Free Xiaomi MIUI Themes

MIUI themes can be a breath of fresh air for a Xiaomi Android user. It lets them change their phone’s look as often as their moods. If you are an MIUI user and you would like to experience something different on your screen, you have a wide array of themes to choose from and transform your experience. From playful to playfully sinister, there are an array of themes and many of them are free.

Free Xiaomi MIUI Themes

This article will discuss some of the best free MIUI themes you can use on your device. Let’s learn more about them.

Cat in Dark

Cat in Dark is a suitable theme for those who love using their devices in dark mode. As the name implies, the theme is an image of a cat in the dark. It’s the best option for users who dislike monochrome black wallpapers on their screens.

The theme is simple, clear, and gives you a nice view of your screen. When you install this theme on your phone; all the icons are presented in a gradient purple color, while the status bar and main menu are presented in a dark color with a touch of crimson elements.

Super Wallpaper

Super wallpaper is ranked as one of the most popular themes in MIUI 12. This is a live screensaver that displays a cosmic scene comprised of the Earth or Mars. The picture is in always-on-display mode, also known as AMOLED or lock screen, which is IPS.

When you first look at the theme, the planets will seem distant, but the surface of the heavenly bodies will begin getting closer. Super wallpaper is an ideal option for those who don’t like native wallpapers and are looking for something unique on their screens.

Android Origin

Android Origin is among the best themes that come with a notification shade, translucent dock, and rounded icons. The theme changes the Settings menu by introducing a new attractive look with a crystal blue appearance.

This is also considered a lightweight option that does not cause your device to lag. It also makes your screen crystal clear to ensure that you can easily view the content on your screen without straining.

Elegant Pure

This is a great theme for those who love bright, lowkey designs on their screen. Upon applying the theme on your device, the icons will take on a gentle pastel hue of coordinating colors.

The design lets function widgets merge with the background appearance of the device icons making it appear uniform. Note that the device does not result in major changes on the home screen since it makes it brighter. Elegant Pure is ideal for anybody looking to apply a gentle, simple theme on their device.

Color Easy v12

If you want a dark theme that will change your screen’s appearance and extend your battery life, Color Easy v12 has got your back. Upon applying the theme on your device, you will only have a search bar on the screen and a picture of a road.

Even though this theme changes the general appearance of your screen, the widget containing the date and time on your home screen remains the same. Alternately, the icon displaying the weather forecast on the screen Is not displayed. Applications such as Messages, Calls, and Contacts appear brighter than usual, which makes them stand out.

Spring v2

Spring v2 is a well-organized theme that outlines all the icons on your device in a more attractive manner. The shortcuts are displayed in a larger font compared to other icons, which makes it easier for you to spot them when using your mobile phone. What makes Spring v2 unique from other options is that it comes with an animated clock widget.

The theme also impacts the Settings menu by changing its general appearance as well as the sub-items in it. In addition, it changes the appearance of the user interface, making it easier to juggle, thus giving you an impeccable user experience. This is an ideal option for anybody looking for a simple and original theme that suits their specific needs.

Cartoon v12

Cartoon v12 is a fun theme that is bright and playful, with simple, but colorful icons outlines in black lines. The theme comes with a bright accent with traces of multicolored blots to complete the look. The theme changes the entire outline of your phone starting from the standard shortcuts to the main menu. The shortcuts are displayed in different colors that blend with the device’s mottled ground.

Messaging and Settings applications are covered in a blue gradient color that makes them appear stylish. When the mobile device is connected to a charger, it displays a cartoon on the lock screen with a battery monitor. This is the best theme for those who love cartoon designs.

Pixel Q Light

Pixel Q Light is ideal for users who love using their mobile phones in light mode. The theme comes with classic Google wallpaper and clear icons that make it unique. Pixel Q Light also impacts the main Settings page as well as the keyboard, giving those elements a white background.

This theme is lightweight, and it does not cause your system to lag as heavyweight themes do. It displays a stock Android screen with quick access to key features on the home screen. If you are looking for a theme that will make your Xiaomi device look like a stock Android, Pixel Q Light is the best option.

UI 12

This theme displays a section of the red planet, Mars, in amazing detail, along with the current date and time displayed When you unlock your screen, it will appear that the planet is gradually approaching. On a desktop device, the surface of the planet is clearer and more detailed, but it’s just as impressve on your phone’s screen. Despite the stunning image, UI 12 lets you easily read the content on your screen without straining your eyes.

However, the theme does not impact the user interface and shortcuts displayed on the screen. This is the best theme for Xiaomi users who are looking for an animated screen display.


Are you on the lookout to enhance the appearance of your device with a technological theme? Discovery is everything you need. The high-tech theme has a dark background with a blue icons reminiscent of early computer images – think 8-bit. The icons are displayed in a black background and organized uniformly, enhancing the beauty of the device. The status bar and other icon are rendered as various graphs and levels and covered in a greenish tint, while the other applications are presented in a digital style.

The theme displays a detailed date on the screen, the level of battery charge, and the music player, among other apps. Discovery presents all the basic details on the device’s screen, ensuring you get all the crucial information at a glance.

Transform Your Device’s Appearance Using These Themes

Identifying the best MIUI themes that suit your specific needs enhances the general user experience. The good news is that these themes are available for your device free of charge. All you need to do is download them, follow the installation instructions, and give your phone a facelift.

Do you enjoy downloading MIUI themes for your phone? What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Free Xiaomi MIUI Themes”

Dhanush v says:
Very nice
Shubham Kumar says:
I want a multiwork theme
I want best MIUI themes in my phone
Jaime says:
Los que cambian la barra de estado que la colocan de otro color los que cambian el centro de control colocarlo a color y transparente en la pantalla de bloqueo que tenga el reloj grande esos son los que a mí personalmente me gustan.

Those that change the status bar that put it in a different color, those that change the control center, put it in color and transparent on the lock screen that have the big clock, those are the ones that I personally like

Liz says:
The themes are lovely but it doesn’t say where to get these themes anywhere in the article. I checked my MIUI theme store and they’re not there. Where can we get them?
Steve Larner says:
If the MIUI themes are not in your XIAOMI store, try using a search engine and you’ll find various websites that offer MIUI theme downloads. We cannot provide them as there are too many websites offering specific themes (different ones for different themes), and also because of security and privacy risks with such downloads and websites.
MD Abdul Mumin says:
How to download
Steve Larner says:
You have to search/browse your XIAOMI store.

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