What’s next on Microsoft’s kill list?

Just a fraction of Microsoft's product listSo Microsoft continues to kill off the backwater products in its vast product set. The latest to go is MSN Encarta. According to some reports, Encarta has a truly microscopic share of the marketplace, at least compared to the big monster known as Wikipedia.

What's next on Microsoft's kill list?

What else has gone? OneCare, the really not bad antivirus engine, has been axed to be replaced by a free thing called Morrow. The entire Flight Simulator team has gone, as has staff in the Equipt division.

Is this a hint of things to come? Given that the word on the street is that Ballmer will not last till Christmas, there is a strong likelihood that the next boss will be an accountant. And I doubt Ray Ozzie has the strength to keep the large company away from the beancounters. After all, the share price needs to be bounced back in an upwards direction, and cutting off the supply of money to loss makers would be a good start.

What else to hive off? How about selling Xbox to Electronic Arts? The in-car division to either Ford or Clarion/Alpine? The Zune portable to Creative Labs? And so on and so forth. Keep the core web services, OS, core apps and development tools. I wonder what would happen to the share price then?

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