How To Use the CapCut Rara Template

If you’re thinking about sharing some of your fondest memories on TikTok or Instagram, finding the right template may seem tricky. But with so many versions available and ways to customize, the Rara CapCut Template might be the right choice for you. And more than 14 million users to date can’t be wrong.

How To Use the CapCut Rara Template

This article will introduce you to the different versions of the Rara CapCut template. We’ll also go over how to install and customize it. Fortunately, the process is easy. In no time at all, you’ll be using your favorite Rara CapCut template by following this guide.

Rara CapCut Template

The Rara CapCut Template, trending on both Instagram and TikTok, was created by a user named “Rara” (which explains the name).

The template was released in 2002 to close out the year. However, the template is so versatile that it’s being used to commemorate many occasions, not just the passing of that year. Whether you want to share special moments with a partner or best friend over the last few months or years, the options are limitless. 

This template is ideal for people preferring pre-made video backgrounds. With easy-to-use features and striking in-built animations, the template is suitable for status posts or creating social media stories. 

With so many versions of the Rara CapCut template available, let’s dig in and see what features and functions each offers. 

Rara CapCut 1

The first template is basic. It lets you reflect and share your favorite memories you captured in photos with others. After a five-second intro with a single image projected on the screen, the template switches to a photo reel showing up to 60 images that gradually overlap. This is a great template if you have a lot of memories you would like to share that you captured on your phone. 

You can find the template here. It is the first one on the page. 

Rara CapCut Template 2

Another version of the Rara CapCut template starts with a video instead of a still frame. As the video plays, text appears, accompanied by a voice saying that the year 2022 has ended. The video of the template then transitions to concise 1-2 second video clips, rather than 40-60 pictures, to showcase the events that occurred. 

Remember, you can fully customize the text, the voice-over, and the video clips. You may share a memorable vacation or a visit with a loved one. You can write the text and use a different voice-over instead. And, of course, you will upload the relevant video clips.

This template is preferred by those who want to share short video clips rather than pictures. 

You can find the template here under “Other Templates Related to Rara.” It is the first link under that section.

Rara CapCut Template 3

If you’d prefer something upbeat, the Rara CapCut Template 3 is a great option. It begins with a video and a text layover: “Memories 2022.” With Harry Styles’s song, “As It Was,” playing in the background, the video switches to a series of images rapidly changing to reveal extraordinary moments. 

As with any other template, you can adjust the text to reflect whatever applies to you, i.e., “Summer Vacation with My Besties 2023.” You can also change the song if you want, too.

The template is under “Other Templates Related to Rara.” It is the third link.

Rara Capcut Template 4

Say you want to share a timeline with your friends and family. Maybe you’re thinking of sharing milestones of your baby’s life up to age 1 (the first time your baby smiled, laughed, crawled, walked, etc.) to post as a social media tribute on your baby’s first birthday.

In that case, the Rara CapCut “Timeline” template, which can be found in this link under “Other Templates Related to Rara,” might be for you. 

The video starts with a still frame showing images that pop up during each season. The photos feature special moments a couple shared during those months. Then, the picture timeline switches to videos of the couple spending time together. 

This template is great if you want a video background of something that leads to an event. Maybe it’s the best times you had with your loved one before they proposed or special moments in your pregnancy leading to the baby’s birth. 

Whatever applies to you, this timeline is a great choice to share moments leading up to a special, once-in-a-lifetime event.

Rara CapCut Template 5

The last template has some cool animations if that’s your thing. The video starts with someone looking out the window of a plane. “Take me back to the memories,” the text reads. And then, a series of short video clips appear. As each new video clip begins, an animation is added for transition. 

You might be interested in this template if you want attention-grabbing effects for your video. 

You can find the template here. It’s the sixth one under “Other Templates Related to Rara.”

Steps to Install the Rara CapCut Template

Installing the template is relatively easy. First, you want to ensure you have the latest version of the CapCut app. If you don’t have the app or need an update, download it for Android, iOS, or App Store

  1. You can start by searching for the template you prefer. Be sure to choose the template that meets your needs and preferences. 
  2. Once comfortable with your selection, tap “Use Template on CapCut.” 
  3. Start by adding the photos and videos you like. You can choose your own song and animations, too, if you want. All options are customizable to make a fabulous TikTok video.
  4. If you like what you’ve done, go to the “Export” option. And that’s it; you’re ready to share your video with family and friends!

Remember, if there’s a watermark and you want to export the video without the watermark, you’ll need to click on “Save and Share on TikTok.”


Do I have to pay for the Rara CapCut template?

No, the template is free.

What are the benefits of using the Rara CapCut template?

The template is easy to use, which means you save time. The template also gives a professional vibe to your video, making it attractive and extending your social media reach. There are lots of ways to customize it, allowing it to be uniquely your own. 

What do I do if I can’t download the template?

CapCut may be restricted for some users based on their location. Check to see if the restrictions may apply to you. Utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) can change that. Any popular VPN app (NordVPN, for instance) will do. Just ensure you connect to a country (examples include Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom) that allows CapCut use, and make sure you connect through the VPN before you try downloading again. 

How do I get rid of the error message that I am seeing?

Clear the cache first. All you have to do is go to settings and tap “Clear cache.” Clearing your cache once in a while is a good idea, anyway. Your projects won’t be deleted, so don’t worry. But it does reduce the amount of space the application takes up.

Share Your Favorite Moments With Rara CapCut Template

Start sharing your favorite memories with others quickly and stylishly with the Rara Capcut Template. With video, photos, animation, and numerous ways to customize, you have so many unique ways to make your CapCut template personal and relevant to you. When finished, you can share a social media tribute or story with your loved ones today!

What about you? Have you tried the Rara CapCut Template? Did you use find any of the tips in this article helpful? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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