CapCut vs. InShot: What’s the Difference?

Video editing is becoming more useful for small business owners and those trying to establish a brand. But it’s especially beneficial for those who want to show their talents on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

CapCut vs. InShot: What’s the Difference?

Videos are an excellent way to capture the attention of the viewer and get your message across.

CapCut and InShot are two of the most frequently used video editing apps. As such, people are curious about which app is the better choice. This article will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is CapCut?

CapCut is an app designed to help users perform video editing when they’re producing videos for TikTok and similar sites. The app is owned by the Chinese-based company ByteDancePTE. LTD. ByteDance also owns TikTok, so it’s not surprising that the app works seamlessly with TikTok videos.

CapCut has roughly 200 million members and is great for young users. They can make video clips like they would for TikTok without having a TikTok account. This increases parental control over a child’s social media exposure.


  • Free app
  • Can be shared on TikTok without the presence of a visible watermark
  • You can remove filler words
  • Speed adjustments for multiple clips
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Voice-over subtitles
  • A variety of available templates
  • Several languages available


  • Watermark when sharing videos to Facebook, Instagram, and social media sites other than TikTok
  • 15-minute video limit
  • Only allowed one video and audio track
  • Doesn’t support 3D editing
  • For use only on smartphones. It can’t be used on a desktop computer without an emulator like Bluestacks.
  • Doesn’t have a landscape mode.

What Is InShot?

InShot is also a video editing app. The app boasts more than 45 million monthly users at present although it has been downloaded about 88 million times. It has been around for a long time and was originally a photo editing app. Since then, it has transitioned into a video editing app. The app is owned by Shantanu PTE. Limited.

InShot offers multiple features like video splitting and the ability to import photos to add to your videos. This app allows you to add music and other sound effects to still shots. Plus, you have the option to add animations, stickers, and eye-catching text.


  • Free version
  • Easy to use
  • Wide selection of stickers
  • Allows you to merge video clips and create a new and unique video
  • Easy to remove the watermark from the video clips
  • The app is designed for iOS and Android devices


  • Limited transition effects with free version
  • Limited music library doesn’t offer much new, trending music
  • Difficult to work on multiple tasks at once
  • You have to watch advertisements after saving something.

The Main Differences Between the Two Apps

The two apps have a lot of similarities, but their differences make one of them more suitable to your needs and expectations.


The cost of the CapCut app is less than the cost of the InShot app. As mentioned, with CapCut everything the app has to offer is free of charge. In contrast, the InShot app has limited free basic features, but you have to pay for higher quality features.


The latest video styles are easy to create with CapCut. The app offers automatic updates that create feature changes that can be incorporated into your content.

Timeline Control

CapCut is easier to use and control.

360 Degree Visuals

Some videos are made more stunning by 360-degree visual effects. This is something that the InShot app provides that the CapCut app doesn’t.


The ability to create slow-motion video elements is available with CapCut but not with InShot.


InShot has paid advertisements embedded in the app that you must view before you can proceed with editing. This is the one of the main differences between the two apps.


The number and quality of sounds, music, and audio available is greater on the CapCut app.


The number of people who use CapCut on a regular basis is close to 200 million. The number of regular users of the InShot app is closer to 45 million.

Interestingly, the number of users who download the apps but don’t appear to use them is greater for the InShot app. In the past few months, the app has been downloaded more than 88 million times, but the number of regular users is reportedly half that amount.

Why Use a Video Editor at all?

TikTok has features that allow you to edit your videos for the social media site. If so, why should people use video editing apps like CapCut or InShot?

The video editing features and special effects on CapCut or InShot are more stunning, more captivating, and allow you to create unique visual and sound effects. In other words, if you don’t anything special for your video, then don’t download an extra video editing app. However, if you want to make a video that stands out from the crowd, take the time to download the CapCut or InShot app.


Do professionals prefer CapCut or InShot?

Unfortunately, neither of these video apps is advanced enough for professionals to use them often. The apps are perfect for beginners and the average video editing projects. However, when it comes to complex editing and visuals, they don’t have the features, speed, or clarity that professionals demand.

Was CapCut renamed?

The app was formerly called Jian Ying, but was renamed by ByteDance in 2020.

Can these video editing apps be used to make commercial advertisements?

Yes. You’re free to use the apps to make commercial advertisements.

Do Video Editing Your Way

Both of the apps discussed here will allow you to make improvements and changes to the visual and audio aspects of your videos. Choosing the best app for the type of videos you create will depend on your requirements. The best editing app will provide more options, be easier to use, and make your content stand out from the rest.

Have you ever used video editing apps like CapCut and InShot? Did you have a positive experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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