How to Add Cash in the Cash App

In Cash App, you can send people money, invest in company stocks or shares, trade crypto, and pay your bills. However, you need to add funds to your Cash App account first, and this article will show you how.

How to Add Cash in the Cash App

Add Cash to Cash App From Your Bank Account

You can add money to your Cash App account from your bank account, but you’ll need to link them first. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. In Cash App, tap on the “Bank” icon to your left.
  2. Here you have the choice to add money from your debit card or bank account. To add money from your debit card, select “Add Card.”
  3. Input the amount, then tap on “Add.”
  4. Add your debit card information and link the bank account associated with the card.
  5. If you don’t have a debit card but want to add a bank account, follow the same process but select “No Card” when you’re prompted to input debit card details.
  6. Select a bank account from the supplied list, and add your online banking details.
  7. Go back to the main menu.
  8. Tap on “Add Cash,” which is under your account balance.
  9. Enter the amount and select “Add.”

Add Cash to Cash App From a Store

Some stores like Walgreens, 7-Eleven, and Walmart allow you to deposit cash into your Cash App account. When the store cashier scans your unique bar code, you can deposit up to $500 into your Cash App account. Follow these steps to add cash from a retail store to your Cash App account:

  1. Search for the nearest store, allowing people to deposit cash into Cash App. To find one open Cash App, choose “Bank,” then select “Paper Money.” Cash App will access your location (make sure it’s turned on).
  2. Tap on a store to get address details.
  3. Select “Directions” or “Copy Address” and paste the info into your GPS.
  4. At the store, tell the cashier you’d like to add money to Cash App.
  5. The cashier will ask to scan your barcode, so in your Cash App, select “Show Barcode.” Or, tap on the “Bank” icon, select “Paper Money,” click on the store’s name and choose “Show Barcode.”
  6. Give the cashier your cash.
  7. Tap on “Done.”

Note that you can deposit a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $500. Cash App only charges $1 per deposit, and you are limited to $1,000 a week and $4,000 per month. You can make a single deposit with each barcode. If you need to add more than $500 in a single sitting, you must generate another barcode and complete your transaction.

Move Cash From Cash App to Your Bank Account

If you need to use some of the money you’ve added to your Cash App outside of the app, you can deposit it (i.e., withdraw) into your bank account using the following easy steps:

  1. Open the Cash App on your mobile.
  2. From the left of your screen, select “Bank.”
  3. Choose “Cash Out,” which is under your current balance.
  4. Input the amount you want to withdraw to your bank.
  5. Click on “Cash Out.”
  6. Two payment options will appear: “Instant” and “Standard.” Standard withdrawals take couple of days to send the money to your bank for free. Instant cash-out charges a fee to send the funds to your bank account quicker, usually within an hour.
  7. Choose your option, then select “Done.”

Troubleshooting for Adding Cash to Your Cash App

As with all applications, you might run into issues when sending and receiving money. Try these solutions if you’re getting errors when trying to complete a transaction in your Cash App.

Restart Your Cash App

Force close your Cash App, then relaunch it and check if you can add money to your Cash App account.

Use the Cash App Website to Add Cash to the Cash App

If you’re still experiencing issues adding cash to Cash App, try accessing your account via the app’s website.

Check if Cash Apps Online Server Is Up

Most online applications need reliable internet connections to work effectively 24/7. But sometimes, the server can go down, resulting in several in-app issues. Cash App has a Status page you can check to see if a service is unavailable. If you see that the “Add Cash” option is offline, you’ll have to wait for the issue to be resolved.

Check the Internet Connection

Cash App needs a reliable internet connection to work effectively. If your Wi-Fi is unstable, switch to cellular data. Don’t use public Wi-Fi for your banking and e-cash apps

Clear Cash App’s Cache Data

Another method of fixing issues in the Cash App is to clear the app’s cache and data. The cache can get corrupted over time and cause problems with the app’s work. You’d have to uninstall and reinstall the Cash App on an iPhone. On an Android device:

  1. Go to Settings, then choose “Apps.”
  2. Find “Manage Apps” or “All Apps,” depending on your specific system.
  3. Select “Cash App.”
  4. Choose “Clear Cache.” This might be under “Storage & Cache.”
  5. Relaunch Cash App and try to make a transaction.

Contact Your Bank

Some errors in adding cash to your Cash App account are sometimes on your bank’s side. You must contact your bank’s customer support to determine what’s causing your transactional issues.

Contact Cash App’s Customer Service

As a last resort, you may need to contact Cash App’s customer service department. You can contact them on their website or via Cash App. To do this :

  1. Tap on your “Profile.”
  2. Select “Account & Settings.”
  3. Choose “Support.”
  4. Start a chat by clicking on “Start a Chat.”
  5. On the website, go to “Settings,” then email Cash App’s customer support representatives.

Add Your Credit Card on Cash App With Ease

While Cash App is an easy and intuitive way to send money to friends and family or even pay bills, it won’t work without a connected bank account. Note that credit cards can’t be used to transfer funds to your account, and you’ll need a valid bank account, preferably with a debit card to used to connect them.

How has Cash App changed the way you handle payments? Let us know in the comments below.

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