How to Change the Ring Doorbell Chime Sound

Ring offers a doorbell like you’ve never seen or heard before. Whilst certainly a doorbell, in essence, its featured connectivity and video mode make it into something much more. This device comes with a live video camera, a speaker to communicate with your visitors, as well as online connectivity. All this means that Ring Doorbell can seamlessly connect to your smartphone or tablet and allow you to see, hear, and talk to whoever is at your doorstep.

How to Change the Ring Doorbell Chime Sound

However, it’s still a doorbell. A doorbell with unique possibilities. And yes, of course, you can change the chime sound.

Why Change It?

It may sound like an inconsequential thing, but have you ever changed your phone’s ringtone? If not, do you really judge the people who have? Most likely not, because you’re fairly used to people personalizing their phone sounds. Well, why would it stop at smartphones? Why wouldn’t someone want to change their doorbell chime?

Additionally, the doorbell chime will come from your phone, in the first place. The whole idea behind Ring Doorbell is receiving the doorbell chime onto your phone, wherever you are. In this case, you may want a specific type of sound that’s easy to recognize. After all, a personal visit always beats messages and phone calls. You’ll want your Ring chime to reflect that.

Finally, with its motion sensor, you may want to set different chime sounds for rings and motion sensor triggers.


How to Change the Linked Chime Tone

The whole chime thing works similarly to a ringtone and is, therefore, changed in a similar way, only not via your phone’s native software, but using the Ring app, as you’ve probably presumed.

Naturally, start the Ring app by tapping it. Next, click the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner. Then tap on Devices in the pop-out menu.

Select the Ring device that you want to change the chime on. Then, on the next screen, go to Chime Tones.

In the Ringtone Settings menu, you’ll see two main tabs: RINGS and MOTIONS. Select the one that you want to change first.


The Rings tab allows you to select the notification sound that you’ll hear each time someone rings the bell on the Ring Doorbell device. Scroll through the list, select the sounds, and tap TEST SOUND in order to hear what each one sounds like.

Before saving the changes, set the ring volume and test it until you’ve reached a satisfactory volume level. After you’ve decided which chime you prefer, tap SAVE CHANGES. A message will pop up, notifying you that your Chime is being updated. After the process is done, try ringing the Ring Doorbell to see if the changes have been made.


To select a different ringtone for Ring Doorbell’s motion sensor notifications, select the Motions tab and choose the ringtone, as you did in the Rings tab. Having two separate sounds for rings and motions can be very useful; it’s easier knowing whether someone dropped off a package for you or rang the doorbell.

Downloading New Ringtones

To make things more interesting, Ring allows you to download new ringtones for Ring Chime. Ring Chime is an audio device that you can place wherever you want inside your home and forget about having to carry the smartphone everywhere. It is, essentially, a speaker for Ring devices.

ring doorbell

To download new ringtones for Chime, open the Ring app, and select Chime from the list of devices. Then, tap Chime Tones. This will show you a list of new ringtones. Listen to them, select the desired volume and save your settings.

The blue light on your Ring Chime should start flashing, indicating that the new ringtone is in the process of downloading. When the light shines solid blue, the download is complete. Now, you can simply set your new ringtone from the Ring app. Note that downloading the new ringtone(s) may take a few minutes.

The Outside Doorbell Sound

By default, when your visitor rings the doorbell, they won’t hear your selected ringtone, but a default notification tone that notifies your visitor that you have received the ring notification. Unfortunately, this ringtone can’t be changed. You can, however, turn down and turn off the volume here. To do so, start the Ring app and select the Ring Doorbell device, itself. Now, go to Configuration Options. In this view, you’ll see a Doorbell Tone Volume slider.

Slide to select the desired volume and that’s it. Of course, if you turn the slider down to 0, the doorbell tone will be muted.

Changing the Ringtone

Changing the ringtone is yet another neat benefit that you get when using the Ring Doorbell device. You can customize different motion and ring sounds so that you know when someone just passes by or leaves something at your doorstep, and when someone actually rings your doorbell. Although the ringtones aren’t fully customizable, there aren’t any better options out there when it comes to your doorbell.

Have you changed your Ring Doorbell chime sound? Which ones did you go with? Did this tutorial help? Join in with the discussion in the comments section below and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

8 thoughts on “How to Change the Ring Doorbell Chime Sound”

Geoffrey Slack says:
My next door neighbour also has a ring front door bell is there anyway for me to change the ring tone so I don’t go to the front door when thier ring goes
Dave Harding says:
how can I turn the blue light off. It is simply very bright and light up the kitchen area of a night time.
Jeff says:
Also curious if it’s possible to download other chime tones other than the ones that come with it. That would be amazing. Thanks!
Kirk says:
don’t really like any of the chime ring tones you are offering. is there any way to download more choices?
Christopher says:
@Scott, thanks. Your advice works great for app-tones.

I was hoping to change the ring tone on the Chime Pro itself, so that it made different noises (both doorbell and motion) depending on which doorbell (front or back) received a visitor. Can’t seem to change it on the Chime Pro without changing it for both doorbells.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Scott says:
Edit to my comment: I am unsure about the “chime device” i am sorry. The above only works with App or smartphone. My apologies.
Angie Riddell says:
I currently have two doorbells with the same chime tone. We never know which door someone is at! If I install the Ring doorbell on one of these doors and change the chime tone, will the other one still have its original chime so we know which door to answer? Thanks for any assistance you can give me!
Scott says:
Short answer, I believe is yes. Each device should be listed in your devices. Select the first device (lets call it front door), then select “device settings”. Now select “alert settings” and “app alert tones” to customize this device app alerts for motion and ring.
Save by backing up to devices again, and now select the second device (lets call it back door), and repeat the steps. Each device, but this time, when setting the tones for motion and ring, use different ones. You are now set to go!

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