How to Get to 3rd Sea in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is an adventure game with many new places to explore, like the Third Sea. It was introduced in the game’s 15th update, and it is the ultimate destination with many impressive features and quests. It also has new bosses and powerful enemies to fight and level up faster.

How to Get to 3rd Sea in Blox Fruits

This detailed guide will teach you everything you need to know about getting to the Third Sea, including the requirements you must fulfill and the process you must follow to complete the process. So, keep reading to find out more.

How to Get to the Third Sea in Blox Fruits

Getting to the Third Sea is not an easy quest, but it’s worth it in the end because it will help you level up faster and earn you rewards. The only requirement to get to the sea is to be a level 1,500 player. If you haven’t reached this level yet, you will get a message saying you’re not ready to get to the sea yet.

Reaching level 1,500 is challenging and arguably the hardest part of the whole process. Players can reach this level faster by completing as many quests as possible. You can efficiently accumulate XP points and boost your player’s level by dedicating a specific time to concentrating on the game and completing multiple quests consistently. You must also complete the quests within the provided time limit. Turning them in on time allows you to maximize your XP earnings and raise the levels faster.

If you reach level 1,500, you’ll receive a message saying you’re ready to enter the Third Sea. You will also receive a list of tasks to complete in order to get to the location. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the instructions you need to follow to reach the sea:

Go to Colosseum and Kill Swan

The first step to finding the Third Sea in Blox Fruits is to go to the Colosseum in the New World. It is situated in Area 1, inside the Kingdom of Rose. Once you’re at the Colosseum, descend into the water and proceed beneath the bridge to find and talk to NPC King Read Head.

He will ask you to kill Boss Don Swan if you haven’t already. To kill Swan, go and talk to Trevor, the NPC responsible for gaining access to Don Swan. Trevor will ask you to bring him an expensive fruit. That means finding any fruit that costs more than 1 million beli. If you already have the fruit, you can give it to him and proceed. Otherwise, you will have to search for it. The fastest way to get an expensive fruit is by rolling fruits every two hours at the Blox Fruits dealer’s cousin.

Once you have found the fruit take it to him, and he will allow you through the door behind which Don Swan hides. Killing Swan is relatively easy, so it shouldn’t take you long. If he is on cooldown, check other servers to see if he is alive.

Kill Rip_indra

Once you’re done with Swan, return to the Colosseum and again talk to NPC King Read Head. He will now ask you to go and kill (or, in his own words, “disrespect”) a Third Sea boss called Rip_indra. If you take this boss down, you can access the Third Sea.

Please note that Rip_indra is a level 1,500 boss, so ensure you are slightly above that level to defeat him.

Upon defeating Rip_indra, you will receive a telepathic message from NPC King Red Head. The message will say that he has been sealed by Rip_indra in the Third Sea and urgently needs your help. He will also sign off the message as mygame43 owner, so you know it’s him. You must find Mr. Captain in the Green Zone and talk to him to proceed. He will offer to teleport you to the Third Sea, which you should accept if you want to continue with the quest. Upon acceptance, he will teleport you to the Third Sea in a split second.

Amazing Places to Explore in the Third Sea

Once you’ve reached the Third Sea, here are a few islands you should explore and know more about:

Port Town: This island is small but wealthy. Its residents are rich individuals who gather to gamble and socialize with one another. While the wealthy individuals are harmless, the town has a dark and dangerous side to it: The Stone, who resides in a nearby forest just beyond the town. He is brutal and desires nothing but to end your life.

Great Tree: This mysterious island is home to the game’s greatest tree, hence the name Great Tree. Rear Admirals and Marine Commodores guard the place under Kilo Admiral’s command. The reason they are heavily guarding the city remains unknown, but it’s without a doubt that they have a big secret they don’t want the outside world to discover.

Hydra Island: This is a fabled island solely occupied by women who worship snakes. Some skilled community warriors can use the snakes to create bows enabling them to shoot poisonous arrows. But be warned; the island is off-limits to men. Additionally, it is home to an ancient sword that belonged to the mighty Samurai. Unfortunately, the Samurai was possessed by a demon and left it under the island’s guardianship.

Floating Turtle: This unique island sits atop a giant turtle’s shell, which is where it gets its name. It is home to various types of Minks and boasts a range of distinctive dwellings, including pineapple houses, a towering tree house, and a mansion that serves as a Safe Zone for both marines and pirates alike. It also has a fortress that’s owned by the renowned Beautiful Pirate. But the island isn’t short of mystery, though. It has been attacked by the notorious Captain Elephant, and it also hosts an ancient sleeping swordsman waiting to be awakened.

Haunted Castle: This is another spine-chilling location you should know about before you unlock the Third Sea. It is a massive boat that is often mistaken for a castle due to its size. However, don’t be fooled by its appearance. It is home to dangerous supernatural beings, including zombies and berserk skeletons who crave a sacrifice in the form of your soul. These beings are all led by the Soul Reaper, who awakens when triggered by the Hallow Essence.

Sea of Treats: This is a mini sea within the Third Sea, and it’s made up of five small islands. As the name suggests, it is home to all sorts of treats, including cookies, ice cream, peanuts, and so much more. Unfortunately, you can’t lay your hands on these goodies because the island is already conquered by the Cake Queen, an ever-hungry level 2,175 boss.

Castle On the Sea: Like the Floating Turtle, this castle is considered a safe zone for marines and pirates. Some characters that the castle houses include:

  • The Elite Hunter: He is responsible for hunting down Elite Pirates who are causing chaos on the island by misusing their awakened Blox fruits.
  • The Player Hunter: He tracks down players and takes them down.
  • The Butler: This character knows everything about the Third Sea, including its mysteries and the residents’ secrets.
  • Lunoven: This character loathes the Elite Pirates, but the reason behind his hatred remains unknown.

The Castle on the Sea Island is not only a popular destination for pirates from all over to launch raids on, but it’s also home to three scattered plates that, when activated, provide access to the ancient chalice once held by God himself.

Additional FAQs

Which sea in Blox Fruits has the least number of islands?

As of now, the Third Sea has the least number of islands. However, the game’s developers might add more islands to the sea in the future.

What level must I reach to access the Sea of Treats Island?

The level requirement for accessing the Sea of Treats Island is between 2,075 to 2,275.

Explore New Territories

Your Blox Fruits gaming experience cannot be complete without exploring the Third Sea. The only difficult part about getting to the sea is being a level 1,500 player. Once you have accomplished this, you must kill the Rip_indra boss to gain access to the sea. Access to the Third Sea allows you to fight new bosses and enemies and ultimately level up faster. Access to the location will also help you discover more secrets and acquire powerful weapons like the Enma Sword, making it easier to fight bosses and enemies.

Have you tried getting to the Third Sea yet? If so, how many islands have you already explored? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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