How Do I Change Roku Account on My TV?

Roku is one of the most popular streaming services available and it offers a wide range of content. The list includes sports channels, news networks, and many channels that offer movies and TV shows. Roku also has a great interface that allows you to customize and personalize your viewing experience.

How Do I Change Roku Account on My TV?

You can rename your device, or rearrange channels in order you prefer. Additionally, Roku lets you change themes and use screensavers, which is a pretty nice way to personalize it. But in order to be able to do all that, you first have to have your Roku account setup.

Why Do You Need a Roku Account?

The short answer is because you can’t use your Roku device without it. You have to link your device or devices to a specific account where you’ll have all your preferences and settings stored. You have to use a valid email address because you don’t want to miss notifications and news about future updates and upgrades. Your Roku account allows you to manage your subscriptions and get an insight into your viewing and purchasing history.


Creating a Roku account is free, but you will have to provide a payment method. You can always go back and change your payment method, but you will need it to pay for subscriptions to premium channels, or to buy certain movies and TV shows. You might be wondering, how do I change Roku account? Here’s a word or two on Roku basics.

payment method

Linking & Unlinking Your Device

When you’re trying to set up and activate your Roku device for the first time, there are a few things to remember. First, you will need to go through the activation steps on your Roku TV, and then complete the activation on your computer or your phone. After you have followed the on-screen instructions and your Roku device is connected to the internet, you’ll see a link code displayed on the screen.

It’s usually a combination of words and letters, and it’s probably smart to write that down somewhere. Or, if you are good at retaining new information, just remember it. Then, grab your phone or computer keyboard and type in Type in the code, and click “Submit”. And, now your Roku device and your Roku account are linked.

Make sure that the process is fully completed, otherwise your Roku device won’t be linked to your account. However, in case the process was successful, but you need to remove one or more devices linked to your Roku account, you can easily do that. All you need to is:

  1. Go to on your computer or phone.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Go down the My Account page and find the device you want to unlink in “My linked devices” table.
  4. Select “Unlink.”

Roku Guest Mode

In January 2019 Roku has introduced a “Guest Mode” of sorts, a feature which is also known as “Auto Sign out Mode.” So, when you have some guests over, they can sign in using their own account, instead of yours.

What is particularly cool about it is that your guests’ info will automatically be cleared from your device on the date they choose. This frees you from worrying if you signed out from your account when you were staying at your friend’s house.

This comes as a really useful feature for those who have frequent visitors who have their own Roku accounts. There is no risk of accidentally using someone else’s Roku account to buy a movie or subscribe to a streaming channel.

Factory Reset

You might be considering closing your account if you want to give your Roku device away. Maybe you got a new one and you want to sell the old one. Either way, not using a device anymore doesn’t mean that you have to close your Roku account. You can just perform a factory reset. This will erase all your personal info and all your preferences from the device. It also unlinks the player from your Roku account. Here’s what to do:

  1. Click the Home button on the Roku remote.
  2. Scroll down to find “Settings.” Click it.
  3. Select “System” and then “Advanced system settings.”
  4. Click on “Factory reset” and then “Factory reset everything.”
  5. Follow the on-screen instruction.

There is also an option to press a reset button on your Roku device. On the back or at the bottom of each Roku device, there is a tactile or pinhole reset button. Press and hold it for 20 seconds and when the indicator light starts blinking that is when the factory reset is complete.

Account for Your Stuff

You can’t use your Roku device without a Roku account. If you enable the guest mode, changing the account is easy and leaves no room for confusion.

You can always link and unlink your devices from your account. And if you mess it up, or you’re done with your Roku and want to give it away, there’s always the good old factory reset.

Let us know what you think about changing Roku accounts in the comments section below.

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Cynthia Bagby says:
I want to change my email on my Roku tv
Jay says:
Hopefully you figured it out by now, but if anyone wonders the same thing……Factory reset, then you can sign in with the right email. That’s what this article is describing…
Eugene Meadows says:
I want to cancel my account.
Cynthia says:
My niece set up an account on my tv I want to cancel it and set up my own
We would like to unsubscribe to Roku. We don t know how to do it it by phone or tv.

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