How To Change your Bitmoji Avatar

There are many ways to change or customize your avatar using Bitmoji. You can fine tune the avatar’s facial features, change its outfit, or skin tone.

How To Change your Bitmoji Avatar

These tweaks allow you to get a personalized look on Snapchat. That said, you need both the Snapchat and Bitmoji apps on your smartphone to make the necessary changes. Without much further ado, let’s dive right in and see how to do it.

Changing the Avatar with Bitmoji App

The icons for avatar changes are located in the upper-right corner of the Bitmoji app. To change the avatar’s facial features, tap on the “smiling person” icon. For a cool outfit, hit the “t-shirt” icon on the far right.

Bitmoji How to Change Avatar

Facial Features

The list of things you can change on your avatar’s face seems to be endless. In fact, you can make it as close to your own likeness as you want. You can also be creative and get a pair of pink eyebrows to match your glasses, for example.


Creative or not, Bitmoji has made it super-easy to make your avatar as personal as you want. The selection bar is located at the bottom of the screen. You just have to swipe left or right and tap on the icon to bring up the selection window.

With the selection window on, you can also use the arrows to move left and right. There are a huge number of styles and colors, regardless of the feature you want to change. Just swipe up or down, tap on the desired option, and your avatar instantly changes.

In addition, you can change the overall avatar style by tapping on the first icon in the selection bar. The options include Bitstrips, Bitmoji Classic, and Bitmoji Deluxe. But once you confirm the selection, the app takes you back to the main menu and you have to customize the avatar from scratch. It would have been nice if the app updated the style along with any other changes you make.

Bitmoji Change Avatar


As hinted, there is no shortage of interesting outfits to choose from. The list appears to be endless once you start swiping. If you want to jump to one of the categories, just tap the Outfit Search bar in the middle of the screen and you’ll be able to preview all of them.

With this feature, you get to make the avatar look as smart or as goofy as you want or match its clothes to the current season. Plus, there is a good selection of uniforms and branded outfits.

How to Change Avatar Bitmoji

Changing the Avatar with Snapchat

Assuming you’ve linked the Bitmoji app with Snapchat, all the changes you make will be applied to the Snapchat avatar. However, you can also overhaul the avatar using the Snapchat app.

Once inside the main Snapchat window, tap on the profile icon in the upper-left corner, then tap the avatar’s face, and select Edit Bitmoji.

The editing menu gives you three options: Change My Outfit, Edit My Bitmoji, and Choose a Selfie. If you want to remove the Bitmoji avatar from Snapchat, select Unlink My Bitmoji at the bottom of the screen.

When it comes to changing the outfit, you do everything from the Snapchat app. But the feature is missing the Outfit Search button, so you need to resort to endless scrolling until you find just the perfect match.

On the other hand, the Edit My Bitmoji option takes you to the Bitmoji app where you can apply the necessary changes as described above.

Additional Bitmoji Settings

Hit the “gear” icon on the top-left to access the Bitmoji settings and make a few other changes. The first option allows you to change the avatar style and learn more about the Bitmoji keyboard. Mind you, if you change the style, you are back to square one and need to customize the avatar from scratch.

The My Account menu at the bottom of the screen features Request My Data, Reset Avatar, Delete Account options. Reset Avatar and Delete Account are pretty self-explanatory. The Request My Data option takes you to the Snapchat login window to connect the two accounts if you haven’t already done it.

Merchandise Galore

Back in the main menu, you can tap the “market stall” icon to access the Bitmoji store. It is full of funny Bitmoji t-shirts, mugs, cards, pillows, magnets, and more. Plus, you get to choose your favorite graphics by tapping on the Bitmoji selection.

A Bitmoji Goodbye

The level of customization Bitmoji offers is hard to rival. You can let your imagination run wild and create an avatar that will truly stand out on Snapchat. In addition, the interface is super-easy to navigate and the app provides seamless integration with Snapchat.

As for the outfits, the rainbow bumblebee is our personal favorite. What clothes does your avatar wear?

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