The Best MIUI Themes

When personalizing your Xiaomi device, there are several MIUI theme options. These themes can change the appearance of the home screen, lock screen, and other parts of the user interface. However, with so many options, narrowing down your choices is challenging.

The Best MIUI Themes

This article can help you save time by highlighting the best MIUI themes, including key features.

7 Best MIUI Themes for Your Xiaomi Device

The following MIUI themes offer some of the best features, including appealing designs, customizable features, smooth performances, familiar and intuitive interfaces, and more.

1. AOSP Extended Theme

AOSP Extended is a popular custom theme based on the Android Open Source Project. It offers a smooth user experience, tons of customization options, and is one of the most stable choices.

If you love dark themes, this one may be the one for you. It has round icons with black and dark grey as its predominant colors. Some of the key features of AOSP Extended include:

  • Theme support
  • Status bar, navigation bar, and lock screen customization options
  • Built-in support for substratum and layers themes
  • Performance and battery optimization tweaks
  • Regular updates and bug fixes
  • Support for various languages

AOSP Extended theme is designed by Deepak. It is suitable for MIUI 10 devices. You can search for this theme on the Theme store and download it there. You can also download it from here.

2. Pixel Q Light Theme

Created by Fardus Ahmed, Pixel Q Light has a light color scheme. The theme changes the colors of the user interface, including the background, text, and icons, to create a more visually pleasing and easy-on-the-eyes experience. Pixel Q Light may be a perfect choice if you’re looking for a lightweight theme that won’t slow down your device.

The theme offers some key features such as:

  • A clean and minimalistic design
  • Customizable icons and system elements
  • Material designed icons
  • Light and vibrant user interface in classic Google style

Pixel Q Light theme is applicable for MIUI 10 operating systems. This theme can be downloaded for free.

3. PineApple Theme

This theme, which is designed by Rahit Singh Chouhan, features a pineapple-inspired design, with a yellow and green color scheme and pineapple-themed icons and wallpapers. It also includes custom animations and other visual elements to give the user interface a unique look and feel.

If you’re seeking MIUI themes that can offer your gadget a completely new design and improve the entire layout, PineApple is a great option. Here are some of its key features:

  • Clean layout and smooth performance
  • Flawlessly crafted interface
  • Stylish always-on display
  • Customization for the home screen and lock screen
  • Various designs for icon personalization
  • A minimalistic dock
  • Android 9 Pie-style quick settings toggles
  • Pineapple-inspired animations

PineApple theme is compatible with devices running MIUI 12. You can download it in the Theme store.

4. Oxygen OS Theme

Oxygen OS offers a visually appealing design for Xiaomi Redmi devices. It features a sleek and organized layout, an updated user interface, and other attractive features. The theme includes eye-catching icons, a good-looking notification panel, and a new status bar.

In addition, Oxygen OS has a consistent layout across MUI apps such as Phone, Messages, Volume panels, File Manager and Contacts, which gives it a premium feel.

Here are some of the key features of Oxygen OS:

  • Premium-looking design
  • Custom themed widgets
  • Aesthetically appealing round app icons
  • Indispensible app locker
  • Zen (focus) mode enabled

This theme is designed by Fardus Ahmed and can be applied on MIUI 12 devices. You can search for Oxygen OS on the Theme store and download it for free.

5. Pure Pro Theme

Designed by Oddity, Pure Pro gives users a more polished and professional look for their devices. It has a clean and minimalist design with a white and blue color scheme, making it look sleek and contemporary.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Custom matching icons
  • Matching lock screen and home screen
  • Theme-appropriate sounds and fonts
  • Adjustable status bar
  • Customizable settings menu
  • User-friendly notification shade

Pure Pro theme is compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 devices.

You can download Pure Pro’s .mtz file here.

6. Lavender v11 Theme

Lavender v11 theme has a fresh and sightly design that will easily impress its user. The layout looks neat and polished throughout the device, with stunning icons and a revamped notification panel and new status bar. All of those features blend so well with the delicate and charming purple background.

The key features of the Lavender v11 theme include:

  • Purple and white color scheme
  • Customized icons and lock screen
  • New layout for the settings menu
  • New design for the notification bar and quick settings
  • Customized button and menus

Xhaka Ciruas is the designer of Lavender v11 theme. This theme is applicable on devices running MIUI 11 and MIUI 10. You can download it for free on the Themes store.

7. Material UI-IG M13 Theme

The Material UI-IG M13 theme has a clean and gorgeous design, with a combination of colors that is visually pleasing. Its simple and uncluttered layout makes it more comfortable to use. It also includes custom icons that complement the overall theme and enhance the appearance and user experience.

The theme can run smoothly on a variety of MIUI devices without showing any compatibility issues. it’s a great theme for your Xiaomi Redmi and Poco devices.

These are some of the pivotal features on Material UI-IG M13:

  • New, well-designed icons
  • Fresh wallpapers
  • New status bar
  • Beautiful lock screen
  • Stylish always-on display

Material UI-IG M13 theme is created by EduardG. It is compatible with MIUI 12, MIUI 12.5, and MIUI 13 devices. You can download the theme online here.


Does a MIUI theme drain the battery?

The effect of a theme on battery life may vary depending on the theme and device. In general, a theme that has heavy animations and uses a lot of system resources can have a more significant impact on battery life compared to a simpler theme.

Do MIUI themes make your phone run slower?

A device’s performance or battery life will not be impacted by its default theme as it has been specifically designed for the device. However, applying third-party themes that require more space and energy to run may affect the processing speed of your device.

What are the factors that make your phone runs slower?

Common factors that may result in slower phone performance include software updates, and degrading battery and memory. App updates and apps that still running in the background can also slow your phone.

The Final Say Is Yours

What works for others may not always work for you. Despite being deemed the best, you must carefully consider if the associated theme is compatible with your device and the version of MIUI you are using. Make sure you also choose a theme that has been optimized for performance to ensure that your device runs smoothly.

To make an informed decision, research the desired theme thoroughly. It may involve reading user reviews and checking whether there are any known bugs or issues. Additionally, you can browse the official Xiaomi Themes Store to find the best and latest themes.

Which MIUI theme do you like the most? Have you ever encountered a compatibility problem with MIUI themes? Tell us in the comment below.

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