverse to their followers and getting them to participate in this auction.

Any information that’s valuable to your users should make it on your Instagram Stories. If you’re opening a new branch, changing locations, expanding your team, having a new partner or introducing a new method of purchasing, you should share it with your followers. Always keep them informed whenever you are doing something new and you’ll make them feel included.

Fabrizio Romano: Posts That Mention You

Every time another brand or Instagram user mentions you on their Instagram stories, you should reshare it on your own. This demonstrates that people are talking about you and adds to your credibility. Fabrizio Romano is one of the most popular football journalists. He’s known for covering transfer news in soccer. Another global publication BR Football tagged him in a post and he reshared it on his Instagram Stories.

Gordon Ramsey: Tutorials

Add value to your audience’s experience by showing them how to make things. Your tutorials have to be brief and contain strong visuals, text, and audio to keep the viewer excited. Giving your users tips and hacks will keep them coming back to you and will eventually follow you.

Gordon Ramsey does this so well with his recipes. In this Instagram Story, he demonstrates how to make a Blackberry BBQ Sauce Chicken. The video is snappy and shows the mixture of ingredients plus a link you can use to get the recipe.

MAC Cosmetics: Highlight Your Customers

In business, social proof is important. There’s no better way of promoting your brand than having your clients talk about it. Make posts of the people who are delighted with your services and products. Check out MAC Cosmetics. They’ve put together clients who are happy to use their makeup products. If you’re thinking about getting MAC Cosmetics, you get a feel of what their different kits look like.

Best Instagram Stories Examples

Deciding which is the best Instagram Story example depends on the type of content you want to publish. Any of the above will work as long as you use them appropriately. The very best engage with their audience, offer useful or insightful tips, or the most concise in product information.

Have you never made an Instagram Story? If so, what kind? Let us know in the comments section below.

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