The Best VS Code Light Themes

Visual Studio (VS) Code themes are an excellent asset for most developers. They are handy for adjusting the look and feel of your code editor interface. Given that most programmers tend to work long hours, it’s essential that they minimize eye fatigue. Light themes are ideal for developers who work in bright environments.

The Best VS Code Light Themes

This article shares some of the best light themes in VS Code.

Top Rated VS Code Light Themes

Software developers who work during the day prefer commonly use light themes. They are easier on the eyes in brighter surroundings. But, it can be challenging to find a color scheme that perfectly suits your style. Below are some of the best light themes in VS Code.

Atom One Light

Atom One Light features one of the highest number of installs in VS Code. It’s inspired by the now discontinued Atom code editor. The theme sets a brilliant white background on your interface and can be modified to match your style.

Snazzy Light

If you want a bright workspace with a modern feel, then the Snazzy Light theme is an excellent option. It offers precise, sharp colors that make it very easy to read and decipher code under intense light conditions. It automatically highlights pieces of code based on its function. However, it might miss some syntax parts on less popular languages.

Slack Theme

If you’ve ever used the Slack messaging platform and are a fan, you’ll likely love this theme. It’s inspired by the look and feel of the app’s user interface (at least until the devs change the basic Slack theme again). The Slack Theme accentuates purples and blues for a more contrasting look.

Bluloco Light Theme

The Bluloco Light Theme offers an elegant color scheme that consists of a gray background and several soft colors for the coded text. Like the snazzy light, it also comes with folder and file icons to help you ensure that your workspace stays clutter-free. The theme is a fork on the One Light theme and was made to better complement Apple’s Nightshift Mode, allowing it to function better in dim conditions.


This theme features a simplistic design that’s perfect for minimalists. Its color scheme focuses on muted colors with a brilliant white background. Though it has three versions (light, dark, and somewhere in the middle), the light version of the Ayu theme is ideal for daylight coders.

Brackets Light Pro

Developers who prefer clutter-free workspaces will likely love this theme. It boasts a clean, minimalist design that’s easy to work with, even for beginners. It utilizes colors with lower contrast to highlight the syntax, making them easy to read. The Brackets Light Pro adopts a light grey backdrop setting.

Blue Light

This theme’s main feature is the dual default and italic options it offers. The Blue Light color scheme is customizable, making it fun to use. It primarily uses blue hues. The only exception is red, which helps highlight errors within the code interface. The slightly similar color tones complement each other well and, as a result, help reduce eye fatigue. Its specialized icons also make navigating the VS Code interface easy.

Hop Light

Interestingly, the Hop Light theme boasts a dim tone, which not common for light color schemes. The dim off-white backdrop, however, helps alleviate some eye strain. Its design is very minimalistic, making it simple to navigate.

Installing Themes in VS Code

Utilizing the app’s in-built color scheme is the fastest way to elevate your workspace in VS Code. If you’ve been looking for a way to customize your code editor, the steps below will guide you through the installation process.

  1. Go to “Extensions” on the left side of the toolbar. You can also hit “Ctrl + Shift + X” if using Windows and “CMD + Shift + X” for Mac users.
  2. Input “Themes” on the “Extensions” panel search bar and press “Enter.”
  3. Scroll through the theme options and select the one you want to add.
  4. Choose “Install.”
  5. Go to “Color Theme” and choose your desired color scheme to activate the installed motif.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with the different color schemes. VS Code makes it easy to switch between them, so you can ultimately find one that works with your coding environment.

Tips for Using VS Code Themes

There are some measures you can follow to make applying themes on your code interface easy. Sticking to these practices will help you select the best motifs. Below are some tips to follow when installing VS Code color schemes.

  • Utilize the Visual Studio Marketplace: This is an officially licensed avenue for installing and downloading themes for your code editor. Using it ensures safety as you are guaranteed the authenticity of these elements.
  • Check the number of installs: This figure will help you assess whether the theme is excellent. Checking the reviews will also provide you with genuine information about the color scheme. The better the theme design, the higher the number of installs and ratings.
  • Always previews the themes: Most motifs offer a preview option where you can check the color scheme before adding it to your code editor interface. This minimizes the chances of picking a theme that doesn’t suit your style.
  • Assess your work environment: Themes are designed to make your coding sessions comfortable and fun. It’s, therefore, vital that you pick one that matches your workspace to avoid eye strain. Light color schemes are ideal for developers who work in brightly lit spaces or during the day.
  • Embrace customization: There are various customizable themes in the Visual Studio Marketplace. Exploring these options will help you to modify your colors and fonts to your preferred style. You’ll be able to create a functional workspace that’s also aesthetically appealing.


Why should you use a light theme when coding?

Having a dark coding interface when working in a bright-lit environment can put too much stress on your eyes. Matching your workspace to the environment helps to protect your eyes by minimizing eye fatigue.

What percentage of programmers use light mode?

At least 30 percent of software engineers use VS Code Light themes. However, this depends on several factors, like the workspace and duration of screen exposure.

Which is the best VS Code light theme?

Atom One Light is currently one of the best VS Code themes if going by the installation numbers.

Enhance Your Coding Experience

One of the best features of VS Code is the flexibility it offers its users in adjusting the interface’s appearance. This helps you to customize your workspace to suit your needs, style, and preferences. Selecting the right theme can help you avoid eye strain and, as a result, boost your productivity. Now that you’re equipped with the best VS Code light themes, your coding sessions are bound to be more fun.

Which is your favorite light theme at the moment? How do you customize your themes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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