This robot mannequin can drop and gain weight at the touch of a button

Generally, if you catch a mannequin moving, you’re likely starring in a horror movie and I wouldn’t fancy your chances. Relax: Euveka’s new lifesize robot dress-up doll is designed to move, and something like this could revolutionise the fashion industry.

Being able to gain and drop weight like the worst kind of yo-yo dieter in seconds, the Euveka range allows designers to design clothes for all body types without having a creepy room full of mannequins. Simply enter your requirements in the accompanying app – tall, short, narrow-hipped, busty or slouched – and the mannequin will shape-shift before your very eyes, turning into an entirely new person in half a minute or so.

The level of customisation on the mannequins is truly impressive, letting designers independently tweak the height, thigh size, hip diameter, waist, chest, bust and shoulders. That means you can be designing clothes for a five-foot child one moment, and a 6’3” obese woman the next (a male version of the mannequin is in the works, apparently). It’s like a video game avatar creator come to life.robot_mannequin_

It’s not just fashion houses that could potentially benefit from the innovation: any industry that needs to consider body shape could do with something like this. In an interview with XTechNews, Euveka’s CEO Audrey-Laure Bergenthal highlighted athletes and soldiers as needing special attention – in the case of the latter, the difference in body types for bulletproof vests can literally be a matter of life and death.

So will we see these mannequins gradually replace traditional ones? Well, the regular horror-film staples have one thing going for them: price. comes at a prohibitive cost that has so far only appealed to high-end fashion partners like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Each mannequin costs a whopping €96,000 – or just under £85,000.

Alternatively, Euveka offers a leasing option, where businesses can rent one for €3,000 (~£2,650) per month, which is more appealing, but still makes the mannequin a pricey employee. Still: an employee that can lose and gain weight in seconds… that’s a very specialist skill that some businesses will see as worth the cost.

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