Can Venmo Send Money to Cash App?

Both Venmo and Cash App are primarily intended for peer-to-peer transfers. Since they offer the same service, it’s natural to view them as rivals. But great things can happen when competitors work together.

Can Venmo Send Money to Cash App?

In this article, you’ll discover if Venmo can send to Cash App and learn how to use both services to your advantage.

You Are the Link

Officially, neither app offers direct support for the other, which is pretty much what you’d expect from two products that do almost exactly the same thing. Unfortunately, the one thing you can’t do is send money from your Venmo account to another person’s Cash App account.

However, if you have personal accounts on both apps, neither Venmo nor Cash App have rules that would make transfers from one service to another impossible. While you won’t find an explicit “Send to Cash App” button, there are certain methods to send funds to Cash App from Venmo. It’s left to the user to figure it out, and we’re here to show you how it’s done!

Venmo send to CashApp

Turn Your Cash App Into a Bank

If you’ve activated your Cash App account, you can set up the service to use it with Venmo as a bank. Here’s how it’s done:

First, you’ll need to set up Direct Deposit on Cash App. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open Cash App and tap on the dollar sign. This will take you to the My Cash tab. Once there, tap the Cash button.
  2. Navigate to Direct Deposit and tap on Get Account Number. A popup will appear. On it, hit the Enable Account button.
  3. Under your account information, there’ll be the Copy Account Details button. Tap it and you’ll see copying options. Select both Copy Routing Number and Copy Account Number. Those will be copied to your clipboard.

Next, add the Cash App credentials to Venmo:

  1. Open the Venmo app and go to Settings by tapping the button with three horizontal lines. From there, go to Payment Methods.
  2. Tap Add a Bank or Card and select Bank.
  3. Select your verification method and paste the Cash App numbers in the required fields.

That’s it! Now Venmo will use your Cash App account like a bank, and you can transfer funds between them the same way you’d send or withdraw any amount from a regular bank account.

There is another way to connect the two apps, albeit with different functionality. If you have a Cash Card linked to your Cash App account, you can use your card instead of the Cash App account. In this case, you won’t need to set up Direct Deposit on Cash App. To take the faster option, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Venmo and, as in the previous method, go to Settings, then to Payment Methods.
  2. Tap Add a Bank or Card, but in this case, choose Card.
  3. Insert your card information. You can do this manually or use your phone’s camera.

Maybe you already know that transferring funds from Venmo to credit cards isn’t possible. Therefore, you may think this step will enable you only to send money from your Cash Card to Venmo, not the other way around. Don’t worry – Cash Cards are debit by nature, and as such, can receive instant transfers from Venmo.

Note that instant transfers have a fee of 1%, although the minimum fee deduced can be $0.25, while the maximum is $10. Also, it’s important to remember that, while making purchases from authorized merchants will be free of additional costs, for any other payment using a card, there’ll be a standard 3% fee.


Two Apps, One Bank

Another, slower, method is to link both Venmo and Cash App to the same bank account. Once that’s done, you can deposit funds from Venmo to the bank and then transfer them to Cash App, using your bank account as an intermediary between the two.

First, transfer money from Venmo to the bank account.

  1. Make sure you’ve added your bank account to Venmo and that it has been verified.
  2. Hit the button with three lines and choose Transfer to Bank or Transfer Money. If you don’t see either option right away, you can find them under Manage Balance – this depends on your device.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to transfer.
  4. Next, you’ll have to choose between Instant and 1-3 Biz Days options. Instant means the funds will be transferred within 30 minutes after you approve, but there will be a fee added, as we’ve described above. The 1-3 Biz Days option is free, but the transfer will be longer – the hint is in the option name.
  5. After you’ve chosen the method of transfer, select your bank account, review and confirm the transaction details and hit Transfer.

Your funds are now transferred to the bank. To pull them to your Cash App account, do the following:

  1. In Cash App, go to the Balance tab, then tap Add Cash.
  2. Enter the amount (the same as you entered in Step 3 above) and hit Add.
  3. Enter your PIN or use Touch ID to confirm the transfer.

After the last step is complete, you’ve successfully moved funds from Venmo to Cash App. This method is a bit slower since bank transactions take more time, but it may be useful if you find it convenient to link your payment apps to the same account.

Possibilities Combined

It’s great to find a way to make two competing services work together. If you use both Venmo and Cash App, combining them is bound to bring some benefits. Now that you‘ve found out if Venmo can send to Cash App, as well as ways to do it, we’re sure your payment options will be broader than before!

Did you send funds to Cash App from Venmo? Which method did you use? Tell us in the comments section below!

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