How to Cancel a Hulu Subscription Easily

Nowadays, there are so many streaming services to choose from. After subscribing to a couple of such services, you might ask yourself if these monthly costs are justified.

How to Cancel a Hulu Subscription Easily

That’s why people are starting to optimize the number of streaming apps they pay for. Of course, the main factor here is whether a service provides enough content that appeals to your taste. If not, then it’s time to cancel it. If you’re wondering how to cancel your Hulu subscription, you can learn all about it in this article.

How to Cancel Hulu Through the Android App

Although there’s a Hulu app for both platforms, it doesn’t come with the same set of options. iOS users can’t cancel their subscription or manage any of their account services from within the application. To cancel your Hulu subscription, Apple users can scroll forward to the next section. You’ll have to log in to Hulu’s website and take it from there.

For Android users, the cancellation process is fairly simple.

Step 1

Start the Hulu app on your Android device. Tap the “Account” icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Step 2

Tap “Account” from the menu.

Step 3

If the app asks for your password, enter it.

Step 4

In the “Cancel Your Subscription” section, tap “Cancel.”

After this, you can consider your Hulu subscription canceled. Since you’ve paid for the subscription upfront, you’ll still be able to access Hulu content until the end of the billing period.

How to Cancel Hulu on the Web on a PC

Regardless of which operating system you’re using, canceling Hulu on a computer is the same across the board.

Open a web browser on your computer and go to Hulu’s homepage ( Click “Log in” in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 1

Once you’ve entered your username and password, click on your name.

Step 2

Click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select “Account” from the drop-down.

Step 4

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen. Click “Cancel.” Click “Continue” to confirm the cancellation.

Step 5

At this point, Hulu is going to present additional offers in an attempt to keep you as a subscriber. If you’re still certain that you want to cancel your Hulu subscription, click “No, Cancel Subscription.”

With that, you’re no longer subscribed to or paying for Hulu. Of course, you’ll still have access until the end of the current billing period.

How to Cancel Hulu Through Spotify

Since Spotify Premium accounts include a Hulu subscription, the only way to cancel Hulu, in this case, is to go back to a Spotify Free account.

  1. Log in to Spotify either using a web browser or the mobile app.
  2. Go to “Account settings”
  3. Scroll to the “Your plan“ section.
  4. Select “Change plan.”
  5. Now scroll down to “Spotify Free.”
  6. Click “Cancel Premium” and confirm your choice if asked.
  7. Now you’ll see a pop-up window showing you the date when your Spotify Premium account will revert to Spotify Free.

Once again, you’ll still have access to Hulu until the billing period is over.

How to Cancel Hulu Through Amazon Prime

If you’re paying for your Hulu subscription through Amazon, there are two ways to cancel it. You can do it through Hulu or Amazon.

To cancel it directly with Hulu, check out the previous sections. To do it through Amazon, follow the steps below.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer and go to
  2. Log in with your Amazon username and password.
  3. Move your mouse over “Account & Lists” at the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Click “Your Account” in the menu on the right side.
  5. Click “Your devices and content.”
  6. In the “Things, you can do” section, click “Manage Appstore subscriptions.”
  7. Locate Hulu and click “Actions” on the right side of the screen.
  8. A drop-down menu appears. Click “Turn off auto-renewal.”
  9. Now confirm your decision on the next menu and you’re done.

You will receive an email from Hulu confirming that your subscription has been canceled. Amazon will stop charging you for the streaming service from now on.

How to Cancel Hulu Through iTunes

iPhone users who set up their Hulu payment method through iTunes can follow these steps to cancel their subscription:

  1. On your iPhone, head over to ‘Settings.’
  2. Tap on your name at the top. Then, tap on ‘Subscriptions.’
  3. Locate your Hulu account subscription and tap on it.
  4. Tap the option to cancel and follow the prompts to confirm.

Once done, iTunes will no longer bill you for the monthly subscription fee.

How to Cancel Hulu Through a Cable Company

In addition to their core services, some cable companies might include Hulu in some of the packages on offer. If you’re using Hulu in this fashion, canceling your streaming subscription might be a bit trickier.

Depending on your cable service provider, canceling your Hulu subscription may vary. Traditionally, cable companies want you to call them to change anything, but some may have a way to do this online. If you have an online log-in for your cable company, you should do that and go from there. If not, or if you can’t figure it out in your online account, call the toll-free number as it’s usually easy to reach a representative with any cable company.

How to Cancel Hulu on Roku

Roku users can follow these instructions to cancel their Hulu subscription:

  1. From the Home page on your Roku use the directional pad on your remote to highlight the Hulu channel.
  2. Press the star ‘*’ button on your remote.
  3. Navigate to ‘Manage Subscription.’
  4. Select ‘Cancel Subscription.’
  5. Confirm that you want to cancel your Hulu subscription.
  6. Click ‘Done.’

How to Cancel Hulu on Firestick

If you want to cancel your Hulu subscription using your Firestick you’ll need to use a web browser. Download the Mozilla Firefox web browser and visit the Hulu website. From here, you can follow the steps we’ve listed above to log into your Hulu account and cancel your subscription.

Additional FAQ

Here are the answers to more of your questions about cancelling Hulu.

Can I temporarily pause my Hulu account?

Yes, you can. For subscribers who want to cancel their subscription, Hulu makes an effort to keep them close anyway. The company does it by offering the users an option to pause the subscription for a period rather than canceling it on the spot.

To pause your Hulu account, follow the following steps.

  1. Open a web browser on your computer and go to
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click your name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Click “Account.”
  5. Scroll down to the “Your Subscription” section.
  6. In the “Pause Your Subscription” subsection, click “Pause.”
  7. Now choose the pause duration. The maximum is 12 weeks.
  8. Click “Submit.”

From that moment forward, Hulu won’t be billing you the monthly subscription fee. At the end of the pause period, Hulu will resume charging you for the service. The day of the new charge will become your new billing date.

Can you cancel Hulu at any time?

Yes, you can cancel Hulu whenever, irrespective of how long you’ve been a subscriber. Of course, as mentioned above, you’ll still retain access to Hulu until the end of your billing period.

Is there a fee to cancel Hulu?

No, there are no additional fees for canceling your Hulu subscription.

What phone number can I call to cancel Hulu?

If you prefer to contact Hulu directly, you can call the toll-free customer service number 24/7 at 1(888)265-6650. If you want to speak directly to a live agent, you can either press 4 or wait on the line. Even during peak hours, the wait time is usually one to five minutes and no longer.

No More Hulu Subscriptions

Hopefully, you’ve managed to cancel your Hulu subscription. With that done, perhaps it’s time to focus on other streaming services that suit you better? Or are you getting out of paid streaming altogether? Of course, if you ever want to go back to Hulu, it’s just a matter of renewing your subscription.

Have you managed to cancel your Hulu subscription? Which method did you use? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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