How To Change Icons on a MIUI Phone

One of the biggest draws of the Xiaomi range of smartphones is the MIUI operating system. This modified Android platform is found in the high-end versions of the phone and is much beloved by users. Its popularity is in part due to its highly customizable themes. There are a number of ways you can change the system’s icons, personalizing them to suit your particular style. This article explores the various methods you can use to customize your MIUI icons.

How To Change Icons on a MIUI Phone

How to Change Icons in MIUI Using the Theme App

MIUI comes with a theme app that holds a wide variety of options. It provides icon packs that users can utilize on their devices. These steps will show you how to use the theme app to change MIUI icons.

  1. Locate the “Themes” app on your smartphone.
  2. Scroll through the themes available and tap on the one you like and select “Own it now”.
  3. Once it begins downloading, navigate to the Themes window.
  4. Select the theme you want to apply.
  5. Press the theme you chose, then hit “Apply.”

This method allows you to use only the icons from the selected theme. You can then customize your smartphone to your liking.

How to Change Icons in MIUI Using Google Play Store

Google Play Store has MIUI icon packs you can utilize to redesign your Xiaomi smartphone. There are over 10,000 icons available per pack with different design options. Download the collection from the Play Store, and once it’s installed, long-press the icon you would like to use.

One thing to note is that the downloaded packs might not be compatible with your device. When you try to use them, you’ll probably get an error message saying, “Cannot find icon pack installation on Google Play.” Therefore, you’ll require an Android launcher to make them available on your phone. Installing a launcher like Nova Launcher should do the trick.

How to Change Icons in MIUI Using Theme Editor

The Theme Editor allows you to modify the various elements of the themes installed on your device. It also lets you apply icon packs downloaded from Google Play directly to the other themes. This app provides a method you can use to install a third-party package without the need for a launcher. Here’s how to use the Theme Editor to change your phone icons.

  1. Go to the “Themes” app on your device and select “Download” in a theme of your choice.
  2. Launch the Theme Editor and click “Pick a theme,” then select the one you’ve downloaded.
  3. Press “Start” and then “Application Icons” to begin the process.
  4. Tap “Import the “Whole Icon Pack” and then “Select Icon Pack.”
  5. Hit “Done” and uncheck the box that says “Apply changes to installed applications only.”
  6. Tap “Back” and “Next” in the Theme Editor window.
  7. Tap “Finish” to complete the process.

Your modified theme is now available on your device and can be accessed through the Themes app.

How to Change Icons in MIUI Using a Designer Account

Although there are thousands of icon options available through the packs on Google Play Store, you might be looking for something different. If you prefer unique icons, you can create an MIUI Designer account to customize them.

An MIUI Designer account allows you to import files to the platform using an SD card. With this option, you can get a lot more creative. You can upload your own designs or add interesting images that you’ve discovered online.

Once you’ve uploaded your desired icons to your phone, you can go to the Themes app to customize them. Check out how to do that.

  1. Navigate to the “Themes” app and select “Download” to the design you want to add to the phone.
  2. Open Theme Editor and tap “Pick a theme.”
  3. Tap “Start,” “Apps Icons,” then “Import a whole icon pack.”
  4. In the dropdown menu that appears, press “Select icon package” then “Done.”
  5. Unclick the box that says, “Apply edits to installed applications only.”
  6. Tap “Back” to go back to Theme Editor, then press “Next” and “Finish.”

With your icon designs now on your smartphone, you can use them to change your MIUI options.

Change Things Up

We use our phones countless times a day. After some time, it can get pretty dull looking at the same old home screen with the same old icons. One factor that makes MIUI phones so appealing is the ability to change themes and icons. You can customize your phone to suit your personal style or change things up when you feel you want something new. This guide shows you how to alter your MIUI icons to your liking.

Have you changed icons in MIUI? How did you go about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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