How to Check a Samsung TV Warranty

Samsung has a wide product range from mobile phones and home appliances to monitors and TVs. These products boast some of the best quality on the market today. Still, that does not mean that there is zero chance of error. Technology is not infallible, and this applies even to top-shelf brands.

How to Check a Samsung TV Warranty

A Samsung TV is not a negligible purchase, so you should check your warranty if any issue arises. Read on to learn how to check your warranty and the subsequent steps you should take.

How To Check if a Samsung TV Still Has Warranty Coverage

Every Samsung TV comes with a one-year warranty period. If you purchased your TV recently from a licensed shop, that should mean that it is still under warranty. The warranty will help you out whether it’s a minor malfunction that needs attention or the device is faulty. You’ll be able to get it repaired or replaced by Samsung free of charge.

Nevertheless, remember every manufacturer’s number one rule regarding warranties. To be valid, you must have installed, used, and maintained the TV according to the instructions. If you did anything differently, your claim might be declined even during the warranty period.

If you can’t remember when you purchased your device, you will need to investigate if the warranty is still valid. Here are a couple of ways to check your Samsung TV warranty.

The first way to check whether your TV’s warranty is still valid is by looking up the purchase date of your TV. Hopefully, you kept the receipt and can simply check it there. However, don’t panic even if you can’t locate the receipt right now. You can also check your purchase date through other means, such as your bank statements.

You should have also received your warranty in paper form when you purchased your TV. According to Samsung’s warranty policy, these forms must be filled out properly to be valid. Search for these forms to check your warranty.

How to Check a Samsung TV Warranty Online

Samsung has made it easier than ever to check your product’s warranty. Now, you can verify whether your device is still under warranty online. You will need to register your device first to use this feature. Here is how to create a Samsung account:

  1. Open the Samsung website and choose the appropriate country.
  2. Move your cursor to the profile icon in the upper right corner and click “Sign in/Create Account.”
  3. If you already have an account, sign in. If you’re new, create an account now.
  4. Once logged in, go to “My Product List.”
  5. Register your device by clicking “Register My Product.” You will need to input your device’s serial number.
  6. You can now check the warranty of your added product by clicking “Warranty Information.”

The location of your serial number depends on the model of your product. In the case of an older model, look at the back of the device (typically the right side). A sticker should contain the information you need. You will find the serial number in the support menu for a newer model like this:

  1. Open the television menu.
  2. Find the “Support” option.
  3. Press “Contact Samsung.”

Your TV will display the product information, including the model code, the software version, and the serial number. Remember to write down this number somewhere as you might need it in the future.

How to Claim a Samsung TV Warranty

So, you have discovered that your Samsung TV is still under warranty through the previous steps, and you need assistance. First, have your purchase receipt and serial number at hand. You can also prepare a brief description of the issue you experienced with the product. Then, you can claim your warranty in several ways:

  • Contact Samsung via telephone by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG or 1-800-726-7864 in the U.S.
  • Contact the reseller where you purchased your device.
  • Fill out Samsung’s online service request form directly on their website.

The company’s support will tell you what’s next. You will likely need to take or send your device to a licensed repair shop as instructed. However, some televisions may also be eligible for on-site service. Depending on the model, if your TV exceeds 37 inches, you might not need to pack it up. However, you will need to dismount it before it is serviced.

What Should I Do if My Samsung TV Warranty Has Expired?

Your TV may be working with no issues for now. However, considering the lifespan of a TV, the one-year warranty that comes with Samsung TVs is undeniably short. Unless you purchased your TV recently, chances are, the warranty period is but a distant memory.

You can keep your TV under warranty for a while longer by extending it. Purchasing an extended warranty is a solid investment as it can considerably cut your repair costs in the future. You can extend it by going to your product’s warranty page on the official website. Find “Register Warranty Pack” and check your options.

However, you don’t necessarily need to extend your warranty on the Samsung website. You can shop around to find a warranty reseller whose offer fits you better.

Additional FAQs

Is my Samsung TV remote control under warranty?

The same policies apply to your remote control as to your television. In-box remote controls are under warranty for one year after purchase. If your remote control breaks after that, you can look for a replacement or get a universal remote control instead.

What does a Samsung TV warranty exclude?

You should check the warranty policy carefully before making a claim, as the warranty may not cover some elements of the products. For televisions, exclusions may include external elements like plastic parts. Check the complete list for your model on Samsung’s website if you can’t decide on the broken part’s category.

Another important exclusion pertains to display panel damage caused by improper viewing habits. Each Samsung LCD television has a recommended aspect ratio for viewing full-screen, full-motion videos. Using aspect ratios other than the recommended one and viewing static images and other media that are not standard videos can wear out display panels unevenly over time. Therefore, Samsung recommends limiting the viewing of such formats. Your warranty will not cover damage like a burned-in image.

Damage caused by accidents and natural disasters isn’t covered by your warranty, either. So, for instance, a cracked screen will not receive free service.

Is my Samsung TV under warranty after repair?

If you claimed your warranty, some parts of your television might have been swapped or repaired. The new parts are typically covered by a 90-day warranty afterward.

Use Your Samsung TV Warranty

Tech devices like a Samsung TV are a considerable expense for any household. When you experience problems, you want to exhaust every option before you resort to paying out of your own pocket for a repair or replacement. Check whether your Samsung TV is still under warranty and make a claim if you’re eligible.

How simple was finding your Samsung TV warranty information and filing a claim? Did you take advantage of an extended warranty? Let us know in the comments.

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