What is the Billing Address for a Visa Gift Card?

Visa Gift Cards are the perfect present when you’re not really sure what to give someone. Using these cards for purchases can be a bit confusing however. The need for registration and providing a billing address, for example, are usually not clearly explained.

What is the Billing Address for a Visa Gift Card?

In this article we’ll show you what billing address to use for your Visa gift card, among other pertinent info regarding these items.

Do I Need to Register My Visa Gift Card?

You don’t really need to register a Visa Gift Card as they’re accepted as is for physical purchases. These cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa payments, such as restaurants or grocery stores. Once the value on the card is used up, there’s no way to add funds onto the gift card.

Online payments however require that the gift card be registered, as a billing address is needed for delivery and payment confirmation. Some online vendors may also be using anti-scam software that may cause your Visa Gift Card to be declined. Please review the vendor’s website for any terms and conditions regarding online purchases.

Billing Address for Visa Gift Card

For online transactions, the billing address that you use must match the address that you gave when you registered your Visa Gift Card. To initially activate your card, you’ll need the activation instructions. Most cards will have all this information on a sticker located on the front of the card.

If you can’t find any info on the front, check to see if there’s a website or toll free number printed on the back. If you still can’t find any, ask the person who gifted you the card if it came with separate registration instructions. Billing addresses usually can be set up with two different methods, these are:

Using the Online Website

During registration you will be asked to provide the card number, the security code and the card expiration date. The card number is the 16-digit number located on the front of the card. The expiration date is usually located just below the card number. The security code is the three or four digits written at the back of the card.

Once entered, you may then be prompted to enter a name, billing address and a zip code. Some cards only require a zip code and nothing else. It’s important to give your actual address and zip code as vendors will verify this information for online purchases.

Using the Automated Telephone System

An alternative method is to call the toll-free number provided with the instructions on the card. Once you initiate the call, follow the step-by-step instructions as dictated in the call.

Billing Address for Walmart Visa Gift Card

Similar to other Visa Gift Cards, Walmart will ask for your billing information during activation. To register your card, proceed to the Walmart Visa Gift Card registration page. Once the page is open, enter the required information.

Set Billing Address Visa Gift Card

Visa Gift Cards given by various providers may require different information during registry. Some may only ask for a zip code; others may ask for more information like a name and billing address. You can use a PO box as a billing address if you’d rather not provide where you actually live. Note that a valid address must be given or your payment may be declined.

Change Billing Address Visa Gift Card

If you wish to change the billing address that you’ve previously entered, most Visa Gift Card providers allow you to edit your information on their respective websites. Once you enter your Visa Gift Card number and security code, look for a link that says, “edit billing information” or “edit zip code.”

Another method would be to call the toll free number and listen for instructions on editing your information. As a last resort, you can contact the company’s customer service hotline and ask the service agent how to change your registered info.

How to Find Billing Address on Visa Gift Card

Billing addresses aren’t physically located on the card itself, as that info is only updated when you activate the card. To see what the current billing address is on a particular Visa Gift Card, refer to the provider’s website then enter the card number and security code. Note that if a PIN was required during activation, the website may ask for this as well.

Once you enter your information, the billing address should be listed along with the amount left on the card. To edit this information, please refer to the instructions above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Visa Gift Cards

Does Visa send anything to my registered billing address?

No. As these cards have a fixed value, and can’t be funded, card providers send no billing statements to the addresses provided to their websites. The billing address are for use by online merchants as verification that the card being used isn’t stolen.

Can I use Visa Gift Cards for international purchases?

Some Visa Gift Cards are marked as ”Domestic Use Only” or ”Valid Only in the United States.” These cards can’t be used for international purchases and will be declined if you try. If you’re unsure if your card can be used outside the US, refer to the provider’s website for more details.

How do I know the remaining value on my card?

For newly bought cards, the value will be listed either somewhere on the card or on information included when it was purchased. In addition, each individual card provider has a website where you can view your balance by entering your card information.

What do I do if my card is declined?

If your card is declined during purchase, check your balance to see if you have sufficient funds. If you think you have sufficient funds and it shouldn’t have been declined, you should call the toll-free number of the card provider for details.

A Convenient Way to Pay

Visa Gift Cards are a convenient way to make online purchases which only requires activation to be able to use them. Knowing how to register your card and provide a billing address makes these online purchases possible.

Do you know of other ways to register the billing address for your Visa Gift Card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Tommy says:
I can’t register my gift card because it need my address to do online purchases
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I had 3 gift cards of $500, each of them were sealed packaging, as soon as i opneed them one had amount spent on $400 of chinese food 8 months ago – from a sealed packaged visa gift card!!!! and 2 of them had $100 cards with an expiry date 4 yrs ago!!! I am looking to escalate this to the CEO of the company but need email addresses and office address to go further. Pls advise. I will talk to media on this story of how visa is stealing millions and not doing anything abt it!!!
Bee Lee says:
As soon as I registered my Visa gift card, the balance was spent on an Instagram purchase out of Indiana, so I think if you register a card, you lose all the money on it
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you got scammed lil bro

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