How To Fix CapCut Not Working

If you use CapCut for video editing projects, you might’ve encountered issues with the app not working. Luckily, fixing CapCut problems is usually relatively straightforward. After fixing your app, you’ll resume editing your content for TikTok, YouTube, and other renowned social media websites in no time.

How To Fix CapCut Not Working 

This article explains why CapCut isn’t working and offers a few handy solutions to the problem.

This article will help you discover why your CapCut has failed and explain how to fix it. 

Reasons Why You Can’t Log In to Your CapCut Video Editing App

CapCut may not work because of the following reasons:

  • Server overload –. Since the app is free, it has attracted over 500 million users. Many people trying to load CapCut simultaneously, which could potentially cause a server overload. If you attempt to sign in to your CapCut account when the servers are down, you might get a message telling you to try again later. 
  • Technical difficulties – Alternatively, the CapCut platform won’t work during server maintenance or when the app developers plan to run tests. Again, you might receive an error message, or the system could crash with each login attempt.
  • Inaccessibility – CapCut isn’t available in all countries. If you’ve traveled to a destination where the app doesn’t work, you can’t log in without a VPN (Virtual Private Network). 
  • Slow Wi-Fi and Internet connections – Some CapCut login failures emanate from your device or behavior. First, your Wi-Fi network could be too slow to open the app’s login page. You might have finished your internet bundles and are disconnected.
  • Violating terms of service – If you have violated some CapCut terms of use, you could be logging into a deleted or suspended account.
  • App did not install properly – Lastly, you probably installed your CapCut app incorrectly on your smartphone. Check if you have adequate storage space on your phone to install CapCut. 

How to Solve CapCut Not Working Problem

Here are the most common reasons why CapCut isn’t working.

A Loading Error

A loading error could pop up when trying to log in or open app features from within your account. As mentioned, CapCut is prone to server downtimes due to numerous users. Wait slightly to see if the servers will improve. CapCut servers hardly take hours to recover from downtime. Alternatively, open the CapCut Twitter page and check if there’s an ongoing server issue. 

A Black Screen

Some CapCut users get a black screen when loading the app on their mobile devices. This is common with first-time users. The app loads smoothly but turns into a black screen. 

A black screen may arise from a problem with your device. Perhaps it has several apps running in the background, or you’ve opened too many apps.

You can solve this by closing the apps you’re using and those running in the background. Re-open your CapCut app and see if the black screen has disappeared. If it persists, restart your phone and open CapCut again. Now it should function well. If it doesn’t, the app software could be the root of the problem. So, remove your CapCut app and install it again.

Login Error

If you’re getting a login error, it means you can’t access your account at all. The cause of this error is entering the wrong username or password. If you forgot your password, you should reset it and try to sign in again. Additionally, try opening your account with your cell phone number.

You can also login into CapCut via your Gmail account, Facebook, or YouTube. Ensure you recall the login details of these sites or else this method will fail. Lastly, check if your account is still active. CapCut may terminate or ban your account due to inappropriate behavior. Read the login error to know if your account is suspended or deleted.

Capcut Won’t Install

If you can’t install the CapCut app, the problem could be your internet connection. Confirm that you have an active Wi-Fi connection. If not connected, switch on your Wi-Fi or router. Finish the installation later if your internet connection speed is low. If the app still can’t install, check your phone’s internal storage or SD card to see if there is enough space for this app.

Clear the files and apps you don’t need to free up space for CapCut. Verify the app’s compatibility with your device. If your Android or iOS version can’t support CapCut, the installation won’t work. 

You Can’t Receive CapCut Notifications 

If you can’t get notifications, the problem lies with CapCut. Visit the Notifications settings and check whether you’ve enabled them. If enabled, inspect the notification sounds. Perhaps you muted the app’s sounds by accident. Thus, you’ll get notifications without a sound alert. 

Four Ways to Fix Most CapCut Errors

There are four techniques you can use to fix most CapCut errors.

Clear the Cache and User Data

If your CapCut has severe technical issues, you can delete it and the data stored in the app. After that, you can update and install the app again. To clear the cache, use the phone settings. 

Uninstall and Install App Again

Uninstall the software from your device. Open the apps store, download the CapCut app, and re-install it. Once you open the app, it will function well. 

Update the App

Another approach is to update the app. Open your apps store and download the current software version. After installing the app, you might no longer experience the previous error. 

Delete and Restart

The third option entails:

  1. Restart your device soon after deleting it.
  2. Turn it back on and visit your ‘Play Store” to get the latest software version.
  3. Download or install the latest updates and turn off the phone.
  4. When you switch it on again, download and install the app. Do this when your internet speed is fast to avoid an interruption. 

Obtain a VPN

If you can’t use CapCut in your country or travel destination, your best solution is a VPN service. This is software that hides your computer IP address. In short, you choose an IP address located in a country where CapCut works. Here’s how to use CapCut with a VPN:

  1. Choose the best VPN. Many popular VPN companies exist, including Hide My Ass, PureVPN, NordVPN, etc. 
  2. Download or Install your favorite VPN app on your mobile device and install it. 
  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a server closest to you. Ensure the server is in a country where CapCut works. 
  4. Force-close the CapCut app and re-open it. Now, browse your CapCut app features without restriction.


What should you do if CapCut audio is not working? 

If your app’s audio feature stops working, there could be two possible causes. First, your phone volume level may be too low or the speakers might have an issue. Secondly, the audio settings in the app might be off. So, increase the volume on your phone and use headphones if its speakers are faulty. Check CapCut’s sound settings, such as notification sounds, and enable them.

How can you check if CapCut servers are down?

The first step is to visit CapCut’s most active social media pages. Then, see if CapCut has a message about ongoing server maintenance. Another solution is to use a dedicated tool for this work, including the one on this site.

Fix Your CapCut

The CapCut app can stop working for many reasons. Perhaps the numerous video makers who use it daily are causing server overloads. Alternatively, it might be technical issues on your end. If you can’t unlock your account after trying every suggestion here, contact CapCut support. A customer service agent will troubleshoot your problem and offer the most appropriate solutions.

Has CapCut ever stopped working for you? Did you get to the bottom of the issue? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Arun says:
Showing “no internet connection and try again”
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My cap cut app will not allow me to get the pro version. It keeps coming up with the black screen error “Unable to load. Try qgain”
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But my ads are not created in Capcut

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