How to Connect Kindle Fire to Hotel Wi-Fi

Are you having trouble connecting your Kindle Fire to a hotel’s Wi-Fi, or to other public networks? Sometimes we come across unforeseen problems and get agitated when simple things don’t work. But connecting to a Wi-Fi network should be easy, right?

How to Connect Kindle Fire to Hotel Wi-Fi

Don’t worry if you’re running into any such troubles. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to connect your Kindle Fire tablet to a hotel’s Wi-Fi. In addition, we’ll troubleshoot some other problems you may encounter.

Just follow these simple steps and you should be fine.

Some Pointers Before Getting Down to Business

Often an obvious mistake is enough to give us a headache. Imagine, for example, that you’ve failed to turn off the Airplane mode for some reason and are trying to connect to a public Wi-Fi network. It won’t work. Therefore, make sure the Airplane mode of your Kindle Fire is turned off.

Step 1

Navigate to the home screen of your Kindle Fire. Swipe down to find Quick Settings and tap Wireless.

Step 2

You’ll find the Wi-Fi option here. Just tap on it to turn it on. Now the Kindle Fire can scout for public Wi-Fi networks.

Step 3

Select the name of the public network you’re trying to connect to. If you’re trying to connect to a hotel’s Wi-Fi network, the name of the Wi-Fi network may be the name of the hotel. In any case, it’s always better to ask the hotel staff both the names of their Wi-Fi network(s) and corresponding password(s). Often big hotels have several Wi-Fi networks and you should choose the one closest to your room. The signal sign is always a good indicator of how powerful the Wi-Fi network is. The hotel staff can help you with this too.

You’ll most likely find the Lock icon next to the public network you’re trying to connect to. It simply means that you’ll have to enter a password to connect to the network. As a rule, most hotels will keep their Wi-Fi networks locked.

Just tap on Connect after you’re done entering the password. And lo and behold, your Kindle Fire is connected to the internet!

It’s Better to Switch Off the Wi-Fi Icon After You’re Done

Always remember to switch off the Wi-Fi when done using the internet. Not doing so will drain your Kindle Fire’s battery and that’s something none of us wants.

Once you’re connected to a particular public network and your Kindle is in range, it’ll connect to the network automatically thereafter. Unless the password has been changed, your Kindle Fire will always connect instantly.

Still Having Issues?

If you’re still having issues connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, make sure that the connection is working properly. For instance, the server might be down and you’re blaming your device for not connecting, whilst the problem might lie elsewhere.

Once you’ve made sure that a public network is working properly and you’ve followed the above-mentioned steps, your Kindle Fire should have no problem connecting to it. If, however, you’re still encountering problems, it might be because of a misconfiguration on your device. The best way to circumvent this problem is by rebooting, or soft resetting, your Kindle Fire.

To do so, charge your Kindle Fire fully and then hold the power switch for 20 seconds. You’ll need to slide the power switch and hold it for 20 seconds for your device to reboot. When you release the power switch, the device’s reboot screen should appear. Give your Kindle some time to reboot and then turn it on as you’d normally do.

Now follow steps one to three mentioned above. Your Kindle Fire should then connect to the internet!

Factory Resetting Your Kindle Fire

If it still doesn’t work, the last resort is to Factory Reset your Kindle Fire. This is how you do it.

Step 1

Go to your home screen and swipe it down. Find Settings and tap on it.

Step 2

Under Settings, you’ll find the Device option. Tap on it.

Step 3

You might’ve to scroll down to find this option: Reset to factory defaults. Tap on it. Be warned that factory resetting your device will mean all your personal data will disappear from the Kindle Fire. This must only be used as a last resort.

Step 4

The Kindle will warn you too: “You are about to reset your Fire to factory defaults…” If you’re confident that you want to continue and don’t mind losing any personal data, go ahead and tap on Reset.

Give your Kindle Fire time to restore and it’ll reboot itself. Now switch on the device and follow the steps mentioned in the beginning of the article to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Connect Kindle Fire To Hotel Wi-Fi

Your Kindle Fire Should Be Good to Go!

These are some common issues most Kindle Fire users face when trying to connect their device with a public network. We hope we’ve been able to help you. In case you’re still encountering problems, despite following the steps mentioned in this article, let us know about your issues in the comments section below.

Happy surfing!

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Shawn says:
I have been on the phone with amazon for over 3 hours. I can connect at home just fine. I did a back up and did a factory reset. I can connect to the hospital WIFI on my phone, and I was connected to the hospital wifi just fine last week. My partner I work with can connect on his tablet. I don’t know what to do now. They told me I am 1 month out of warranty. After my factory reset it lets me update….except it wont let me update to the new one that is out as per tech support at amazon. Can anyone help

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