The Best Stardew Valley Mods

Stardew Valley is a fascinating game that simulates country life and farming. While the game isn’t new, the number of players joining its community keeps growing. This increase can be attributed to the constant release of new mods and how they keep adding value to the game.

The Best Stardew Valley Mods

If you want to take your Stardew Valley modding to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. This article lists some of the best mods to make your life in Stardew Valley less miserable. Keep reading to learn more.

The Best Stardew Valley Mods

If you’re new to Stardew Valley and are wondering what mods are, you’re not alone. Mods are file packages that modify how the original game works. Usually, these mods add new features to the game, change the mechanics, or modify how the game looks.

Modding is what keeps Stardew Valley an exciting and dynamic game. While different mods exist in the game, they all work in harmony to make your experience in Stardew Valley memorable.

Best Stardew Valley Mods for the PC

If you’re using your computer to play Stardew Valley, here are some of the best mods to consider.

Stardew Varley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded is a thoughtfully designed mod that reimagines every game’s aspect. In fact, it’s among the most downloaded mods on the Nexus, and there’s a good reason. Using this mod, you can bring more life to the game by bringing in new locations and their description, maps, character events, and festivals, among other exciting add-ons. You can also uncover the secrets of the Stardew Valley residents.

NPC Map Locations

NPC Map Locations is an excellent mod that can elevate the game without cheating. The mod works by providing you with a map showing where all the characters are. Therefore, if you want to visit a neighbor, you don’t have to spend all day looking for them. Simply open the mod, and there you’ll track them down.

You can further customize the map to best fit your needs. For instance, you choose which characters to hide or show and how you display them on the screen.

Simple Crop Label

Stardew Valley is about country life and farming. Unfortunately, all of us are not good with crop names. But don’t fret because the Simple Crop Label comes to the rescue. The mod will automatically attach small labels to the crops on your farm so you won’t end up confusing something else for corn.

The mod comes in handy when you have many different crops on your farm and are trying to figure out which is which.

Better Ranching Mod

If you’re a farmer in Stardew Valley, you probably know the headache of figuring out what’s wrong with an animal that won’t allow you to milk or shear it. Fortunately, with the Better Ranching Mod, that’s a thing of the past. Using the mod, you can easily identify what’s wrong with your animals to take the appropriate action.

The mod also identifies which animals need petting or which ones have their produce ready, leaving you with a happy and efficient farm.

Lookup Anything

Most of us like to stay informed. Fortunately, Lookup Anything is a mod that provides any information you need in Stardew Valley. For instance, you can know what a resident likes or dislikes, whether you two have spoken or exchanged gifts. You can go a notch higher and see if you can have them as friends or romantic partners.

The Best Stardew Valley Mods for Multiplayer

Here are some of the best mods for multiplayer.

Multiplayer Emotes

As the name suggests, Multiplayer Emotes Mod provides an interactive interface with draggable emotes. You’ll see all the farm animals, NPCs, and other player emotes as you play. Since you can easily drag around these emotes, adding other mods to your interface is more straightforward and doesn’t conflict with the game or other mods.

This mod has a small caveat, though. To see other players’ emotes, they need to have the mod installed. Also, it’s been primarily tested on Windows, so it’s not uncommon to run into bugs when using it on Mac and Linux.

Sell Price Fix Multiplayer Mod

Whenever you want to buy an item, go for the Multiplayer Sell Price Fix. During a trade, this mod considers the seller’s profession rather than the traditional way of just considering the host’s profession.

If you want to acquire huge amounts of valuables, including gold, this is the mod you should be eying.

Brezee’s Unofficial Seasonal Victorian Cabins for Multiplayer

Brezee’s Unofficial Seasonal Victorian Cabins For Multiplayer is an option if you like to add a sense of style and elegance to your buildings. The mod removes the old cabin textures and replaces them with Victorian cabins.

Big Multiplayer Forest Farm

If you love the forest farm layout, then you’ll want to have the Big Multiplayer Forest Farm mod installed. It gives you and your friends a vast farm so you can farm more crops and animals.

Separate Money for Multiplayer

The Separate Money for Multiplayer mod will greatly help if you want to be financially independent. As the name implies, the mod allows you to have your cash separate from other players. To use this mod, ensure you don’t have any other money mods installed.

The Best Stardew Valley Mods for Beginners

If you’re just a beginner trying to figure out which mods you should be working with, here are some of the best picks.

Elle’s Seasonal Building

Are you new to Stardew Valley and want to retouch your building every other season? Elle’s Seasonal Buildings may be the mod for you. It has eight different styles of farmhouses, three building themes, and four color palettes. With plenty of options, you won’t lack the tools for a perfect makeover for your house. While the changes made to the building are subtle, it’s enough to bring more life to Pelican.

Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters

If you love holding conversations and making friends, Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters mod will make your experience with Stardew Valley incredible. It has an extra 2,500 lines of conversations with 34 friendly characters.

The Best Stardew Valley Mods for Mobile

Here are some recommended mods if you’re on an Android and are looking for diverse ways to add more life to your Stardew Valley.

Bigger Backpack

A Bigger Backpack means you’ll be able to carry more items around. The bag can be found at Pierre’s and has 48 slots. The modded pack goes for only 50,000 g, making it a worthy investment.

Experience Bars

Honing your skills is a significant part of Stardew Valley. However, keeping track of everything you need to accomplish before upgrading to the next level can be a hassle. Fortunately, the Experience Bars mod comes to the rescue. The mod lets you track your efforts and clearly shows you how much you need to move to the next level.

Automate Mod

If you enjoy having things on autopilot, then the Automate Mod will significantly help. For instance, if you’re using a chest as your storage medium, place it next to the machine, and the mod will automatically remove raw material from the chest and push processed items to it.

Tractor Mod

As a farmer in Stardew Valley, you should always look for ways to help you work more efficiently. And the Tractor Mod is an excellent place to start. Using the mod, you can work efficiently on your crops and eliminate twigs and rocks.

Other Stardew Valley mods that are best for a mobile phone include:

  • Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters
  • Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Is Just Better With These Mods

Modding is your go-to solution to spice up your Stardew Valley. It takes the boredom out of the game and allows for better gaming experiences. Some mods, such as the Stardew Valley Expanded, bring in a new experience by retouching the game’s common aspects. Regardless, we hope that our picks for the best Stardew Valley game will add some value to your current gaming experience.

Which Stardew Valley mods have you been using? How has your experience been using them? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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