How To Fix Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working

Venmo is an amazing platform for peer-to-peer (P2P) money exchange that lets you receive or send money across the world. Numerous benefits, including instant transfers, make Venmo one of the most popular of such service providers out there.

How To Fix Venmo Instant Transfer Not Working

However, there are instances when the instant transfer doesn’t work. This can be due to several reasons, and most of them are easily solvable. This article shares possible causes for this unpleasant error and quick fixes for an uninterrupted Venmo experience.

The Causes of the Venmo Instant Transfer Error

Venmo Instant Transfer is one of the most convenient money transfer features for users worldwide. It lets you send money to another party for a minimum fee. When the service doesn’t work, it often evokes plenty of outcries.

There are several reasons for this.

Internal Security Protocol Issues

There can be plenty of reasons that cause Venmo to review or refuse an instant transfer, and one of them can be the company’s internal security protocol. For this reason, it’s best to perform money transfers with cards registered in your name. Your Venmo account should feature your legal first and last name that should match the name on the card.

If this condition isn’t met, you’re likely to experience instant transfer issues.


Venmo reserves the right to review your transfer. This process can end up declining, delaying, or blocking the transfer if an issue arises during the review. Some transfers are more likely to be reviewed than others, but all reviews are at Venmo’s discretion. Depending on the severity of the problem, Venmo can even freeze or remove your account.

Other Causes

There are occasions when Venmo Internal Transfer doesn’t work even if none of the causes above are present. You might have used the same card and performed the transfer the same way as in the past, but still experience an error. In this case, you can send money using a standard bank transfer instead, as the Venmo Support team can’t override instant transfer refusals.

Quick Fixes for the Venmo Instant Transfer Error

Many things could potentially go wrong when you use Venmo Instant Transfer, usually due to errors that could be avoided. To lower your chances of receiving an error, make sure you apply the tips below before trying another transfer.

Use a Debit Card that Supports the Instant Transfer

Not all debit cards issued by modern banks support this functionality. This is often the first reason for the instant transfer error on Venmo. In fact, the platform will show you whether or not your debit card type is available, and the system will grey out your card in case this service isn’t possible for you.

As a solution, you can ask your bank to issue you a new debit card that supports instant transfers.

Make Sure Your Card and Venmo Account Names Match

As previously mentioned, Venmo can issue an instant transfer error if the name on your Venmo account and your debit card doesn’t match. To avoid these issues, only use the card issued under your name and make sure your Venmo account features your legal name as well.

Ensure Your Bank Supports Instant Transfers

Sometimes, the bank as a whole doesn’t support this feature at all. In that case, you won’t be able to use Venmo’s Instant Transfer feature.

If it turns out your bank doesn’t work with instant transfers, you should find an alternative bank or send money via your bank account rather than Venmo.

Respect the Venmo Limits

Venmo has specific weekly transfer limits that you should respect. If you try to send more money than allowed, you can receive an Instant Transfer error. Ensure you don’t exceed the limit to avoid having your account under review.

Respect the Terms and Conditions

The Venmo system reviews all transfers before they are accepted. The platform checks account activity as well as the activity of the user you want to transfer money to. They do so to prevent suspicious and illegal activities. These checks could result in the following outcomes:

  • Transfer delay, block, or cancellation
  • Venmo withholding or freezing funds
  • Account termination or suspension
  • Using funds to offset experienced losses by Venmo
  • Reversed payment
  • Warrant, order, or other legal processes requiring fund seizure

Contact Venmo

If you keep receiving a money transfer error, you can always contact Venmo’s support for more details. You can chat to their specialists with the mobile app from the “Get Help,” then “Contact Us” section. Additionally, you can fill out a web form available on their website.

Contact Your Bank

Finally, if you get a Venmo Instant Transfer Error, it may mean you’re having problems with your bank account. Give your bank a call to investigate the problem further.

Important Notes

  • Venmo instant money transfers usually take no longer than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Transfers that aren’t completed in 30 minutes may experience an error for any of the reasons mentioned in this article.
  • Standard bank transfers by Venmo can take from one to three business days and are free of charge.
  • The Instant Transfer fee on Venmo, at the time of writing, is 1.75% (minimum charge is $0.25, maximum $25).

Solving Venmo Instant Transfer Issues

Venmo is an extremely convenient instant money transfer provider for users worldwide. Regardless of your experience with the platform, you can expect to encounter some type of transaction error. Luckily, most of the issues are easily solved. You just have to follow the tips from this article, and you’ll be good to go.

Which tip helped you get rid of the Instant Transfer Not Working error? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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Can’t transfer from Venmo to chime
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I am trying to transfer money into my chime account using instant transfer but for some reason it will not let me. I have done this many times before and am confused why it is not working now.
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Transfer into my account is not working

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