How to Level Up Fast in Blox Fruits

Your mission in Blox Fruits is obvious – solve quests to level up, improve your skills, and gather fruits. Remember, there are no shortcuts in this Quest-to-Quest game, we can’t give you a cheat code, but we can show you the quickest path.

How to Level Up Fast in Blox Fruits

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to leveling up, tell you which challenges to avoid, what abilities to build, and which items to acquire. Keep reading to find out!

Leveling Up From 0 to 700

Before starting your quest, it would be great to acquire a few Logia Fruits. These give you the ability to absorb any damage from opponents that are of lower level than yourself, as long as they are not using any enhancements. Also, as you proceed, remember to set spawns on each island. That way, if you die, you won’t spawn too far from your mission.

To acquire higher and higher levels, you will have to island-hop. Each island has a unique challenge. It is important to remember that to pass them easily you mustn’t move to the next island without acquiring a level that’s higher than the next quest that’s awaiting you. The Logia Fruits don’t work on bosses. Some will have unique powers, and there will be special quests along the way.

Follow the order of islands and levels needed to pass each challenge to get to 700:

  • As soon as you start, if you’re a Marine, for example, go over to the Marine Leader to get a Quest. You will be fighting low-level opponents. Continue doing this until you’re level 15.
  • Level 15: Jungle Island.
  • Level 35: Pirate Village, the final boss can’t be defeated with swords, use fruit, or combat.
  • Level 60 – 65: Desert Island.
  • Level 90: Snow Island, don’t fight the Yeti Boss without reaching level 105.
  • After defeating him go beneath the mountain to meet the Ability Teacher. Buy Skyjump, Flashstep, and the damage enhancement from him, as it will help you in future missions.
  • Level 120: Marine Fortress, this one has a special quest.
  • Every 5-6 hours Grey Beard appears at the center of the island, but don’t fight him until you are much stronger.
  • Level 150: Sky Islands, this is where the Skyjumps you bought will come in handy.
  • Level 200: Prison Island, there are no spawn points here. You will have to take your boat to find the three rock islands to the left. That’s where you can set it.
  • Level 279: Colosseum Island, skip the Toga Warrior quest.
  • Level 300: Volcano Island.
  • Level 381: Take a trip to the three small islands near Prison Island. Go into the portal between them, and you should land in the Underwater City.
  • Level 458: Sky Islands, go all the way up and find a man called the “Mole”, take all the quests he has.
  • Level 535: Sky Islands, go to the big trees and find the Gan Fall Adventurer. Finish all the quests he has to offer.
  • Level 637: Fountain City, keep destroying the final boss called “Cyborg” until you reach level 700.

Once you’ve reached level 700, you can proceed to the new world where new adventures await. Completing these quests should help you understand how the game works, and give you the preparation you need to proceed to the new world. Once there, continue in the same fashion. Explore, learn new things, and conquer new enemies to become the best!

How to Level Up Haki Fast in Blox Fruits

Increasing your Haki increases your damage and defense. There are multiple ways to increase your Haki, however, Be patient. It will take some time.

First of all, before starting the process make sure to increase your level and hit points. Here are the three main ways to do so:

  1. Get lower-level opponents and continually take hits from them. It’s fairly simple – you don’t have to do anything. However, you do have to watch out not to get killed! It will take some time, but it is a sure way to increase your Haki.
  2. The second way is to continually use your fighting style. Thrust through your opponents with a sword, to keep increasing it.
  3. The third way includes continually using your Haki while you play.

All three methods have been tried and tested! Don’t let the fact that there is no magic button discourage you from becoming the best. Keep at it!

How to Level Up Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits

Mastery levels up by beating up multiple opponents at the same time. Always look for islands that contain multiple opponents that are mostly of a lower level compared to you. You will need a long-range weapon and an aerial attack move in your inventory.

Here’s how it works: go to the specific island and provoke multiple opponents with a long-range weapon to chase you. Give yourself enough room to run away. Once you get all of them together in one place, hit them with an aerial attack.

If you don’t take them out straight away, try again a few times. Taking them out together gives you huge bonuses! It’s best to find a couple of places on the map where you can do that to give time for new enemies to spawn up.

Be the King of Blox Fruits

We hope our comprehensive study brings some value to your game. Using the Tips and Tricks we have gathered will give you enough insight into creating your Hero, and becoming the best. Just make sure to employ some patience and follow our guide step-by-step. Leveling up will help you open more quests in the new world, and meet new opponents. Also, keep an eye out for hidden gems and challenges.

Are you a Blox Fruits expert? Have our tips helped you? Is there anything you would like to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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