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Application filtering has a predefined policy that blocks high security risks, torrents and other P2P apps. A preset URL-filtering policy blocks inappropriate content such as gambling, and you can choose from an extensive list of other apps you may want to stop as well.

With two clicks, you can apply rate limits to bandwidth-hungry apps and decide whether to log all blocked traffic. Enable the QoS blade and it will automatically identify and prioritise traffic such as VoIP, and ensure VPN traffic gets a set percentage of bandwidth.

If enabled, the optional wireless AP is set up by the wizard to provide WPA2 protected access. The hotspot option allows wireless internet access, but blocks clients from seeing any LAN systems. You can mix this with standard protected access for other users by using multiple virtual APs, each with their own encryption settings.

Check Point 600 Appliance

The user awareness blade links usernames to machines, allowing security policies to be applied to user identities. Support for remote workers is excellent: they can connect using Check Point’s mobile desktop client, a remote app for iOS and Android, SSL VPNs and L2TP.

Most small businesses will be well protected using the default settings, but customisation is possible. For example, URL filtering can use custom groups created from a huge list of category choices – including 11 for Facebook alone – and you can present users with a web portal asking if they wish to proceed.

The 3D monitor and its hourly graphs keep you posted on all security events, along with the most popular apps and websites, and you can see all active computers and logged-in users. You can’t export them, but the security reports provide a wealth of information for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly intervals.

Check Point’s 600 Appliance may be small, but it’s no security lightweight. It’s very competitively priced, too. We found deployment and ongoing management easy, but businesses that don’t want even this minor hassle can pay a monthly fee of around £20 for the optional cloud management, and let Check Point do it all for them



Warranty C&R years1


Server formatDesktop
Server configurationDesktop chassis


Gigabit LAN ports8

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