How Ti Fix Cash App When It Say Pending

The Cash App can be a convenient way to send and receive payments. But occasionally, a payment you’ve sent someone might appear to have not been received. But before you panic, know that there are several reasons why this might have happened, and it might not be your fault. Luckily, the pending status is temporary. If you know how to solve the matter, you can be assured of sending or receiving money in a few hours. 

How Ti Fix Cash App When It Say Pending

This article explains why a Cash App payment might be pending and how to release it. 

Six Reasons Why Your Cash App Says Pending

A pending payment from Cash App or another online app can cause frustration and anger. Perhaps the recipient is depending on that payment to resolve an urgent matter. It’s important to act quickly and work together with the recipient or sender to solve the problem. So, check if any of these six causes might be why your transaction is pending. 

Weak Internet Connection

If Cash App puts your transaction in a pending status, check if you have network issues. Perhaps your Wi-Fi signal is weak or disconnected. It might cause you to think the first transaction has failed and you send the payment again. Sometimes all pending money transfers will be completed when the Wi-Fi signal improves.

Servers Might Have Issues

Cash App can’t send money during a server outage. The app is used by more than 50 million people monthly, and its servers are prone to overload and downtime. If servers are down, most money transfers will remain pending until the problem ends. Cash App will send a notification online if there is work being conducted to fix an internal system issue. If you don’t see the message and send money during that time, the transaction will remain pending until the issue is resolved. 

Account Issues

If you’ve verified your Cash App account and haven’t violated any policy, ask the recipient to check if they have an issue on their end. Perhaps you’ve sent money to a locked or suspended account. If the recipient hasn’t checked their account for a while, they might not know it’s been suspended. Furthermore, if their account is new, Cash App will hold the payment until they complete the verification process. 

Exceeding the Transfer Limit for an Unverified Account

If you haven’t verified your account Cash App will limit the amount of money you can send. Until you provide a valid ID photo and other key documents, the app won’t allow you to send more than $1,000 per month. The same goes for a recipient who has an unverified account–they can only receive $1,000 per month.

Using a Flagged Account

Cash App flags accounts that show signs of fraudulent activities, including questionable transactions. If any of your recent transactions appear to involve some questionable actions, your future transactions may be labeled “pending.” Cash App will decline transactions it suspects are illegal to protect its users from being scammed. For instance, if the other party appears to be a hacker’s account, Cash App will place the transaction on hold. 

If Cash App suspects you are knowingly using your account for suspicious activities, it will halt your most recent transaction, whether you are the sender or the recipient. If you know your account is fine, ask the other person to check theirs. Perhaps they’re using a hacked account without knowing it. Or they may be hackers and scammers themselves attempting to get you to send them money for a suspicious reason (to receive a special gift later, etc.). 

Since Cash App transactions are generally completed in minutes, a flagged account is an early warning the other party may not be who they claim to be. By flagging the receiver’s account, Cash App may save you from losing money.

Bank Servers Are Down

When sending money with Cash App, you’ll need to connect the app to your bank to fund your Cash App account. Let’s assume you’ve no funds on Cash App and want to pay someone. You have two options. First, deposit cash into the app from your bank and then send your payment. Doing it this way makes the chances of your transaction going into a pending status low.

Secondly, you can initiate the transfer process and then give Cash App permission to request money from your bank. But Cash App won’t have access to the funds instantly if the bank servers are slow or unreachable. It will mark your transaction as pending until the bank servers’ outage is over. 

How to Solve Cash App Says Pending Problem

If the money you sent someone on Cash App is still pending, try the following solutions: 

Fix the Network Issue

If you’ve noted that your internet connection is poor, fix it and see if the pending transaction will clear. First, ensure you’re not using a public Wi-Fi connection – public Wi-Fi is prone to hacking, and you can’t fix issues with public Wi-Fi anyway. Wait until you can access a faster private Wi-Fi network. You can also switch to mobile data on your smartphone. Finally, you can simply cancel the pending transaction and send money later when the network issue ends.

Wait for Server Maintenance to End

If you sent the money when Cash App servers were slow or inactive, you can simply wait for the technicians on their end to finish their work. Cash App will often notify its users of an impending server maintenance session. The only thing to do in those circumstances is wait until the server outage is over. You can keep checking Cash App’s server status to know when the downtime ends.

Solve Account Issues

Ensure you have verified your account, have enough funds in the account, and haven’t violated the app’s terms and conditions. Check with the recipient to make sure their account is in good standing as well. If you or the recipient have account issues, the pending transaction will stay that way until you rectify the situation. Search for anything that could stop you from making successful money transfers.

If either account is new, you should both wait until Cash App completes the transfer. However, if the receiver’s account is inactive, they must contact a customer support agent for assistance. An agent will detail the reason their account is suspended and reactivate it.

Don’t Exceed Your Transfer Limit

If you tried to send more money than Cash App allows, your best choice is to verify your account. Tap the “Verify Account” button on your profile to confirm that your account details are accurate. Provide every document that Cash App needs to verify your account. If you verify, Cash App will increase your limit and complete the pending transaction. If you have a verified account, ask the receiver to finish verifying their account. 

Contact Customer Support Agents on Flagged Accounts

The only way to unlock a pending transaction involving a flagged account is to contact a customer support agent. By doing so, you’ll know why Cash App chose to flag your account and what to do. Cash App might ask you to re-verify your account if it suspects illegal or fraudulent activities. The recipient should also seek assistance if Cash App has flagged their account. 

A case may take days or weeks to resolve if a dispute arises. Thus, you should avoid such a situation in this manner: 

  • Always send money to someone you can trust. 
  • Link credit cards and debit cards that bear your name.
  • Use Cash App more often to create a transaction history and increase trust.
  • Use a strong password to keep hackers away. 
  • Wait for the bank to repair its servers.


How long will my Cash App payment stay pending?

The period your transaction might remain pending will depend on the cause of the problem. If Cash App flagged either of the accounts for illegal activities, the pending payment might take longer to clear. On average, Cash App processes most pending transactions in one to two days.

Can I cancel a pending transaction on Cash App?

You can cancel if you come to an agreement with the recipient to cancel the transaction. To cancel, highlight the pending transaction and tap “Cancel Payment.” Once the problem is resolved, you can send the payment again. 

Complete Pending Cash App Transactions

Cash App transfers money instantly. If your transaction remains pending, there may be a problem with your account, the recipient’s account, or Cash App itself. The only way to know is to troubleshoot the matter until you discover the root cause. After that, the recipient – a friend, an employee, etc. – will receive the money. If there is a dispute or violations of the terms and conditions are involved, cancel the transaction as soon as possible. 

Did Cash App recently decline your money transfer request? How long did you take to unlock the pending payment and what did you do? Let us know in the comments section below.

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