How to Check Who Gifted You a Rank on Hypixel

Since its release in 2013, Hypixel has become one of the most popular Minecraft servers, featuring multiple games, leaderboards, rankings, and more. Gifting ranks to friends, family, and acquaintances is popular among Hypixel fans. You can earn rewards and bolster your feature package.

How to Check Who Gifted You a Rank on Hypixel

If you are the lucky recipient of a rank, you likely want to know the identity of the generous donor. This article outlines how to check who gifted you a rank.

How to Track Down Your Rank Donor

Hypixel doesn’t let you readily identify the person who has gifted you a rank. Scrolling through the chat log is the only way. So, how do you access your chat log?

Check Your Chat History

The Hypixel chat log system is challenging to access. On one of the forums, a player shared how to access the logs:

  1. Type “%appdata%” into your Windows search bar and press “ENTER.​”
  2. Find the roaming folder, and look for the Minecraft folder inside it.

Your chat history is in the logs folder within the Minecraft folder. Scroll through the history to track the person who gifted you a rank.

How to Check for Rank Gifts and Accept Them

The platform creates a book pop-up when someone gives you a rank using the Hypixel Store. You accept it by clicking on it.

The process is different if your friend used the Hypixel Gifting system. In that case, you have to be in the same lobby as your friend at the same time and accept the gifted rank within five minutes.

How to Track Your Rank History

You can check your rank history within your profile stats.

  • Log in.
  • Look for player stats.
  • Click on rank history to access it.

How to Donate a Rank in Hypixel

To gift a rank, you must access Hypixel’s Rank Gifting feature in the in-game store. You can give friends and guildmates a rank if you have a 25 or above Hypixel Network Level or VIP rank.

Alternatively, you can purchase a rank gift in the in-game store using Hypixel Gold. In both cases, you earn rewards.

Buying Ranks vs. Upgrading Costs

You can buy a rank outright and jump (for instance) right to MVP++. If you received a rank gift before choosing MVP++, the contribution cost goes toward the overall price. Let’s say you want to purchase MVP++ for $44.99, but someone gifts you VIP+ at $14.99. In that case, MVP++ will only set you back $30.00.

Upgrades work the same way with Hypixel reducing the cost of the new rank by the amount you spent on your current rank.

Earning Rewards for Gifting

Every time you gift a rank, you earn rewards like Mystery Boxes, Bedwars Loot Chests, Skywars Loot Chests, and Murder Mystery Loot Chests. If you were to purchase these items, you would be spending cash, so gifting is financially rewarding.

The more you gift, the more rewards you get, and the Hypixel team have ensured that you make more profit the more rank gifts you purchase. Savvy Hypixel players know this, and the gifting leaderboard boasts highly competitive battles.

Why Do Ranks Matter in Hypixel?

Inside Hypixel, players rank at different levels, with each rank offering varying functionalities. The higher your rank, the more features you enjoy. On joining the server, you are at the default level and can only access a small number of functionalities, whereas your Hypixel experience on the MVP++ rank is comprehensive and rich.

While you may think gaming time or success would bump you up the rank ladder over time, the only way to improve your rank is by purchasing a higher rank or receiving it as a gift. All ranks, bar the default, come with a one-off or monthly subscription price tag. You can make your purchase with cash or Hypixel Gold.

Let’s look at the available ranks and their functionalities and features.

Default Rank

On joining, you automatically join other players at the default rank. Here, you can open one- to three-star mystery boxes and access a weekly Housing cookie and a monthly Delivery Man bonus. Your chat cool-down is three seconds, and you have a 30-minute access timer in Replay.

The default rank leaves you without a rank on the Discord server.

Donator Rank

The next available rank is the Donator Rank, purchasable with Hypixel Gold or cash at the Hypixel Store or in the Game Store. The Donator Rank provides access to a host of Hypixel game features, including SkyBlock Runecrafting and Carpentry multipliers. It also includes exclusive cosmetics for Arcade Games, Blitz SG, Cops and Crims, VampireZ, TNT Games, and Turbo Kart Racers.

The Donator Rank gives you Discord and forum VIP rank while delivering Hype Points, Gold Fountain Gadgets, 2 Karma multipliers, and more.

All the default rank features are available in a more functionality-rich version.


The VIP rank offers a far more meaningful gaming experience on Hypixel by delivering game functionalities and Minecraft goodies. You get added deliverables in Hype Points, Karma, and a VIP Delivery Man package every month.


Above and beyond the VIP features, the VIP+ Rank gives you access to Hypixel SMP, a Horse Morph, a Wild Ocelot Baby Pet, and more. On Discord, you rank as VIP+, and all the packages, including Karma, Delivery Guy, and Housing Cookies, are bolstered.


You get more of everything on this rank, plus Cryotube, Diamond Shower, Kawarimi no Jutsu, Pyromaniac, Roll Over gadgets, and MVP status on Discord and in forums.


MVP+ comes with an extensive range of Hypixel game gadgets and functionalities alongside bigger deliverables packages.


The MVP++ is the top rank and the only one you must renew monthly. This rank means more deliverables and private and public party hosting capabilities. You can also award Gold ratings in the forums.

Additional FAQs

Can you join Hypixel without buying Minecraft?

Hypixel is only available to Minecraft account holders. After registering, you have to add the Hypixel server to your Minecraft. Only then will you have access to Hypixel functionalities and ranks.

Why is Hypixel so popular?

Minecraft fans love Hypixel because of the games, play options, and engaging gaming community. Thousands of players are logged in at any given time, delivering tons of chat, gaming, buying, gifting, and collaboration options.

What leaderboards are available in Hypixel?

There is a leaderboard for each Hypixel game, including SkyWars, QuakeCraft, and Smash Heroes. Each leaderboard contains statistics relating to the game, with many players focusing on improving specific aspects.

Secret Gifts and Surprises

Hypixel may be keeping the identity of rank donors a secret to increase community engagement and the time each person spends on the platform. If you only dip in and out of Hypixel, finding out who gifted you a rank on the platform can be tricky. Unfortunately, if you’re not online to see the pop-up notification, the only other avenue you can use is going through the chat logs.

How did you find out how gifted you a rank on Hyperpixel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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