How to Add a Wireless Printer to Your Chromebook

When was the last time you printed a document? If you’re a Chromebook user, you’ve probably never planned to print anything. The Chrome OS supported laptops center around cloud services and have almost zero need for paper.

Still, there are exceptions, and paper is not entirely gone yet. You might need to print a word document, movie ticket, or a travel itinerary. So, it’s good to know how to connect a wireless printer to your Chromebook. In this article, we’re going to guide you through the setup process.

Setting Up a Wireless Printer on a Chromebook

Let’s start by connecting your Chromebook to a wireless printer. The most important thing to remember is that your Chromebook and printer have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Now, follow these steps to add a wireless printer to your Chromebook:

  1. On your Chrome screen, select the time at the bottom right corner.
  2. Then, click on Advanced.
  3. Now, select Printing > Printers.
  4. Select Available printers to save, and when you see your printer click on Save.
  5. Make sure that you see your wireless printer’s name at the top of the screen and under Saved Printers.
    Add Wireless Printer

In most cases, the process goes smoothly. However, if you’re experiencing issues with saving your printer, you can try some advanced settings.

  1. Click on Set up next to the name of your printer.
  2. From a pop-up screen, select your printer’s model and manufacturer.
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Check if the printer has appeared at the top of the screen.
    Chromebook Add Wireless Printer

In case you can’t find your printer on the list of models and manufacturers, you can specify its PPD (PostScript Printer Description). All you have to do is click on “Browse” on the pop-up screen, next to the “Or specify your printer PPD.”

Also, you can add your printer manually by adding all of the information yourself. You can type its name, IP address, protocol, and queue. However, if you’re trying to connect to a public printer, like in a school or a workplace, you might need to ask the administrator first.

Setting Up a Printer with a USB Cable

You can always set up a printer with a USB cable in case you can’t connect it wirelessly. If your printer is older, this is probably the best way to go.

The process is pretty much the same as the wireless method. The only difference is that you need to connect the printer with a USB cable. Your laptop should recognize the printer right away, and you can continue with the process of adding it.

Printing a Document

Once you have your Chromebook and printer connected, it’s time to print your document. It’s super easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the page that you want to print.
  2. Press Ctrl + P at the same time.
  3. Now click on the Down arrow next to Destination.
  4. Click on “See more…”
  5. Select your printer. If you don’t see your printer, click on “Manage.”
  6. Click on “Print.”

Your printer will begin printing the document immediately. But before you hit “Print,” make sure that all the settings are the way you want them. You can select “More Settings” to alter the paper size, layout, etc.

Wireless Printer

Printer Troubleshooting on a Chromebook

Everyone had printer problems before – you hit Print, but the paper is not coming out. Not knowing what went wrong can be quite frustrating. However, it’s usually a minor glitch, and you have to go back to the settings to fix it. Here’s what you do:

  1. Select the time (bottom right corner) and then Settings.
  2. Now, click on Advanced and then on Printing, followed by Printers.
  3. Click on your printer’s name and then Edit.
  4. Go through all the printer info. Watch out for spelling mistakes.

In case everything is correct, you can try removing and adding your printer again. Select Remove next to your printer’s name and go through the setup process again.

And if you’re still unable to print from your Chromebook, it’s probably best to contact the printer manufacturer directly.

How to Add Wireless Printer

Leaving a Print with Your Chromebook

Wireless printers are amazing tools that make everyday life more comfortable. People might not print as much as they did before, but we still handle paper daily. So, knowing how to connect your Chromebook to a wireless printer is very important.

In most cases, it’s just a few clicks, and you’ll have added the printer. Sometimes, you might have to do it manually or even use a USB cable. If you run into a problem, try the troubleshooting steps.

Have you ever connected Chromebook to a wireless printer? Have you had any problems? Let us know in the comments section below.

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